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  1. Thanks for that, I had a similar thought but wasn't sure, as I always thought it would be a nightmare to stop and start all the time. On top of that, Toby Phillips talks about changing the lighting for the show. You can tell from the B Roll and even the bootleg that the colours are more saturated and the stage is nowhere near as brightly lit as normal and that is for all numbers. Why go to all the trouble of changing the entire shows lighting to only film certain numbers. Especially when M raised concerns about the audience being able to see the show.
  2. Lol, true, though my point was he (World leaders in general) can affect things, she can't. Her attitude to this situation is well known anyway. Though I agree with your point and will end it there
  3. Why focus on M. What about that dumb ass Joe "They have a right to defend themselves" Biden Calls up his buddy Benji and tells him he's had his fun, "it's time to pack the guns we funded away, son. I've got bigger issues at home and you're getting in my way" M is the least of the problems here
  4. I like those aspects too, but HC is Pharrell and Timberlake/Timberland. Some songs even sound like carbon copies of their other tunes. M may have authored it all, but she may have done so at a time when her focus was in other places. I don't hate any of her albums, but these are weak efforts to me. It feels like she relied to much on the producers. Not to say I don't listen to songs from those albums. HC more so, but just because I like some songs, doesn't mean the album is good or isn't a poor Madonna effort. I respect though that you like either or both.
  5. We shouldn't forget Princess Diana either. It was a massive deal for her to actually hug AIDS patients at time when people were still afraid to be in the same room with someone with the Virus. Liz Taylor did so much as mentioned M didn't just support AIDS causes, but supported loving who you want to love and being yourself. As a young gay man she helped me in some dark times. Just knowing someone out there accepted me. A lot of young people are ignorant to the past. There are still Gaga fans who want to credit her for total LGBTQ+ acceptance and even blamed M for spreading AIDS
  6. Can you give an example of different/extended dialogue? Or is it just the run time? Again the NTSC version will be "normal" and the PAL will be sped up. Her voice will sound slightly different and the action will move slightly faster. Most don't notice it. If the Mexico ending is longer, then I assume there is extra footage. If you can tell us what the extra footage is we can be sure there isn't somehow a diffrent edit floating about somehow
  7. Film standard is 24 frames per second (fps). PAL uses 25 frames due to the frame rate/Hertz of televisions/tech in those countries. Instead of correcting this they simply run the 24 frame rate at 25. This means instead of getting 24 frames per second you are getting 25 frames and as a result the film is being run slightly faster. You can tell in the PAL DVD the tempo is just slightly sped up. Run the PAL DVD concert footage next to the Blu Ray footage and you will notice it runs a tad faster. Over the course of two hours you will "lose" 5 minutes due to this speed up. NTSC is 30 frames or
  8. Yeah agreed I did always find it flat in the pro shot but exciting in the bootlegs. One of the reasons I really wanted to give this a try. There are definitely shots that the stadium/arena screens use that I would have preferred to use too. I am definitely going to revisit this at some point and refine it. Surprisingly Fever has almost the exact same shots in each pro version. Vogue is mixed up a bit and I might do that one too. I think if I want to match the three sources though I might need to get a decent VHS version of Girlie Show Down under to achieve it
  9. Hi all I have always wanted to edit the different pro shot footage we have of Erotica to use different angles. Think of this as a work print. You can definitely tell the difference between the three sources, so this isn't about a flawless edit, I am not even sure I could match the three close enough for that. However it is interesting how much better this number is when you focus mostly on Madonna. Instead of constant wide shots and cut aways. I use those sparingly or where I have no other choice. Let me know what you think in terms of flow and pacing and all that. This was done quic
  10. Interesting. I never saw it as an aging older woman trope. Though I guess the musical does push that narrative more. The movie was really more about the death of the silent film star, and Gloria Swanson was one of the biggest of that era. King Vidor and the other silent film actors that appear also seem tragic. So I don't think the original film was sexist/mysoginist. I really think it was about a long forgotten era and the stars that were left behind. Agian the musical may have pushed the tragic older woman trope more, I don't know it well enough.
  11. That's what I assumed but webo1958 from instagram contacted Sharon Gault (I think, that's Mama Make-up right?) and she said Madonna wanted it that way. My assumption is that in Vigo her hair was pretty flat and loose and fell apart quickly, so she may have wanted more volume and hold. And yeah I would say the humidity affected it, but seems Madonna did ask for her hair to be like this
  12. Speaking of rights and the business stuff, if I can bring up something related but off topic. Does anyone else remember a story told by a WB employee about Madonna, around the time Like a Virgin came out WB tried to screw her over, something to do with rights or royalties or something. She somehow found out and hired the most ruthless old school lawyer she could find, went into a meeting and grabbed them by the balls and never let go. The execs walked out saying "I guess Madonna owns the place now" I wish I could remember where I read this and what the full story was.
  13. @LoveAffair Here you go VERSE I Cherish / the moment each and every hour Cherish / the moment I laid eyes on you baby you cut right through you did it and I knew you would you're too good, you're too good to be true. VERSE II savor / the flavor your lips touching mine savor / the flavor I know it's wrong but I call you mine I think about you all the time it may sound funny but it's from my heart CHORUS and your love baby your love tears me apart yeah your love baby your love tears me
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