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  1. dav_fer

    True Blue and MDNA are the albums I barely listen.
  2. dav_fer

    1. Extreme Occident 2. Ciao Bella 3. Future 4. Dark Ballet 5. God Control (I also listen a lot Batuka and Back that up, so number 5 could be anything of those three lol)
  3. dav_fer

    This was unexpected, just was typing mail.goo... and saw the infinity logo in the url bar and clicked it just for nostalgia. I was sure the page would be gone by now but I got very excited when I saw that cool animation instead of the thank you message. This makes me happy :3
  4. Thanks for the clarification! *Edit* Just found a thread for that song, nevermind, closing my question here!
  5. Someone here has the full lyrics of Ciao Bella? I'm obsessed with that song and I want to know what the parts of Dino d’Santiago says
  6. Whaaaaaaat!!?? Future samples an OutKast song?! 

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    2. DickTracy
    3. dav_fer


      50 minutes ago, DickTracy said:

      The horn line is similar to Spottieottie. Its not a sample or a direct riff, I don't think. I've listened to Spottieottiedopalicious and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble's instrumental version. That track itself was built around a Genesis sample. 

      Yeah, I saw it on Genius and I got excited, lol. Then I re-listened both songs and noticed the horns are just a little similar... Anyways Future has grown so much on me, the first verse is lyrically and musically one of the best things of the record!

    4. DickTracy


      Agreed - I want that remix from her FB page sooooo bad. Perfect placement on the album. 

  7. dav_fer

    This era has the best videos in a while. We haven't seen this way of delivering stories in her visuals since I can't remember when...
  8. dav_fer

    OMG. This is The Song! I don't even know how to describe it, for me it's like if Act of contrition and Die another day had a love child. The production is all dark and messy at first, but actually everything is on its place. I can't believe she released it as a single. I want more of this!
  9. dav_fer

    Feeling a little like you I guess... (but I liked I rise and Crave). I was a little excited when she was in Portugal and she started to upload media to her instagram showing how she was working and being inspired by real musicians. Before that I didn't knew what fado was nor I had an idea of how it sounds but I thought something interesting could came from her working again with Mirwais, they mixed very well folk and electronica in one of my favorite albums of all the time... but she's giving us very generic songs! -very well produced, yes- but I feel them soulless . Pretty much what I feel. So far I like two of the songs she has released (I rise and Crave), but definitely there are not my favorites of her career (I gotta give them a little time, I guess). And I find very interesting that you used "despersonalizing" to describe what you feel about it because I was thinking something similar, not about the voice but the lyrics. I feel like she is writing so far away from the subjects she's refering to (at least in this four songs). She was living in Portugal for the past years and she said she was influenced by Portugal sounds, but none of this songs shows that! what happened? So far we got a song where she dreams with a place she doesn't know, and it's not a bad thing to find creativity in dreams, fantasy, and imagining about something you don't know, but the lyrics ended up being -at least for me- very cliché and stereotypical. Then she releases I rise, I like it very much, but as she was living far away from the US, very busy with her cosmetic company and finishing his new record I felt her a little disconnected of the world, I rise is a good song and a beautiful tribute, I think she did a very important thing using her voice to sing about gun control and pay a beautiful homage to the victims of a failed policy, but again I felt the lyrics a little shallow as she only scratched the surface. Then Crave, for me, is a beautiful song, very well produced and the featuring is on its point, but it doesn't touch very deep... Future is a well produced track the horns sounds great!... but everything else (in the production) sounds like a reworked version of Unapologetic bitch mixed with the simplicity of the structure in the lyrics of Iconic, I love those songs, but agin I feel this work very uninspired.... Like a Prayer, American Life and Rebel Heart are the albums that I like the most of Madonna, because they were born from a very personal place (Ray of Light enters here too), I thought #Magic, then Madame X would follow this path, I know is a little early to judge, but I really feel these four songs very impersonal .
  10. Thanks for clarifying this to me! So that's why they had to use a pre-recorded performance? Madame X personas and some of the ambience were just visible through a screen? right.
  11. I really felt them very weird... I mean, the effects of Madame X appearing and disappearing... It was like a Power Point slide vanishing effect Anyways, how does it works? Are they really holograms? I read in another thread (I guess it was@vitoralmeiidawho said that) that those projections (?) weren't visible to the public, and some articles and notes I've read refers to them as an augmented reality effect.
  12. The Like a Prayer clip looks promising. I'm not against her repeating herself sometimes, I enjoyed a lot the live performances of Living for Love and they were practically the same, just minor changes between Grammys/Brits/Tour but it was a very well executed performance (even with the fall and all). Dark Ballet is the song I'm more curious about. I just hope this time she doesn't use the "holograms" I felt them a little weird and out of place in the Billboards performance.
  13. Rebel Heart is one of my favorites! Is one of the albums that I fully enjoy from the beginning to the end, not skipping any song (well... S.E.X. is another story).
  14. That's a great outfit! I love how she made crosses and now Joan of Arc part of her aesthetic identity... but why she likes to say she doesn't like to repeat herself? It's not a bad think to take inspiration from her past or repeat a little, as long as is done in a good or proper way. Actually that fear of "repeating" and always wanting to be innovative is counterproducing, that's why most of her fans have so high and unrealistic standards sometimes, and she's just fueling that .
  15. dav_fer

    From the three already released songs from Madame X I find I rise the best of them and mainly because of its theme and subject, it's not even by far one of my Madonna's favorite songs but I can enjoy it and I appreciate the fact that she's writing about important things. But I do agree with you that it's not a masterpiece, the lyrics could be deeper and the structure less repetitive (still I just like it). About being anthemic... I have always thought that you can't just say "I'm gonna write an anthem", then just release it and voilà it's an anthem! Yes, the intention is very important, but that's just the beginning, an anthem has to be adopted by a community because it has an important meaning for them, it has to be something that they feel identified with and that brings strength and confidence to the group, and I rise is far away from that... So I mean, I rise is more like a tribute than an anthem, and that's not a bad thing, as I said before I appreciate that she's using her voice to sing more than lovesongs (which I like) or tunes where she fantasizes about a city she doesn't seems to know, forgetting of all her problems in the bed of a papi. Yes, maybe is not a complex song in terms of structure, production of lyrics, but I decided to acknowledge the intention, hoping she explores more of this in a deeper way.