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  1. Damn! I have ticket for the Barcelona concert. My 2 queens together, I could die happy
  2. More than 80 people were involved in the #VanityFair "Icon Issue" project that will also take the form of a short film and a street art performance. this is from a madonnatribe tweet
  3. I love her in every single way. But I’d rather her to put her energy creating something new than revisiting such a hit and making imo a “reductive” version of the song
  4. I went from Spain to Lisbon but she cancelled the show just a few hours before... so I have a bittersweet feeling about this show. I mean, I really want to see the concert but I’d loved to seen it live.
  5. My wishes: a visual album, something like a musical with the center theme: lgtbiq with some of her songs that would fit the subject. Something like the Beyoncé’s lemonade visual album as a gift for the gay community. But I’m expecting something like remixed&revisited part 2 to refresh Madame X before the show to release
  6. What if it’s a remixed&revisited part 2 with a new track and some mixes to refresh Madame X before the dvd/video release?
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