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  1. I been listening to that JML mashup on repeat! Anyone has the full version?
  2. I seen some people react to the Like A Prayer video and some are so cringy!! They don't pay attention to anything that's happening in the video. *rolls eyes*
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience! So happy and excited for you. Can't wait to watch the show.
  4. I'm 40... been a fan since I was 5. My first concert was Blond Ambition when I was 10.
  5. Inked for the very first time! https://www.instagram.com/p/CIhScYFBc1E/
  6. Friends sometimes say that I laugh like her ??
  7. Yeah, I agree, he may come off as over reacting, but after all the reactions he has done he's become a true Madonna fanatic now. Yessssss, do it! I want to see :D
  8. The guy on the right says he has never seen a Madonna video at all. I'm like 'how'??? Not even one of the recent ones they reacted to, GGW. The guy on the left know a wee bit more and has seen some. But the guy on the right is cringe.
  9. I loved his reaction during the beginning of God Control! LOL
  10. And I don't know about this guy... he seems so uninterested. And he has reacted to quite a few Madonna videos, and it's all like "whatever"...
  11. These guys started reacting to Madonna's work after the Drag Race Madonna Rusical segment... but they seem not to take it all too serious...
  12. I have never seen his reactions... Is this his only Madonna video?
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