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  1. Cadorcha

    God Control

    Gracias Paco!
  2. I don't think she was living in Notting Hill in 1999
  3. Please send link! I've been sending links to everybody this afternoon to tracks that leaked:sad:

  4. Hi. Where can I download it from? Thx

    1. c3s4r_


      nowhere... i bough the vinyl

    2. Cadorcha


      Yes, I read it later. Lucky you, enjoy it!

    3. c3s4r_


      thanks!!!  Only 4 days left cheer up :)

  5. Now Apple owns the charts?? Please. The only chart that counts is Billboard Hot 100, nevertheless it is irrelevant nowadays because Apple took over. Apple can't and doesn't own the music biz. I couldn't care less about Apple and don't have any of its products, so I guess my streamings don't add up to anything.
  6. OMFG. Will she be singing live? . I panic everytime a live performance is announced
  7. Is this supposed to be Beautiful game?
  8. Great, great, great video. So funny and she looks really good.
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