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  1. Damn. I didn't know that about the premiere. That is worrying. I think it is so easy to get hooked, no matter who you are. I knew my neck pain was temporary, but if it had been ongoing, I don't know what I would have done. It is such an easy and slippery slope. I am sad that she is in pain and now worried what that might or has led to. Chronic pain is definitely a gateway to this kind of addiction. You're right, at 60+ broken bones/fractures etc... are harder to recover from, and she was performing injured for a period of time which would have made it worse.
  2. One time I wrenched my neck so bad I could barely move. The doctor prescribed a painkiller. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever had, and I have tried most every drug out there. I threw them away after one and then smoked a few J's until I was better. I don't trust the majority of prescription drugs and especially legal painkillers. I am shocked if she is on opiods and weed. She must be in an enormous amount of pain or as is being implied maybe developing an addiction. I seriously hope not.
  3. I said in the other thread, she has 50 #1 dance hits. Sounds likely that is what we are getting. All her 12" remixes ETA: All her #1 12" remixes
  4. Yeah I assume she is. Here are all my dance #1's you can dance (to these hits)
  5. How many dance #1's has she had? Isn't it 50. I assumed were getting a compilation of all the 12" mixes of her songs that hit #1 on the dance chart. Isn't that what she is talking about. Not some You Can Dance release
  6. This is probably true. Freddy DeMann said in Mar 85 that he was already concerned about her being over exposed. It only got more intense by summer 85. I dare say he and others pulled the plug on a lot of promo for fear people would get sick of her.
  7. MTV couldn't get enough of her. They didn't have to play any of her videos but often had 3 on the go at once in 1985 on heavy rotation. Also they played Gambler and that wasn't even a single. So I doubt this is true. Pretty sure they also briefly played Over and Over from the Virgin Tour as well.
  8. I honestly feel M has access to anything she wants and it is more about the team she has working for her that makes things happen or not. For example she may not think of certain things, but having the right person in her inner circle and in her ear about things can change what we get access to.
  9. That's what I was thinking too, though hopefully someone in the know is giving us gifts and for whatever reason they just preferred the 5.1 mix
  10. So does anyone know what sound mix they used? It is not the HBO sound mix. Nikki and Donna's vocals were much more present in that and the crowd response sounded more natural. This almost sounds like the 5.1 DVD mix - which I have always hated.
  11. In most countries the song did pretty well and had strong peaks. Not sure about longevity though, but it went top 10 and higher in many places. Here in Australia people were getting tired of the broken touring promises and lack of any promo from her when tons of newer stars were making the trek here and paying us a lot more attention. M ignoring us hurt her more in Oz than anything else. In the US it didn't fare well but lack of radio support didn't help and the backlash led by Perez Hilton didn't help much. Plus to be honest the bigger mistake was the front cover of the Hard Candy album. It will always get my vote as her worst album cover ever. I also think her image during the promo (excluding the 4 minutes video) was so Beverly Hills housewife all while she was trying to push an urban flavoured dance album. I remember the BET interview being the moment I felt the whole era was so disingenuous and that is why I am convinced to this day it was another reactionary album, after Confessions failed to get her US commercial success. So single choices were not her biggest problem back then, at least not for me. Give It 2 Me is a decent song and I still enjoy it.
  12. Yeah 85 was when the music took off, but also the myth and the legend really started being built. LAV both album and single hit #1, Material Girl #2, CFY another #1 Angel and Dress You Up in the top 5 and ITG never released but might as well have been another #1. The huge success of Desperately Seeking Susan, dating and marrying Sean Penn, the playboy/penthouse scandal, the Virgin Tour and Live AID. It was non stop all year. This was the year every newspaper, tv show and magazine was talking about M non stop and the paps started stalking her and even flew over her wedding. The obssession had begun. True Blue hitting big just cemented it and LAP gave her the critical approval that had been begrudging before that. 1989 was when music critics started taking her seriously. Yeah 1990 was another massive year, another 1985 and it too just shot her into the strasophere for sure.
  13. 1985 - no doubt it was that year that made her a mega star. Everything before that was fame and popularity and stuff but 1985 put her in the upper echelon. Everything after that made her untouchable
  14. Actually I just realised it was shared with me on Google Drive. She comes on around 2hrs50min https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0I3IHaljoWIV3p6RnhxTTg2eWM/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-r0s31dKK-uwTs8728Tq7ZQ
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