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  1. Artists rarely invest their own money into their projects. So it has nothing to do with his financial situation. He might be living comfortably.
  2. me1981

    Which interview? I haven't caught up with all her press yet
  3. me1981

    Also the bigger problem was ticket prices. Australians have been so spoiled with certain acts that are much cheaper, such as Pink. Paying $500 for a ticket or even $200 for elevation seating was too costly for most. I knew many people who wanted to go, but the cost prohibited them. These were casual fans or just the GP who wanted to see her. I think if they had been able to lower ticket prices, she would have sold out 4 or 5 nights in each city easily. The interest is still there in this country, but the willingness to pay high end is not.
  4. me1981

    But there were more dates Live Nation had originally anticipated that never happened. Hence why she moved the QLD dates, so there wouldn't be a big gap (they were scheduled for Mar 26/27 and were moved up 10 days). It seemed they were hoping for three to four nights in at least Sydney and Melbourne. I'd say if she comes back and is doing stadiums, we will get a couple of stadium shows in Sydney and Melbourne only. Or she will just stick to those two cities. She did sell well on the two nights in each city though, but I am guessing LN was hoping for better. I guess at the end of the day if Madonna is happy to come back here, it will be up to LN and local promoters to decide if it is financially worth it.
  5. me1981

    I do too, but the last tour was not as successful as Live Nation had obviously hoped for. Plus the media treated her like absolute shit. I do wonder if we will be left off, well I wouldn't be surprised. I am a broke University student, so chances of me travelling to see her are slim to none.
  6. me1981

    And I watched that loop as if it were a music video, lol. Really love this song.
  7. me1981

    Yeah same, not a huge fan of the song, but really loved the music video. It was fun and colourful and just well put together. Agree it doesn't fit a theme, but then we don't really know too much about where this is going and maybe in retrospect it will all fit together.
  8. me1981

    I also want to clarify. I still like current music, but this trend of almost just having a beat with a melody sung over the top is not something I have ever been into. It seems most of the successful songs do this. There is very little composition anymore. I do think this has a chance to be a hit, because it sounds so much like other songs around today. So I am not surprised if it is getting good critical attention. Also not surprised that people are going back to it. There is a catchiness to it. I can totally see a nice summer evening, chilling in the backyard with some beers and a few friends and adding this to the playlist. But again, still so disposable to me. I am still interested and excited to see what the album is like, maybe there will be some gems that appeal to me. I hope so.
  9. me1981

    I like the chill vibe and groove, it is pleasant, but just like any Taylor, Beyonce or Rhianna song, I will listen to it for a bit and throw it away. But it is the type of music that makes me not really listen to Top 40 anymore, even Ed Sheeran is boring to be honest, so maybe this current world of music is just not my thing. I do miss Madonna in Madonna's music, to me it feels she has been absent for a long time. Glad her voice sounds more natural in terms of pitch unlike MDNA.
  10. me1981

    She gave Alek final cut approval, so it was really up to him. I think she was a lot more daring back then and her purpose was to show herself in a not so flattering light. There are heaps of things I would have cut out if I were her, lol.
  11. me1981

    Yeah staged but not scripted Same with the cemetary scene, in general they never went there to visit her mother's grave, nor did they ever really talk about her death. I think Chris did talk about that. That it was the first time they had been there for a really long time Toronto was, as in, Chris said he would never have told her what was going on until after they left Toronto, or after the show, never before she was about to go on stage Madonna herself stated Alek ambushed her in New York with Moira. She never would have met with her before a show like that.
  12. me1981

    I am also certain she says Allora Andiamo before Lucky Star which I think is "Then Let's go!" or Well Then Let's Go!"
  13. me1981

    Was just about to discuss this, noticed a Times of Isreal article from today that said Gal Gadot was making an appearance and MAYBE Madonna. So it seems it isn't 100% confirmed. “We’re hoping to have Madonna too,” said Yuval Cohen, director of Eurovision 2019, “but the official announcement hasn’t been made yet by us.”
  14. me1981

    Lol, well she was still playing herself, so probs not at this point. More evidence required
  15. me1981

    Madonna basically admitted that in the Girlie Talk interview, when she said Alek would make them do things over and over again. I think sometimes something would happen and Alek would miss it, or need coverage, so they would re-create it. So yeah staged in effect, but based off real things, maybe. I would also suggest Madonna was more social during the tour than she would normally be, to give Alek more chances to get stuff. I don't remember her comment about Antonio's wife. I do remember in one of the cuts there was a wedding reception going on at the same venue in Madrid and she made some mean comments about the bride. I believe the gorgeous guy she assumed must have a small dick was in reference to the groom.