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  1. damn these broke ppl always coming for mdolla's money
  2. someone needs to make the full mix with original who's that girl vocals and not including causing
  3. I love this track I don't get why ppl hate it
  4. my friend that went said the same thing :(, I hope she's fine I'm going till April 14 show I'm pretty sure she was probably she was jet lagged that first day in Houston. She sounded amazing the second date.
  5. right, I wonder what ended up happening the user who has the tape never posted them or anything it should be illegal to gatekeep this.
  6. I want her to preform that one snippet of gmayl, material girl, burning up, and I love new york mashup that was supposedly from the London rehearsals I wonder if it was even real.
  7. she should include a page of every past tour book and some rare images
  8. I just hope she hires him again for her next album after the tour
  9. also wanted to note this story was about when she was around 18-20 yrs old back when she started out not in 1992
  10. tbh it actually works, I have it and it made my jawline more defined, But the creams and mask are way to over priced.
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