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  1. whenwerock

    Why not use stems from Get Stupid ? There's a fewdrum stems there
  2. whenwerock

    where is the detroit recording ?
  3. "Coming Soon" in Madonnaland is like , what... 6 months???? I'll be glad to buy it when it does arrive. i feel like I have no choice. it's ridiculous, i'm such a fan. I'd buy the a Tour flipbook (if there were such a thing)
  4. whenwerock

    he's was hot as hell. anyone have a current pic of this boy?
  5. whenwerock

    what is the music ? I only watched one minute . im listening to the rest
  6. whenwerock

    During the first show in San Jose (2012) she sang everybody. It was the 30th anniversary, to the day, of her first single being released (Oct 1982)
  7. whenwerock

    i only want ONE. is that possible? im in SF