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  1. I used to have Over and Over (Dub Version) on repeat back in the day LOL. Haven't listened to it in years. Gonna blast it out of my speakers right now! 😝
  2. I been listening to that JML mashup on repeat! Anyone has the full version?
  3. I seen some people react to the Like A Prayer video and some are so cringy!! They don't pay attention to anything that's happening in the video. *rolls eyes*
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience! So happy and excited for you. Can't wait to watch the show.
  5. I'm 40... been a fan since I was 5. My first concert was Blond Ambition when I was 10.
  6. Inked for the very first time! https://www.instagram.com/p/CIhScYFBc1E/
  7. Friends sometimes say that I laugh like her ??
  8. Yeah, I agree, he may come off as over reacting, but after all the reactions he has done he's become a true Madonna fanatic now. Yessssss, do it! I want to see :D
  9. The guy on the right says he has never seen a Madonna video at all. I'm like 'how'??? Not even one of the recent ones they reacted to, GGW. The guy on the left know a wee bit more and has seen some. But the guy on the right is cringe.
  10. I loved his reaction during the beginning of God Control! LOL
  11. And I don't know about this guy... he seems so uninterested. And he has reacted to quite a few Madonna videos, and it's all like "whatever"...
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