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  1. Funny that Madonna herself follows the account that is teasing new leaked content soon lol Shouldn't that admin be afraid of... being sued? Lol We know she took legal actions before but it was concerning the Rebel Heart leaking case. I don't recall her being mad with video leaks... I know she has even shared leaked stuff on her stories at least once haha
  2. I'd like to know it as well! I think they are legit as they were just released by Sasha Kasiuha himself.
  3. Yes it will be streamed again! Hopefully it will be glitch free as well! (The night of the original stream had a lot of glitch) Globo broadcasts with dubbed translations while Multishow usually broadcasts its original undubbed source (sometimes with optional subtitles) so whoever intends to rip it will have another shot!
  4. Congratulations for experiencing that! What a HUGE first time, huh? Haha I chose not to go but of course I was tuned in through the live broadcast to share that epic moment with my parents and it was as awesome as it should be. The volume was way up to its maximum capacity and I cried, sang along and shared informations with my family about the concert and the easter eggs and tributes haha Memorable!
  5. Thank you very much for your files, guys! By the way, whoever wants to try recording it again: the concert is not available on the Globoplay app but it will be aired again next weekend, as Multishow channel stated!
  6. I suck at uploading and inserting stuff here, but here you go the official announcement video shared during the press conference today at Copacabana Palace https://youtu.be/Se0yKNL6FzY?si=CRDh8AfDrd_DgelN
  7. I second that. It's funny how no one ever claims to be the new Michael Jackson but every week/ month/ year there's always someone to take credit for what Madonna has built over 40 decades of purely hardwork. To me it's not any kind of homage at all, it disgusts me.
  8. That's exactly what I meant and that's the main reason I don't believe she's coming to Brazil with this tour setting. She has never done anything in small venues in Brazil (and I guess she never will). That implies on Madonna adapting the tour for stadium proportions and reaching other places = Part II.
  9. Indeed. Sometimes I tend to think Celebration Tour would have a pause and a part 2 aiming stadiums later 2024 (and 2025?), this would link to what Flesch stated and maybe even Rock in Rio, Glastonbury rumours... I personally don't get a tour created to celebrate her career which leaves out Brazil, Argentina, Australia and other important countries... (not to mention tons of epic songs, which is not the case in this topic)
  10. Well... After not seeing her live in RHT, MXT and now, at least I'm saving money for something else
  11. Popular music video is real! 46 seconds of it here: 


  12. Anywhere where the crowd respects the songs and interact, sing along, jump and wave their hands, etc. Some crowds are cold, are there looking like they are bored at their homes watching a live youtube video, instead of living the historic moment they are in.
  13. Here it is, in its full glory! 1080p https://youtu.be/Kv7gA08ctDk?si=Oy4TVpBP-N2bV5O0
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