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  1. @LoveAffair Here you go VERSE I Cherish / the moment each and every hour Cherish / the moment I laid eyes on you baby you cut right through you did it and I knew you would you're too good, you're too good to be true. VERSE II savor / the flavor your lips touching mine savor / the flavor I know it's wrong but I call you mine I think about you all the time it may sound funny but it's from my heart CHORUS and your love baby your love tears me apart yeah your love baby your love tears me
  2. The town was divided over the idea and the Mayor hated the idea. I don't think it ever got done. Here are pics of the model for the statue which was supposed be 12 feet tall
  3. I don't know what to think of past Miley anymore. She herself said her vegan diet was causing her mental health issues and looking at her tongue probably a candida albicans overload too, which can affect mental health. She just recently stopped being vegan. Who knows what was going on in her mind back then.
  4. There is this. A camera that looks to be on a crane during Where's the Party. This is where she says "My stage is too small" Just prior to getting into the song. Looks like it is filming her, but who knows. Would not be for the screens. None of those cameras were hovering like that. I must admit there are no cameras to be seen on the two bootlegs from July 4, 1990 that are floating about. Though maybe they got wide shots that night. Maybe all crane shots were July 3 and wide and some crane shots on July 4 (so they were too far back to be seen) and close-ups on July 6. The shot from Live t
  5. Me too, but I have heard it wasn't a very comfortable proceedure, so might be why she only did it for a brief time
  6. That is more so because Girlie Show had higher ticket prices that were tiered. BAT had one basic price, because that was what the market allowed for. She was losing money on BAT which is most likely why we got three tv broadcasts. She made much back in Japan where she could charge higher as well Actually these numbers look to be from Wiki and are a guestimate and not from any official source. They have no revenue numbers from anywhere but the US and the total gross for TGS was never actually reported anywhere that I have found, Wiki also has no source for the 70M gross either. In Austr
  7. Wow 133 pages. That is well over two hours, I assume there will be trims, though who knows. It honestly sounds like it will be a big production which I am all for. She needs a big budget to tell her story right
  8. Sounds like they are covering a lot of stuff. I wonder how much will be small and brief sequences and how much won't even make it to the film. I wonder what running time they have in mind and how many pages the script is?
  9. Also not sure if this has been posted. Pedro Almodovar wrote his quarantine diaries back in April 2020 and mentioned Madonna. I assumed it was a thread here? If not I included the link. The pic is part of it. Sorry if these have been alread shared https://www2.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/sight-sound-magazine/features/pedro-almodovar-coronavirus-lockdown-diary-part-2-escape-memories-madonna-warren-beatty
  10. Not sure if this has been seen before, First time for me. Looks like Sep - Nov 1990 when she had the collagen lips done At NYC's Quilted Giraffe
  11. She easily could have done legacy releases in between new album releases. 2010 to 2011 was a perfect time for it and again 2013 - 2014 and so on. Gives fans something to whet their appetite with too while waiting for the next new thing. I don't think it would have made her an oldies act, but would have been a great intro for younger fans and kept her in the public eye during down time and may have even helped bring attention to her newer releases at the time. The spaces between albums I think, in this even faster paced age, actually hurt a bit too. I noticed as the years went on people si
  12. That is quite a turn around, considering how annoyed he seemed originally. I guess officially she was there and they had a great creative experience. Reading between the lines seems to suggest different. How good could things have been between them if he felt the need to say anything publicly and couldn't actually talk directly to her in the studio? Why is he e-mailing Guy about it all. In fact why did Guy e-mail him and not Madonna. It isn't as if WO and M didn't work together before. Seems odd. But hey I wasn't there so I will just say I was wrong and move on
  13. I don't thnk she is working with people who bring enough of their own creativity to the mix. They do what is asked of them and nothing more. In other words, pre-2007/08 she had a more true form of collaboration and her work was a mix of herself (pretty much as a sort of director/producer) and the people she worked with. With HC that changed as that album is pretty much all Pharell,Timberlake and Timberland and MDNA was mostly WO left to his own devices. She either left people to do their thing with little input or made choices that no one was willing to challenge. And moreso from 200
  14. ICON Magazine sold this I think. I am sure they did. So she may have been an ICON member and bought it through them. I think it was only available for the first few years of the fanclub
  15. Yeah it is expensive and time consuming which is why it won't happen or might only happen for select showcase type videos like Bedtime Story or maybe her David Fincher videos, if we are lucky. I honestly never expected them to go that far anyway and can appreciate why they wouldn't, but celebration was lazy in so many ways, which is what makes it so disappointing. In terms of her profitability - well I think most fans feel she has damaged her legacy somewhat and neglected it for too long that she probably isn't bringing in the money should could have been at this point. Maybe the bio
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