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  1. I will never understand her obsession with "Human Nature", "La isla bonita" and "Burning Up". At least her fixation with "Candy now" seems to be over now. Well, she should make "Express yourself" and "Human nature" disappear for a decade. She always sings them because absolutely no regrets, she has broken so many barriers and all that but she no longer surprises anyboy every time she puts them in the setlist of a tour/charity concert/speech against the government. "Vogue" and "Like a prayer" are widely seen too but I think she will never be able to escape them. Ah! And, "Bitch, I'm Madonna" was never a hit, girl, you and us know it. Please don't let it ever come back again.
  2. It's often said that "Devil wouldn't recognize you" is from the musical.
  3. The beast within was beautiful in the tour but I don't understand why she recycled the RIT video. For me, that will always be a superior performance. This one feels... reductive.
  4. I admit that I really want to see the final video montage with the images from the various concerts... But the wait will feel much shorter having the Rio broadcast to relive the concert during the 35 years that M will take to edit the show in the epileptic way that she likes to release her tours lately. I pray to God that Ackerlünd really is the director - and the editor of the film.
  5. She looks incredible. OK, now it's the time for "Vulgar" :D
  6. I know it's not going to happen, but it would be so nice of her to include (at least excerpts) from Frozen, Rain and Take a bow if there is a physical release.
  7. Maybe there is still hope for The power of goodbye, since now she doesn't seem to mind singing bittersweet songs that talk about goodbye.
  8. It is because of people like you that I still have hope in humanity. Thanks for being part of the change, man. I'm glad you enjoyed the show.
  9. The only bad thing about those videos is that the montage will be infinitely better than the one that will be released as an official video. Time will tell.
  10. Fuck yeah! It's a pitty it's not for a music video but a TV spot.
  11. Amazing quality. And I am calm when I see that he blows a kiss to the audience and says goodbye to everyone at the end of Celebration.
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