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  1. I'd love her to cover and record officially "Between the bars" (she sang it once on IG, so beautiful)
  2. I forgot: Extreme Occident! As for Rebelheart, it's so moving when she sings about her past. And the rythm that changes twice in this song, had goosebumps the first time I heard it (and of course the portugese section adds some magic to it). When she performed it in Lisbon I was especially touched
  3. Even if I didn't cry for it, the first time I heard Rebelheart (song) was quite moving. I guess because she remembers different stages of her career and it seems a bit nostalgic.
  4. Some of my personal unpopular opinions: I love Time stood still (I don't know if that's an unpopular opinion) I don't think that Candy Shop is that bad I really don't like Cherish...don't know, for me it sounds like "bubble gum pop"... Awfull Bitch i'm Madonna made me become a fan in 2015 (it was the jimmy fallon performance, I just felt immediately in love with her provocative side... back then I didnt even know about Erotica, Dita, the Sex book lol )... OK I have to admit that since then I discovered her entire discography and better songs, but BIM was nevertheless my r
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