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  1. prepare for 2 years of heavy filters and seizure effect layers!
  2. Thinking Batuka is her best song...its actually her worst video to date (after hey you)
  3. 1) Rebel Heart (her best album in years! lots of musical variety and incredible production) 2) MDNA ( she gave us a hard edm dance sound similar to artpop!) 3) Erotica (justice for erotica!)
  4. Madame X and Al are the weakest ones...Madame will be her worst due to her unlistenable over-editing and autotune
  5. 1. Miles Away - 9/10 2. Ghosttown - 10/10 3. American Pie - 9/10 4. Don’t Tell Me - 7/10 5. Come Alive - 6/10 6. Burning Up - 10/10 7. Medellin - 9/10 8. Crazy For You - 10/10 9. Jimmy Jimmy - 0/10 10. Gang Bang - 10/10
  6. 4 Minutes (Remix) Girl Gone Wild or I'm Addicted?
  7. Madonna is the PIONEER. Sorry Janet...
  8. I dont give a - Guy, and Gaga at nicki minajs ra.)
  9. Poor Janet, it was never the same for her after that! She was basically ignored from mainstream, she never had another world hit after 2001! Ii blame JT, justice for Janet! She deserved better treatment.
  10. BEST hair since ghostown! Straight long hair looks way hotter and chic than tiered shirley temple curls for over 3 decades...
  11. shell probably continue her surgeries, and transform herself into a caricature, like Dolly parton. I know she will keep causing trouble till the end.
  12. Her body is impressive, however the upper angle makes them a weird, creepy selfie.
  13. MDNA is a good album, but not her top best. Best tracks are: * Girl Gone Wild (Her best dance track ever!) * I’m Addicted * Love Spent * Falling Free * Beautiful Killer Also MDNA tour had the WORST setlist ever. Filled with the same repetitive songs. Wished she gave chance to her other underperformed songs, but she never does that. Guess she never cares for anything that isnt human nature or candy shop...
  14. Ghosttown, a materpiece! Plus her hair on this one is flawless perfection!
  15. Why is this new album taking so long? Jeez! Ariana or any other artist makes music every single year! With madonna theres always a 2-4 year waiting time, No wonder the public forgets about her.
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