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  1. The Same Parts

    I'm not even gonna read most of what you wrote, because I'm afraid I won't be able to unhear it and it will always bug me. Ageism is a big problem in society today, but there are some biological truths we cannot escape. The fact that hearing decreases with age and with wear (aka exposure to loud noises) might amount for a lot of things that might be heard by some as faults in the music of aging artists. On one hand, the music industry standards are going louder and louder, on the other our favorite artists are getting older, maybe mellower, and they might not hear these details anymore. Or they do and they accept them because they find them quaint or something different from what they did before. Whatever the reasons, as I'm aging myself, I find it easier to just not focus on this stuff. If the mastering or mixing is poor on a song by an artist I love, I just listen to that song less. TLDR: Expect sonic masterpieces from young artists who want to prove themselves. Accept older artists for what they are, either slightly hard of hearing or just more relaxed about sonic quality.
  2. I'm 85% sure the American Pie mix is the only exclusive on it, everything else is just official remixes. I just posted the mix in the audio section.
  3. The Same Parts

    Really good. I did not expect her orchestral stuff to sound this great. She really went all out.
  4. The Same Parts

    Do collectors bleed when you prick them?
  5. Mixing was done while she was away? After she carefully edited the Rebel Heart Tour herself in a very long process, I'm finding it hard to believe she would just leave and have someone do the mixing on her album.
  6. Let's face it, guys and gals, this thing is coming late fall/early winter at the earliest.
  7. Thought I'd share something from my Björk collection too. This is a 1080p TV rip of the Voltaïc (Live in Paris) concert, but unfortunately the version that was aired is not the complete concert available on DVD. Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 25fps Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 384kbps [Hidden Content] This rip includes: Earth Intruders Hunter Immature Jóga The Pleasure Is All Mine Who Is It Army of Me Bachelorette Wanderlust Hyperballad Pluto Declare Independence This rip does NOT include the following songs, that are available on the official DVD set: Brennið Þið Vitar Vertebrae by Vertebrae Where Is the Line Desired Constellation or Triumph of a Heart (which can only be found on the Malaysian version of Voltaïc)
  8. The Same Parts

    Fernando is already on the soundtrack. I'm hoping this will be slightly different with no Andy Garcia.
  9. The Same Parts

    Gimme Gimme is on iTunes! Final tracklist: Dancing Queen Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) The Name Of The Game SOS Waterloo Mamma Mia Chiquitita Fernando The Winner Takes It All One Of Us
  10. Thank you. I didn't know about it. Free and super easy to use. And yes, please post more Björk!
  11. Thank you so much! Any chance you could upload the MKV remux too?
  12. The Same Parts

    I just hope it's not Thank You For The Music.
  13. The Same Parts

    I'm so pumped for a Hung Up / Gimme Gimme mashup!
  14. Out September 28th! Dancing Queen Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) The Name Of The Game SOS Waterloo Mamma Mia Chiquitita Fernando The Winner Takes It All One Of Us