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  1. The Same Parts

    Will give it a try!
  2. The Same Parts

    Step 1. Make them learn really complex choreography. Step 2. Put them against a background where they don't stand out and fill the floor with smoke so we can't see their feet. Step 3. Edit the whole thing like it's your first student project. Step 4. ??? Step 5. Profit!
  3. The Same Parts

    Why can't she do what I want her to do?!
  4. The Same Parts

    Hopefully the fan version too! Who doesn't want to see 10 cm long armpit hairs in full HD?!
  5. The Same Parts

    I don't think she had a contract for albums and tours back then. She still owes Live Nation a tour. Sticky & Sweet does not count as two.
  6. The Same Parts

    A bit off topic again, I'm sorry, I'll bring it back to the new album in the end. I find a bit funny how some people who really love Madonna make this distinction between 'fans' and 'haters'. Fans are allowed to criticize anything about her work (as long as they blame someone else for it, from Guy to Interscope). Haters on the other hand seem to think that a 60 year old woman who's almost a billionaire and arguably one of the most influential artists and performers EVER has to take responsibility for her choices, whether they're in her work or the way she presents herself to the world. Fans want Madonna to be cool in some ways (by charting and making a big pop culture impact) while haters want her to be cool in different ways (by not doing/saying things that sometimes make her come across as an asshole, to both people who follow her work and to the general public.) In my opinion, what made Madonna attractive for so long and turned her into an icon with such staying power is that her provocative attitude was aimed at the patriarchy, at sticking it to people in power, not at vulnerable groups. She never made bad jokes or insensitive comments about gay people (or did she?) or other minorities. I personally disagree that she should keep up her rebel streak and aim it at everything without thinking of the consequences, but that's just me. She's Madonna, not South Park. Anyway, for the new album, my biggest wish for this era would be that we all give thoughtful criticism while accepting that she probably consciously made the choices we don't like. And that's sometimes OK, and sometimes it's not great. But we should all make an effort to keep it civil and disagree without personal attacks (I'm saying this so I fucking remember it next time I strongly disagree with someone in here).
  7. The Same Parts

    I used to think that it was just my older (40ish) gay friends rambling about political correctness gone wild. But no, it seems to be a widespread thing.
  8. The Same Parts

    Now you can't claim that anymore. Also, did you know that ?
  9. The Same Parts

    If you can find me a link, yes. I've already learned in the past year that she has way more in common with rich old white men than she has with women and minorities (aka most of her fanbase), but if you guys are right, then maybe I'm supposed to just be done with her and let you enjoy the misogynistic and racially insensitive atmosphere in here without being such a wet rag.
  10. The Same Parts

    I'm afraid "politically incorrect" does not mean what you think it means. Political correctness simply means "don't be an asshole". Politically incorrect ≠ provocative. With SEX, she wasn't being an asshole to LGBTQIA people, dogs or prepubescent boys.
  11. The Same Parts

    Do you have a source for that? I mean, if you're claiming that she's an absolute asshole, you should provide receipts.
  12. The Same Parts

    I'm not racist, but these fucking Italians, man...
  13. The Same Parts

    It reminds me of Hey You, in that it's completely bland and instantly forgettable.
  14. The Same Parts

    Oh, so this is an article for non-fans. I was flabbergasted by the title of the thread...
  15. The Same Parts

    What's the difference between a double album and a 24 track album? Also, I wish more people would expose themselves in here. This forum has way too few dick pics.