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  1. Wow thank you so much! So happy to have the official studio versions 😍
  2. Did she rehearse the full show last night or only specific songs?
  3. Not to be a negative nancy but i’m a bit sad that it seems only Music is the new addition :/ Anyway the show will be amazing!!!
  4. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C51MhLjAXTT/?igsh=ZnNhb2E4YjRsc3I4 I’m not sure it was posted but she is supposedly rehearsing a Brazilian Funk inspired version of Music in place of DCFMA?
  5. Educate me which Rescue Me mix is this? 😍
  6. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2OpFxKMm-X/?igsh=MTAycHF6ZmMzdHh3bA== Which show was it where she forgot to take off her jacket and the mic as well? 😂 i would like to see the full video. I completely missed this happening.
  7. The problem I experienced in the pit in Barcelona that the whole sound was muffled. Even if the experience was amazing I was so distracted and annoyed that I couldn’t understand part of the speeches and had to concentrate because of how bad the overall sound was.
  8. Hm… it is hard to imagine, but let’s see! I will be in Pista A tomorrow and already chose where I would like to stand 😄 Enjoy tonight!
  9. Maybe she is starting so early because she is rehearshing something new? 👀
  10. I think being late is just typical Madonna this time, not because of any issues.
  11. @Dazedmadonna Can you tell us about Sorry? Was it only included as a snippet of the album version?
  12. My only complaint is the MJ mash up placement. Imo it should be earlier. Would prefer there something along the lines of the IDSIF interlude before the finale.
  13. Curfew or not, at this point we should accept that this is the full show for now.
  14. I was hoping for a longer ending but maybe BIM is the closer and there isn’t a longer Celebration.
  15. It’s her vocals for Confessions Tour studio version, pitched down.
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