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  1. RebelHeart97

    It just seemed like it was heading that way with the release then the Eurovision performance thank god it never!
  2. RebelHeart97

    Thank god she went back to crave for the second release! I’m sorry but future shouldn’t have seen the light of day it is at the bottom of my Madonna songs with champagne rose hopefully she gets to perform crave and get some praise after future performance at Eurovision!
  3. RebelHeart97

    What’s the next release???
  4. RebelHeart97

    You could see her visibly shaking I think the nerves got the best of her 200 million viewers she may be an icon and the queen of pop but she still gets nervous and when she’s got neves like that she will sing out of tune, I enjoyed the political message that came across, personally future isn’t the best she should have went with I rise or Crave
  5. RebelHeart97

    When fans complain about leaks then purposefully share the leak links sigh... what happened to allowing M to release when she was happy!
  6. RebelHeart97

    I’m guessing this part is Madame X being a freedom fighter
  7. RebelHeart97

    Looks like she is dressing as Joan of Arc
  8. RebelHeart97

    I don’t understand why she’d perform future when crave is the second single plus the music video is coming out...
  9. RebelHeart97

    Queen of recycling
  10. RebelHeart97

    I can’t wait to hear the choir version of candy shop M sat on her thrown on top of the 70 steps with 5 other holograms of M twerking Eurovision will be shook
  11. RebelHeart97

    I’m from the UK I wonder what this is about because registering for her tickets began early this morning
  12. RebelHeart97

    Crave sounds amazing with earphones in I adore this song so much! Her voice sounds so nice 😍🔥
  13. RebelHeart97

    OMG I LOVE CRAVE such a chill song! I’m loving this album so far!
  14. RebelHeart97

    Sounds very cryptic “This is just the beginning” sounds to me she may do this theatre tour then go on a summer arena/ stadium tour afterwards to wrap up the Madame X era and go on hiatus