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  1. Yes, I think they are playing things up to make it more entertaining for people on Instagram. If they showed themselves actually working it would be boring for most people. Madonna has never been s self pitying person. Almost the opposite. People see her as too strong with no feelings. To get people to sympathize with her character they need to show some vulnerability.
  2. I wonder how much do these writers like Diablo and Erin know about Madonna’s career and life before starting to work on the screenplay. If you weren’t following her the whole time, it would be hard to just jump in and write a good script because she has done so much. Do they just rely on the information she gives them or they do their own research and interview other people?
  3. She wrote the screenplay with the Girl on the Train. She’s known for doing adapted screenplays from other sources like books. So she is probably just revising the original script not starting over from scratch.
  4. I wasn’t aware of any of these promises. But then I’m not an icon member. Did Madonna herself make any of these promises? 10 years ago social media didn’t have the dominance it has now. Not really interested in downloading yet another app. Didn’t know she even had one.
  5. True. I haven’t looked at the website of any artist for a long time.
  6. Why was she at the airport twice in just a few days? Is she going back to LA already?
  7. If you’ve been vaccinated you only have to wear a mask on the actual plane, not walking through the airport. The mask police strike again! I think some people that live in Europe don’t realize the vaccine is widely available in the US to all adults.
  8. Or maybe she was drinking too much of her father’s wine at his vineyard!
  9. The style of the drawing is meant to be a tribute to Jean Michael Basquiat.
  10. Universal had the rights to another script but not to this movie. That probably didn’t have the rights to her music though. She couldn’t stop them from making a movie about her but she could prevent them from using songs she wrote. Studios make movies all the time that the artist or their heirs don’t approve of, for example the recent David Bowie movie. I thought that movie was dropped because Brett Ratner was the director and there was the big sexual abuse controversy around him. I don’t think you can buy exclusive rights to make a movie about a public figure. If I wanted to make a movie
  11. Hopefully she will do an album to be released at the same time as the movie, that would give the album the maximum publicity and the best chance to be successful. Since the movie is about her life, it makes sense to release her own pop music with it, whereas that wouldn’t make sense with WE.
  12. Exactly. A movie involves many people. They are probably looking into casting the various roles. Usually movies have casting directors in charge of it.
  13. Me too! Seems like she is transitioning away from the more avant garde bohemian Madame X looks to more accessible Hollywood LA looks in preparation for the film.
  14. How much was Elton involved in it though? I heard he gave some advice, but mostly stepped back and let the producers and directors do their thing. Maybe she could talk to director and producers.
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