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  1. The Same Parts

    Remember the rumors she'd work with them? I can't remember when those rumors came out... 2011? 2015? Maybe they'll remix a song from the new album? All the wigs would be snatched if they do.
  2. The Same Parts

    Could you post it in the audio section please?
  3. The Same Parts

    I had no idea he had made homophobic comments. Madonna's bubble is probably too thick for them too, but what's stopping Guy Oseary from googling people who propose collaborations?! This 'I can't be homophobic coz I worked with a gay' shit is not gonna fly. Most racists claim to have a black friend too.
  4. The Same Parts

    She recorded that verse for Annie Lennox' Sing in 2007. That's all I got...
  5. The Same Parts

    You shouldn't count the musical.
  6. The Same Parts

    Meanwhile Cher has released an Abba covers record and sold as much as Rebel Heart in its first week, just saying...
  7. The Same Parts

    Yeah, the guy wearing the $10,000 suit is gonna know that... COME ON!
  8. The Same Parts

    I think those reactions were unfortunately aimed at the people around, not internet strangers. 'You like that new Sheryl Crow shit? Guess who's not getting blown tonight?!'
  9. The Same Parts

    We're on that every single day. Join us in treating different people and their tastes with respect. You could also continue thinking everything you don't like is shit and become a toxic old fart. Up to you.
  10. The Same Parts

    As opposed to tapping the azz of the people who are so vocal about how they're above this kind of music?
  11. The Same Parts

    She looks like Cate Blanchett in LOTR... absurdly overlit.
  12. The Same Parts

    Sooner or later, you'll have to accept that this is the way she wants them, whether you agree with her decision or not.
  13. The Same Parts

    Well, isn't she experimenting with skin care?
  14. The Same Parts

    Whom do you think she was talking about? Massive Attack?