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  1. sbrombolessio

    Is there a pic of this cd? Is the one that was played on ktu radio?
  2. sbrombolessio

    I think it is the exact timing of the erotic version (non the edit from the us promo). Can you suggest me the best way to rip this cassette?
  3. What are we supposed to know about paypal? I could take the purchase but need to know how to proceed step by step
  4. So. When are we starting? How we should move? One person is going to buy the cd and the rest are going to send payments? I guess this person should receive the payments prior the payment and then he/she should share the wavs with all the buyers. What u think?
  5. If it is reliable i can be there too
  6. sbrombolessio

    Sure I will...
  7. sbrombolessio

    Yes I have it
  8. sbrombolessio

    Strangely Erotica plays Erotic
  9. sbrombolessio

    I Think you're referring to the acidplanet contest. I remember that site..
  10. @Enricowhere is this coming from?never seen it before
  11. sbrombolessio

    Wow what a great explanation! I have to unpack my cds and listen to them again!!
  12. sbrombolessio

    audio request

    I hope we will hear these someday
  13. sbrombolessio

    wOw, is this circulating?
  14. sbrombolessio

    this is the title of another unreleased track from the gotham session. Any more info on that are circulating? Thanks