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  1. Hope they put up a lot of screens, because there's no elevated seats to see, from a flat floor. A concert on the sand must be messy.
  2. 1 frozen 2 bedtime story 3 ghosttown
  3. vocals were great in miami april 7. Crowd was not good.
  4. usa crowds are the worst, miami was dead, barely knew the hits.
  5. Im hoping she doesn't perform with those thin braids and bad outfit she wore at Maluma's Colombia concert. Hope she sticks to the tour costumes (which are ok).
  6. kylie + Madonna together at last! ICONIC legends making history!
  7. MAJOR! People on IG are loosing it on the comments. ICONIC HISTORY at last! Gay history
  8. I suposse the new tour book will be full of those bad warped images all over. no thanks
  9. What could have happened to her voice? It sounds weak and off. She could get singing lessons from the best teacher sin the world to learn how to use her voice. Guess shes not as disciplined anymore.
  10. she isnt dancing much, but im happy she is taking care of her body and giving it a break. She danced hard, her entire career, so she deserves to take it easy. i love her
  11. yes, that transition was fast and rough, also the ending was so abrubt and short lived. Celebration song was only 10 seconds lol
  12. Can anyone confirm if there was A/C on opening night?
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