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  1. The Same Parts

    I dunno where to post this...
  2. The Same Parts

    Ugh, xmas albums are so last century.
  3. I'd be a real asshole if I mentioned something I have but didn't share it...
  4. The Same Parts

    I always take a second to figure out if BS is Bedtime Stories or Beautiful Stranger.
  5. Hasn't that leaked? I have two versions, one 3:15, one 3:12.
  6. The Same Parts

    You'd think someone in their late 50s could come up with something more nuanced than...
  7. The Same Parts

    Maybe it's me getting older (I turn 35 next week), but unlike so many Madonna fans here, I just can't muster a single fuck about what others (especially the gp) think of her and her work. If I like it, I'll be super happy, I don't feel like wasting even a moment caring about what others think of the new album.
  8. The Same Parts

    How dare you?! Are you calling Madonna's doorman's cousin a liar?
  9. The Same Parts

    Maybe she finally came to her senses and started to use proper security to keep things under wraps? I mean, if Beyonce managed to film a full visual album in countless locations without a peep, maybe Madonna could pull off a 4 minute video... Would be nice for a change.
  10. The Same Parts

    A room full of monsters and it makes me wanna scream...
  11. The Same Parts

    I thought S11 was starting this week, but it's AS4! Excited!
  12. The Same Parts

    I just realized I forgot to say "Fuck you, Demo, you're a moron!". Not just for that quote. For many others and for his all work for Madonna.
  13. The Same Parts

    Did you guys enjoy the Holi-slay Spectacular? Only a few more says until season 11!
  14. The Same Parts

    Even if you're 100% right, there is no way to say it and not sound like a horrible sex negative and regressive person.