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  1. Hmmm... I don’t think so, Madonna is always moving forward, I just hope she’ll release a new album soon
  2. I don’t think she’s gonna drop a greatest hits album, but I wouldn’t like her to wait for another 4 years to release new material, it has happened the same between MDNA - RH & MX, I hope to hear new songs in 2021 at least and of course, I’ll be waiting anxiously the DVD of the tour!
  3. GodControl

    So jealous of these LA shows, which definitely have been the best ones! I attended some in NY , but nothing compares to them, found this review from last night. “”So fucking amazing tonight. Beyond. Best LA crowd. Special night. at 10:30 there was an announcement that a problem with the projections was going to cause a late start time. 5 minutes later the same announcement. The good news is that it started at 11:05 so no one cared. We were super informed. she seemed rattled during her first verse on God Control when she’s behind the flag. She messed up the words twice and her voice was shaking a bit. i was front row center Log. At some point to my left I noticed a light to my left side of the floor by the side walkway. I thought it was odd/an open door. Then noticed it was someone signing the show for the hearing impaired. I haven’t noticed this ever before at a M show in Express Yourself she extended and did run after run and it was so great to hear her let loose. she was on fire. During the quick change - what do you call a man with a small dick? Guy Ritchie - then - not really he’s got a big dick - but that doesn’t mean he has any balls. her voice was incredible tonight .i love so much the version of Papa Don’t Preach wish we’d get a full recording just once! American Life too. She messed up the lyrics a little on the rap polaroid was loose and completely spontaneous. She took three pics and none would develop so she asked for a camera and complained she was cursed because they rushed her and she didn’t do a prayer before the show. she sat with legs open almost in a splits waiting for a new camera and sang Fever! It was that voice polaroid sold for 10,000$ and was quick. She said she didn’t want to know where he got the money - but thanked him for his generosity. He asked for a receipt. Batuka ! the two girls did the interlude solo during the Portugal banter with Gaspar she was being heckled or at least was annoyed by someone in the front row directly in front of her. Right before killers she said “we’ve got a PC Bully in the front row” lol she’s a god! Her fado song got a huge reaction as did Crazy (a highlight) fado club to Medellin is now a full on cha cha cha sing along with the audience and I love it. beer bitch was Frankie Grande was cute. He too said it was the best show he’s ever been too. They talked Arianna too. As soon as she sat down an audience member who was on the far right of the front row rushed to try to grab or touch her. He was hauled back to his seat. Crazy. Something also happened on the stairs after she kissed the dancer. Either someone grabbed her or she almost fell. The dancer didn’t have the red fan. frozen is the best performance of this tour! Frozen Come Alive Crave so amazing. Her piano was not heard for the first part of future and she took the headscarf off before singing it. after come alive she said if you are a freedom fighter.. you won’t be popular, loved or on time like a prayer was euphoric! the best song ever I rise! I love the choreography especially the end where they fall and then rise. she looked so beautiful! my friend and I both noticed a few places she wasn’t sure footed on her right leg. She was definitely favoring it. Hopefully rest now. It happened most noticeably in Extreme Occident when she is about to kick the stairs. she said multiple times LA was phenomenal and so amazing and she didn’t want to leave. Back to reality though for me. I feel so blessed and has been cool sharing with everyone i would be dead without Madonna and will always defend her. She’s the real deal. A hero in our lives! “”
  4. GodControl

    I remember the time when I attended one show in Chile for the MDNA Tour. She started the show at 11.30 pm and worst of all, it was raining. As a consequence, she cut the first segment of the show and the audience was really upset about it, resulting some fans leaving the stadium when she was performing “EY”. Tickets were not totally refunded! Just a little percentage of it. I thought that after her lateness in 2012, she’d have stopped! It seems that no one is telling her that fans don’t deserve to leave the theater at 2 am, it’s not safe for them, and even for her health. People complaining about her not singing hits, is something completely different. 🙄
  5. GodControl

    I found a video in YouTube about her performance of LAP yesterday, she seemed really sick, her voice is way more different than the time that I saw her live in New York!
  6. GodControl

    So yesterday was Madonna’s final show in NYC, and I gotta say... WOW, just that, I mean overall she puts in a show which is totally different to the ones I’ve seen before. I can recall right now how amazing is the transition from “Rescue Me” as interlude to “Frozen”, the goosebumps when she sang the first verse of the track and Lola in the projections and their faces and looks intertwined, by far is the best performance of the song since DWT. Speaking of the DWT, it reminds me sometimes about it, since that tour was the one in which she performed few “hits” or songs from the 80’s, and this time an important part of the album is performed on the show. She dances way much more than in the RHT! It’s also incredible that even though she had a knee injury she managed to pull out an entire show, without making changes on the setlist or finishing it earlier. In The first segment, “IDSIF” is very theatrical and groovy. The beginning of the Fado segment is very energetic and it’s just Madame X songs, so if you like the album, this segment would be your favorite one. When she performs “Crazy” it is noticeable the chemistry between her and this new “boyfriend”, however, I expected a better performance of this song. “Medellin” and “Extreme Occident” are by far the greatest ones in this section. “Come Alive” also is one of the highlights, at least for me, the choreography and projections were beyond my expectations! “LAP” was sung by everyone yesterday, the crowd really sang along! The last number, “I Rise” it’s totally appropriate regarding the message that the concert as a whole intends to give, Madonna being so close to us is magical! I was mesmerized by that moment! New York will miss Madame X! Madonna is a legend for a reason. 10/10 BRAVOO
  7. GodControl

    I cannot believe what I just saw... it was a great closing show for the Madame X tour in NYC, so many highlights... Taylor Swift attended the show! By far the greatest performances of this tour are “Frozen”, “IDSIF”, “Batuka”, “Medellin”, “Come Alive” and “Extreme Occident” which made the stairs to bump Madonna, anyways she kept singing! Gotta take my flight to hometown... later I probably post an enhanced review of the show! I’m still mesmerized by it
  8. GodControl

    I totally understand her, a shame for the fans who were attending tonight’s show but it was evident that she was tussling with her knee pain, probably three nights in a row means a lot of physical effort, she gave her best each night and as it says in her recent instagram post, she’s a human being too. I wish her nothing but the best to this Majesty! Hoping the last New York shows won’t be cancelled, I’m heading the last one on Oct 12th!
  9. GodControl

    She cries with “Ghosttown”, “Sorry” and “ROL” so I definitely recommend you to watch some of her reactions, you can skip her reaction to HC & MDNA
  10. GodControl

  11. I don’t know if some of you have watched what this girl is doing with Madonna’s discography and her reactions to it. She’s been listening to her album from Madame X to The first album, currently, she reacted to ROL. She hated HC & MDNA, whereas she loved Rebel Heart and COADF.
  12. GodControl

    OMG! The setting for “Come Alive” is iconiccccc.
  13. GodControl

    Another official picture from the concert!!
  14. GodControl

    Third show in a row done!