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  1. Úrsula Corberó beer bitch moment: https://mega.nz/file/7VVHmDgb#OABrPzv8fATFtWiuyoDqJSXhmU_piW49KiSuQZWyUBk
  2. I enjoyed the show so much yesterday, the crowd was stunning and for a moment I felt like she was pointing at me in this moment in Rain 😂😂 Rain Barcelona 11-2-2023 love her
  3. I don’t understand the map of the Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi. I have Pista A (GA floor A), but the map seems different here. There are two different Pista A areas, one in front of the main circular stage and other in front of the catwalk, around the GA Pits 1 and 2
  4. Haha can’t blame her, I would be doing the same
  5. They said it was ended in Rain because of the curfew 😢
  6. Damn! I have ticket for the Barcelona concert. My 2 queens together, I could die happy
  7. More than 80 people were involved in the #VanityFair "Icon Issue" project that will also take the form of a short film and a street art performance. this is from a madonnatribe tweet
  8. I love her in every single way. But I’d rather her to put her energy creating something new than revisiting such a hit and making imo a “reductive” version of the song
  9. Could you share or rip the subtitles please?
  10. Haha, do you guys really like Madonna? There’s some always saying that colors in dvds are horrible, song sounds bad, the albums are not good. I love and enjoy MDNA, RHT, CT. I liked it more live but I love the dvd editions. So thanks Madonna, and forgive them. they don’t deserve you and have to burn in the f*cking hell but all of them will be lubing October 8th
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