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  1. OMG 🤣 I love to bitch and moan about being underwhelmed but this is too much even for me. Let the girl have her fun! The only problem was the hype they tried to create, but let's be real, noone apart from us, fans, knew that anything would happen. They should have kept it as a secret and now everyone would be shook here.
  2. There are a few snippets on Ricardo's IG: apart from NRM/Rescue Me, I also hear IDSIF and GC. But way too many sound effects.
  3. But where is it stated? In the article it is referred to as one short film.
  4. Im clinging into the hope there will be music in the video.
  5. Okay, so it's a charity event with DJs and M hosting.
  6. Im preparing myself that it's just an appearance at the party to not be disappointed 😄
  7. What is the difference between the 7" Remix and the Album Version? 🤔
  8. I might be alone on this but after her IG comments she is anything but intelligent to me and also not interested seeing topics related to her so called career based on her mother's name which paradoxically also bothers her very much. Entitled brat... sad to see how Madonna's children are (except for David). I expected more from Lourder until the Instagram fiasco.
  9. She looks so hot!!! I cannot with her if she doesnt record a music video right now!!!
  10. The Weeknd is about to drop a greatest hits with no new songs, so we can debunk the Madonna collab rumor.
  11. Madame X has distortion and clicking sounds in many songs, especially Crave and Dark Ballet. How that could happen is beyond my comprehension, but after Rebel Heart I was not surprised, which sounded like it was made for making everyone's sound system explode. Both albums sound like they were mixed and mastered by people with ear and hearing problems so they turned the volume up unnecessarily while being unable to notice smaller errors. I have stated my opinion before and got the comments to check my ears, my earpods or speakers are shit, or I have a wrong copy, but there's nothing wrong with any of those. Positive side is that Madame X mastering was a great step from the monstrosity of Distorted Heart.
  12. Yes, as the main performer. I am talking about guests. The Weeknd has been announced weeks ago, you guys just missed it as it seems. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHf3tCLBZLV/?igshid=vlmwp8nr8wy2
  13. Halftime Show guests are only announced days/1-2 weeks in advance, so why would have they announced her by now? 🙄 That said I don't believe she is going to perform. The Weeknd had several features this year with Maluma, Rosalia, Doja Cat, Kenny G, who are of course not nearly as big names as Madonna, but he can still invite them.
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