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  1. Please try and not get your hopes up with NRM. Need i say more with what happened to the teases of Rescue Me vs what we ended up getting on the Madame X tour 😂🫣
  2. Absolutely cannot wait! This time on Friday the 13th I will be in London. Time is flying by! Not long until we see our queen on her rightful throne. Back where she belongs. Back on stage in the spot light! The o2 arena will be shaking from the noise the crowd will make when M first enters the stage ❤️
  3. I wonder if M will have Wanna be startin` somethin` playing right before she comes on stage like she did for the RHT. To let the fans know that the show is about to begin
  4. Ahhh my tickets from ticket master are finally showing in the o2 venue app. little hint for anyone having issues not being able to view them. Log out and then log back in and they will appear! It’s becoming so real!! Not long to go ❤️
  5. Go on AXS website they have some floor tickets for opening night. These are the official ticket partner for the o2 London. https://shop.axs.co.uk/Lw%2fYCwAAAADSCMB%2bAQAAAAAQ%2fv%2f%2f%2fwD%2f%2f%2f%2f%2fCkZfTzIgQXJlbmEA%2f%2f%2f%2f%2f%2f%2f%2f%2f%2f8%3d/shop/search?skin=&tags=&cpch=&cpdate=&cpcn=&cpsrc=&intoff=&cid=&utm_source=&utm_medium=&utm_campaign=&utm_term=&utm_content=&aff=&clickref=&promocode=&q=7bfe0222-34ea-4053-a602-10dfa40305ff&p=3ad9f779-9f98-4a0e-8909-619ef79dea14&ts=1694715771&c=axseu&e=19870903925083912&rt=Safetynet&h=1e13ee558f3b22c7d269151eb9e01633
  6. Come join the partyyyy it’s a celebration!! 💃🕺. 1 month to go until opening night!!! ❤️
  7. Just booked my train tickets! Can’t believe we are so close to opening night I’m so excited!!! ❤️
  8. Opening Night London! 🇬🇧 I’m on the floor in section B1 I honestly cannot wait!
  9. Hi all just checking for those that bought tickets through Ticketmaster are your tickets visible via the o2 venue app??
  10. Screaming, crying, throwing up at the thought my night is now opening night. I’m on the floor I honestly cannot wait!!!
  11. H everyone, I thought I would make a thread about the new opening night for the tour which is October 14th London at the o2 arena. I will be attending this show. I first saw M on the TV performing Living for Love at the Grammys when I was 17 and ever since then I’ve been hooked. I have attended the Rebel Heart Tour (which holds a special place in my heart) at Glasgow. Opening night of the Madame X show in London 2020 and now The Celebration Tour. This thread is inclusive and is for everyone. Please comment if you have got tickets and are attending/ looking to attend and looking for resale tickets or attending any other London dates. I will be on the floor section B1. This thread we can talk about speculation of costumes/ set lists/ Merch/ ticket resales/ potential spoilers and all the excitement of being opening night although we do wish it was due to other circumstances than the one that we find ourselves in.❤️❤️
  12. I really need the blonde hair and the brows back ASAP M!!! I’m over the no brows and copper hair. We need the classic M look for the tour.
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