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  1. Is Madonna holding it up or is the studio holding it up? We don’t really know. Does the studio have to approve the choice of actress who plays Madonna? I assume they would since that influences how many people want to see the movie. Both Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody took a very long time to be made. What other biopics have been announced? A biopic of Boy George was announced but the original director and screenwriter left the project so it’s in limbo now. So Madonna isn’t alone in having her biopic delayed.
  2. That would be cool, but I think she likes doing whole album projects. So I don’t really see her doing EPs. Honestly though I prefer whole full length albums rather than EPs from established artists. With an album at least you will probably like some songs. I like EPs from new artists just starting out who can’t afford to record a whole album. But from established artists I like whole concepts.
  3. People say they want mature music, but they also say they want to have fun and dance. Only teenagers are allowed to have fun? Madame X has quite a few mature songs but not about aging specifically. Extreme Occident, Lookinv for Mercy, I Rise.
  4. What songs on American Life are about aging specifically?
  5. Ageing would be a boring thing to write an album about. I would rather hear something universal about relationships and friendships that everyone regardless of age can relate to. Does it have to be just fun? I enjoy her more serious albums too such as Like A Prayer and Ray of Light.
  6. The first I ever heard of him was when he was on the Masked Singer.
  7. You can listen on Twitter. It’s on the @SuperRare page
  8. No matter how you feel about NFTs that was an excellent talk and worth listening to. I wasn’t expecting too much as NFTs aren’t my thing, but it was great. I was taken off guard when she started crying talking about the war in Ukraine. It was very sweet.
  9. There’s a twitter conversation tomorrow with her and the artist at 7 ET/4PT
  10. It remains to be seen whether she will actually post there regularly. Somehow I don’t see that happening.,
  11. Do you really think she’s going to change based on comments from total strangers online? If she has a problem she’s only going to change based on comments and concerns from her family and close personal friends.
  12. Most people who have gained weight know that and they don’t need someone to tell them. Doesn’t putting on weight automatically make someone unattractive and ugly? How fatpphobic. Glad you’re not my friend.
  13. Have you ever told a friend or family member you don’t like what they’re wearing or that their body doesn’t look good? It never ends well.
  14. I actually like the pink dress. I think the problem is she is wearing the tight wide black belt with it which messes up the hang of the dress.
  15. The dress is by Gucci though. She has worn their clothes many times in the past . So she could have easily said I feel like wearing Gucci today. It’s not as though they dug it up from some obscure designer she never wore before.
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