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  1. The problem is often the publications that do the more in depth interviews have smaller circulation. So while interesting to fans those interviews don’t do much to promote your work to a wider audience.
  2. I thought she came off well. She is a little tough but you expect that from a New Yorker. She hasn’t found out what she wants to do with her life yet, but I can’t hold that against her since I didn’t know at her age either.
  3. V magazine is on some newsstands and bookstores in the US. But it’s not a mainstream publication so it can be a bit hard to find, unlike Rolling Stone which is everywhere. So it’s good you can order issues, without subscribing.
  4. Rolling Stone caters to a more general audience so you can’t expect that there. You never know what they cut out. These magazines only include a little bit of what artists actually say. I agree that it’s not the best interview although the part about the movie script was interesting. She has however given lots of interviews in the past where she has mentioned her favorite books, films, music etc. so I wouldn’t say that never happened.
  5. I think it’s just the wig and the darker slightly reddish hair color. She looks more herself with platinum blonde.
  6. Only 1 cover has Madonna and Maluma. The other 3 covers have other artists.
  7. It was fairly long, so I didn’t realize there is more to it.
  8. A tailored suit like that makes you look thinner and your stomach flatter. She still has a belly it’s just more hidden than in the dress. Guys always look thinner in business suits than in more casual clothes.
  9. Medicine is an inexact science. Not every pain or ailment can be fixed no matter how much money you have.
  10. Brett Ratner. There were numerous sexual assault and harassment claims against him.
  11. There’s a downstairs speakeasy like venue called Ginny’s Supper Club where they have music sometimes. I assume it would be there.
  12. It’s at the Apollo Theatre. She is performing there Friday not on Jimmy Fallon.
  13. The NYC screening is taking place at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. So the surprise performance if it happens will be there.
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