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  1. The vagina closeup scene was Vulgar and unnecessary, thank god she didn't recorded that video in person!
  2. i miss her ORIGINAL face! before the extreme cheek fillers and kim kardashian ass
  3. her ig already has a lot of personal moments, dont give her any ideas lol
  4. Get ready for another Autotune baby grill rap song! Missed oportunity to give the world and 80s or disco song! If she olnly knew she could have another hit, by giving people what they want
  5. Jimmy jimmy, i fucked up or hey you? (i choose neither)
  6. she looks flawless, this long hair does wonders for her! best hairstyle she ever had! she looks hot, young and interesting!
  7. hope they use ONLY madonna official songs for the soundtrack, ive seen lots of music stars films and they never use their original songs.
  8. Im a britney fan since day one! I also love madonna. But b-army is more dedicated and powerful than madders...
  9. Madonna should make a complete dance/disco album or rock genre!
  10. also.. ''breathwork'' is a skip for me...interlude too long, boring and pointless
  11. The editing and camera angles were great. Hope she gets vocal re-training lessons, so she can get back to the vocal ability she used to have in the 2000s. MX was ok, but im def. looking forward to something more joyful and happy for her next era. Visually speaking, this tour seemed too violent, political, dark and negative. too much.
  12. - Stuart has a flawless clean, cohesive style. - William orbit is ARTISTRY personified.
  13. 1 Rebel heart tour (her best & grandest tour ever!) 2 Re invention (that vogue opening damn!) 3 Confessions 4 Madame X
  14. Rebel Heart and MDNA are her best modern era albums! Hard candy songs sound like cheap demos.
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