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  1. Thanks! Your posts are always so informative and positive.
  2. So this isn't happening? HA! Figures!
  3. By the way, you forgot the Rebel Heart Tour Purple Swirl Vinyl being released in the coming weeks as well. Woo-hoo!
  4. Ha! What a trouble maker you are. I will admit I assumed it is the the 2022 remix performed at Pride, but when I read your inquiry, it made me doubt myself.
  5. I'm probably going to pre-order tomorrow the digital to get all my questions answered. That's the only format that I didn't order. I'm glad I waited. It's just I find it silly to order a digital version when I could easily create my own by ripping my physical version.
  6. Actually, I would too. I'm just being silly now, but I think you probably understand where I'm coming from. It's so easy to think that they must be referring to the Pride mix, when at the same time, we could easily being assuming, when it may be some entirely different remix for 2022. HA! And here's another question, will the mix be available right away when you pre-order or will you only have access it with the rest of the tracks Friday? See, I have all the questions today. I'm definitely thinking too deep about it. LOL!
  7. I get it's not the FEL mix.... but I guess what I was questioning is how do we even know it's just not an entirely different mix? There is NO mention of "Pride". I only bring this up because; we as fans have been known to get excited about things that weren't specific, only to be let down with it, when it wasn't what we expected it to be. Like you and everyone else, I assume it's the "Pride" version, and want it to be, but our luck it will be a remastered 2022 studio mix of the Gorillaz version performed at the Grammys in 2006. LOL!
  8. She's taking no prisoners. And there's something for everyone here! I'm soaking it all up though.
  9. Totally there with you. And now a Britney remix on it's way? Wow! We've been treated this year. A lot of releases this year. I've enjoyed every bit of it.
  10. So I wonder if this is where the rumors of Brit and M doing a new song together actually came from?
  11. You're stuck on the "SDP" part of it. I never said it even related to that mix. I just meant a totally different mix. But anyway, I'm just hesitant as you can understand since it's not specifically saying "Pride " remix. It probably is as you stated.
  12. HA! Yes true. It's just you know how these things go. We fans assume something specific and it turns out to be something entirely different. I mean; whatever other remix could they be talking about? I knew it wouldn't be the SDP mix, so it has to be the Pride mix unless there is an alternate 2022 mix remastered?
  13. It's safely to say the remix helped. But I agree a break down of how much the original and the remix sold would be nice. The remix is falling into oblivion now, so obviously, Madonna fans who ordinarily don't buy Beyonce as well as her own fans who love Madonna, bought and streamed the hell out of this. Which explains to me why the original Vogue song didn't get much of a boost because of this remix.
  14. @Roy Believe me, I want it to be the Pride remix and I agree that it would be redundant if it was the actual FEL mix since it will be released this Friday, but I'm reading this post and it makes no mention that it's the "Pride" version. I'm probably thinking too hard about it, but you know how sometimes we get excited about things here:
  15. I'm guess I'm totally missing where it mentions "Pride Remix"?
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