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  1. Okay highlights of the show for me are frozen/ come alive/ future. Honestly the live album is better than the OG madame X album, I appreciate dark ballet a lot better in the live version than I do for the original. It’s insane that she never used this version of Future on the the OG album it is a million times better!!
  2. Surprise performance tonight!!!!
  3. Album still ain’t on Apple Music in the UK it is 00:05 am!!!!
  4. Madame X is really feeding me on my birthday whew 🥵 Madame X tour and live album release on the same day!!!
  5. Okay here goes… personally what I would love to see from M is an album that isn’t to do with starting “revolutions” or politically charged. I want Madonna to be more self reflective on her past and looking towards the future. I think the auto tune needs to go, we heard enough of it on the Madame X album and we have heard it on all 3 tours MDNA (revolver, hung up) Rebel heart (iconic, body shop) and Madame X (god control, dark ballet, Medellin etc.) and personally it doesn’t sound good in live arenas, theatres. when I saw M at the Rebel Heart Tour in Glasgow where she sang Ghosttown (which is criminally underrated) her vocals were amazing and she genuinely looked to be having the most fun she had in years. Moving forward to Madame x tour Frozen was also loved by fans in attendance as the whole palladium was up on their feet after that performance. So personally I would love to see a ballad album from M trying out new sounds, instruments I don’t think she needs features as she is powerful by herself (if marketed and promotional work is done properly by management and record label) I would love to see more interviews on chat shows with M for promotional material heck even a special sit down with Oprah that takes you behind the scenes of M putting the album together. Performances at music awards such as Grammys, Brits etc in the build up to the album release. Having more of a social media presence on places such as TikTok etc would benefit the album. I know some people would disagree but like I say everyone has their own opinion and this is what I’d love to see for M15
  6. My problem is I don't have the stamina to take drugs. I feel terrible afterwards. I'm destroyed for days and days. I can't do anything and I don't want that inconvenience in my life. So I don't feel it's worth the price you have to pay. That's me. "Even when I was younger and in my 20s, trying this and that ... I mean, I never really did that many drugs. I'm too big of a p***y. Also, I'm a dancer and I don't want to destroy my body. I want to feel physically good. She then added: "I mean, I tried everything once, but as soon as I was high, I spent my time drinking tons of water to get it out of my system. As soon as I was high, I was obsessed with flushing it out of me. I was like, Okay, I’m done now." Extract from a 2015 interview, hence why I’m saying it is his influence
  7. She’s giving me the vibes of “bitch no actress is playing me for my biopic I’ll do it all myself”
  8. As we are nearing the end of the Madame X era with the upcoming release of the Madame X tour next month. What do you want to see from M on the her 15th studio album? Let’s make this a fun topic and look forward to a new era #Soon
  9. Whoever done her make up for the VMAS needs sacked immediately, especially when she looks like this in real life Ugh she looks absolutely stunning this reminds me of her Rebel heart era 😍
  10. I think M will be there tonight after watching the VMAs her fitting that she shared on Instagram the other day certainly wasn’t for that as you can see. The theme is American fashion, by looking at this M is going to be wearing her iconic oscars dress from 1991. She is going to be serving tonight!
  11. Very true however, we didn’t get any rehearsal footage on social media for her Brit award performance, so she could be doing something similar to then
  12. OMG! With that edit you’ve made her look like THEE iconic Pete Burns I can’t unsee it 😂😂
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