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  1. Why on earth would he announce it when he already knew the risk of losing his voice? Unprofessional.
  2. This is whole release is weird, listening to the backing tracks most of those indeed using stems and are done properly, but like 1/3 of the album (Lucky Star, Borderline, Into the Groove, LAP, Vogue) seems to be just playing around with the whole tracks, not significantly separating anything, like they didn’t have the source material. Messy…
  3. I remember being an interview a year ago, where David spoilt M is working on 2 music projects at the same time, one of them being FEL, then there were also rumors there will be a remix album with Katy Perry having recorded one track.
  4. I was referring to the article saying she was in the studio with them, but thanks. Yes, i've heard about sampling.
  5. Longer preview: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cn_Cd0Pu_62/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= But I wonder what is her contribution to this, apart from letting them use the acapella. Would be nice if she recorded some new vocals, but seems like it's just using the chorus.
  6. As much as I hate everything released during the TikTok era (Hung Up on Tokischa is a bop, but hopefully won't be performed), this remix sounds cool, quality production apart from the vocal distortion, but I can imagine her performing it, it would just require her singing in a lower key, which is not necessarily a problem. After all, didn't the majority of us like when she collaborated with lesser known DJs and producers? I say, bring it on, I wanna hear it in full. Sorry is one of my faves and glad to see it getting some recognition. Plus I checkhed some sets of Blondish and she plays great electronic music.
  7. Rebel Heart Tour was very heavy with 80s hits. Time to bring out the 90s and 00s. As a part of the Y gen, I'm more interested on those, the songs I grew up with, than hearing Holiday for the millionth time especially if oldies are album versions. Then again it's my own preference.
  8. Meh, at least they could have polished her vocals a bit, but just like how the whole Rebel Heart album is full of first take demo vocals 🙄
  9. That's exactly what I wanted from FEL: mixes of oldies from current DJs and producers.
  10. My only request is to mix the songs. Since MDNA tour she mostly performs album versions of oldies and to me it's super boring. Bring Stuart back 🙏 but she won't 😅
  11. Material Gworrllll can choke! This is the quality content we need. Apart from some offbeat mixing near the end and lack of new M vocals this is dope ❤️
  12. Okay, I want Material Girl as a single. So much better than any Frozen mixes. It's stuck in my head. An extra M verse is needed tho.
  13. This is true of course, but I guess the extra weight of the implants worsened the issue.
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