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  1. Sick of the bullying on here. Glumda is out.
  2. I’m not saying everything she does is perfect, but people here put too much emphasis on what she does on Instagram. Most people just scroll on by and don’t even remember posts. It’s just people on here who analyze everything. And when was the last time you say a celebrity posing with 50 or 60 year old models in a photo shoot? I’d like to see a link to one of those.
  3. That’s not what I see. People troll every female celebrity on Twitter. Don’t take it seriously.
  4. How do you expect remixes of old songs to be this big thing? No matter what she did on social media those wouldn’t be gigantic hits. Frozen increased her streams a lot.
  5. On this forum. People who frequent this forum are different from the general public. You don’t think other artists filter their pictures and say dumb things on Twitter?
  6. Other artists from the 80s don’t do photo shoots with people their own age either.
  7. Madonna tries to be very creative with her tours which I greatly appreciate. But the general public isn’t like me. They like predictability. Look at all the older artists who tour year after year playing the same obvious singles with maybe 3 to 4 new songs and maybe a cover. People eat that up. I personally don’t get it. Why do people want to see almost the same set list on multiple tours? But that type of thing has been very successful in larger venues for artists especially from the 80s and 90s.
  8. Where are you getting that people are saying she should go away? From trolls who post in comment sections? The general public doesn’t pay that much attention to her Instagram. As far as they are concerned she has gone away because they haven’t heard a new Madonna song on the radio in a long time.
  9. I don’t think that’s true. It’s just something she wanted to do to highlight the album because it was based on living room sessions in Lisbon. She can definitely play on big stages again. She just has to do more older songs and hits and not as much new material. Many other older artists do arenas and even stadiums and they have far less recent and fewer hits than Madonna.
  10. The more I think about it I agree. That way she wouldn’t have to leave things out and edit it down. The main problem with the script seems to be fitting everything in. She wouldn’t have that problem with a book.
  11. They are slightly different but not that different most of the time. They aren’t all dance remixes like the album.
  12. No, I’m not an Abba fan. If an artist I like doesn’t perform anymore I just watch their old performances for free on YouTube.
  13. How can social media be her undoing when almost every major artist is on social media all the time? It’s just what people do now.
  14. The future of live music is not having the artist there? If you want perfection and pristine, stay home and listen to your vinyl. To me what makes live concerts interesting is the human element which includes unpredictability and imperfections and connecting with the audience on a human level.
  15. I can’t see her basing a stadium tour around a remix album. Most casual fans who would attend such a tour want to hear the original versions they remember from the radio not remixes.
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