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  1. True Blue and MDNA are the albums I barely listen.
  2. Whaaaaaaat!!?? Future samples an OutKast song?! 

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    2. DickTracy
    3. dav_fer


      50 minutes ago, DickTracy said:

      The horn line is similar to Spottieottie. Its not a sample or a direct riff, I don't think. I've listened to Spottieottiedopalicious and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble's instrumental version. That track itself was built around a Genesis sample. 

      Yeah, I saw it on Genius and I got excited, lol. Then I re-listened both songs and noticed the horns are just a little similar... Anyways Future has grown so much on me, the first verse is lyrically and musically one of the best things of the record!

    4. DickTracy


      Agreed - I want that remix from her FB page sooooo bad. Perfect placement on the album. 

  3. Madonna has always had both good and bad press. This kind of articles doesn't really affect her or any ther artist. Yes, haters might use this kind of biased articles to try to prove their point (whatever it is), but at the end, fans who are still supporting her are gonna still on her side and usually this kind of things doesn't have a deep impact in the way the general public sees the artist, they're gona forget about this in a day or two. And what? They shouldn't. Everyone has the right to express their opinions, good and bad ones, about a Madonna song in a thread made for that specific song (as long as is not made in a rude way). What people should learn, in fact, is not taking opinions so personally, and learn that opinions are not laws or facts. If some journalist is quoting a lot of people's bad opinions witouth making a contrast with the good ones or even with her own, then she's not making journalism, she's just provoking and she's the only one to shame, not the users.
  4. When you're "a cha-cha instructor" but you don't even know how the Chachachá sounds.

  5. Nothing would make me more happy to be honest. American Life and The family Jewels share some similar topics and Rebel Heart and Froot were my favorite albums from 2015. God I really wish this collaboration happens
  6. So, I genuinely didn't liked the video edition (nor the extras or the fact that they cut some good things from the show... LDLHA), but I'm still very excited that she's still releasing her tours in video tbh

    1. wtg1987


      As long as we get the full heartbreak City/LDLA Rebel Heart studio version that will make up for it not being in the blu-ray for me :))

  7. Well, actually is the same comment over, and over, and over again, so yes, is a troll, tho this part is pretty accurate: "you can't watch it as a concert because of the cuts every 1-2 seconds"
  8. Take me to emotion, I want to go all the way, show me devotion and take me all the way 🎶

  9. Take me to emotion, I want to go all the way, show me devotion and take me all the way 🎶

  10. It would be my first time too, I mean I love buying her stuffs, just for supporting her job and 'cause I really appreciatte that after all this years she still releasing and working in her music/visual materials, but this realease is becoming a big no!
  11. Same here, but is just a little contradictory that just at the begining of the era she was talking about this art for freedom thing, and then she goes all through the Rebel Heart era slaughtering all the artistic potential about every single product: the record, the tour, the home release of the tour... anyways I enjoyed the first two, tho
  12. It's very sad thinking that we're never going to have something like this for real . As a physical artistic product the box must be part of the album concept, not just the cover image. The box of the RH deluxe edition came a little closer to this. I love what Fangoria do with their boxes, they're so amazing:
  13. This cover was on one of that Chicago audio files, I didn't knew it was yours too! "Here’s too much beauty in the world going to waste. Too much talent going unnoticed..." -Madonna
  14. This era is cursed and needs an exorcism
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