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  1. You will be floored if it's your first madonna show have fun
  2. Pain is a warning that somethings wrong I pray to God that it won't be long.
  3. 100% If you would create that tra klist what would be on it? I would have ballads from Ray of light and forward Like power of goodbye, falling free, x static process, ...or easy ride
  4. It sounds like Bedtime Story (Juniors Sound Factory Dub) maybe ?
  5. I'm curious too about Bob the drag queens set
  6. I came out as bi then gay when I was a teenager (21 years ago) ... but the older I get the less I fit into strictly one label. Not sure what orientation label that is today as there is a lot. But I just say I'm Rudy. Hello wonderful people 🥰
  7. 1. Sex book (I think it's the US edition) 2. American Life remix LP tribute to Peter rauhofer 3. Girlie show CD bootleg of Japan show 4.blonde ambition CD bootleg of Houston show 5. ?
  8. Heyyyyyyyy! This is fun !!! Thank you. So happy to see you still making studio versions!!!
  9. Best place is any seat close enough to see her face and her dancers. I've seen her a few times in San Jose CA and Oakland CA. There's nothing like going to your very first madonnq show!
  10. "Coming Soon" in Madonnaland is like , what... 6 months???? I'll be glad to buy it when it does arrive. i feel like I have no choice. it's ridiculous, i'm such a fan. I'd buy the a Tour flipbook (if there were such a thing)
  11. he's was hot as hell. anyone have a current pic of this boy?
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