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  1. Whether you mean to or not, publishing their personal info is an invitation to dox. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is uncool and 10 is cool, this is a -99.
  2. Tell us what you think about her ass again...
  3. Still no info on the Immaculate gift?
  4. Madonna Infinity, where calling other members "nazi asshole" is just fine and dandy. 

    P.S. It was not deathproof, his name and face show up coz he started the thread.


    1. RUADJAI


      You probably can’t see it, but this user was given a warning for this post immediately after it was reported. 

  5. Grown people don't tend to write down everything that passes through their heads and share it with strangers. And then get angry that it's insulting to some and double down.
  6. I mean, it's obvious at this point that Ticketmaster/Live Nation are holding up the announcement. So sorry about your Vancouver date.
  7. When you ask someone for something, it's really important to mention they're incompetent and have treated you "insidiously* over the years". * whatever the fuck that means, it sure sounds like an antisemitic dog whistle
  8. I think @DitaElectronicashared some of their mental struggles with us, and this is the worst time to post what you just did. However, Dita, if this is how you really feel, this reflects badly on any psychiatrist or therapist you're currently engaged with. Ask them for extra help right now.
  9. We? We = the assholes going on and on about her ass? We as you define it is the most toxic part of Madonna fandom. And while it has a very strong presence in this forum, it's still not we as in most Madonna fans.
  10. Sexy photos of Rocco is the new Madonna album.
  11. Let's just all be as homophobic as possible towards the most rich and famous LGBT people we know. That certainly helps in the current climate.
  12. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/why-madonna-still-matters/
  13. I think it's too late for that. Making changes to the tour now will only delay it further. And she probably wants to move on ASAP.
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