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  1. wow looks good, Janet is incredible!
  2. Just finished listening to it, its a mess! It had potential to be a future club nostalgia, but instead we got noisy, unlistenable amateur mixes. They destoyed the songs, the album versions are way better. She had great official single mixes that werent included.
  3. William Orbit was the BEST thing that ever happened to her, thanks to him we have her most exceptional artistic songs. He should work for her on every alum for life.
  4. Gaga will play young madonna and will get another oscar ! lol
  5. MDNA & REBEL HEART are amazingly good albums!
  6. Is it a collab with Britney or Kylie?? Hopefully shes not teasing another remix of Levitating lol
  7. She never looked more updated than now! She looks young! has beautiful hair, instead of the short, usual shirley temple curls she used to wear for 30 years. Her face looks better now and her clothes are flattering.
  8. ''She had quality control and an expensive and iconic brand. She still had a big "mystique" and was inaccessible.'' HE'S RIGHT!
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