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  1. heartcore

    Case in point. Calling out M on some of her bullshit, such as her use of racist language, has everything to do with her. I have no problem with her, but her behaviour can be rather problematic at times.
  2. heartcore

    Just because someone disagrees with you and is able to understand that Madonna is flawed like the rest of us doesn't make them a hater. I love Madonna to the Earth and back, but I can freely admit where she's been problematic during her career. The use of the 'n' word on her instagram, for example - that was poor.
  3. heartcore

    Then you are part of the problem.
  4. heartcore

    She’s only released 2 albums after Femme Fatale. Britney Jean was...abysmal, and not worthy of discussion. Glory was a return to form and arguably one of her best.
  5. heartcore

    I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even record any of them. He’s said for Femme Fatale, Britney Jean, and Glory that he’s on the album, yet nothing has come to fruition - not even a demo.
  6. heartcore

    He says this every album cycle.
  7. heartcore

    Petty, and silly. Try growing up a bit.
  8. heartcore

    Sweet But Psycho is a good song, and I’m surprised it did so well. Not Your Barbie Girl is an awful track, however. It’s a little too soon to brand her the “new Gaga”, especially since Gaga herself is experiencing her comeback with ASIB, but I’m interested to see how her career goes. Labels like “the new Gaga” can be pretty damaging to use so early.
  9. heartcore

    Pettiness, silliness - and honestly, jealousy. I love Gaga and I love Madonna. It's pretty clear that a lot of the hatred towards Gaga from the M fanbase has been because of jealousy regarding the acclaim that Gaga has had for ASIB, which Madonna unfortunately has never received for her movie roles (Evita garnered a mixed critical response, ASIB was almost overwhelmingly positive). It's downright ridiculous that we can't support both talented women, and even worse that Madonna herself frequently adds fuel to the fire.
  10. You would think this is GagaDaily with the amount that she gets talked about here by annoyed M fans...

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    2. poserdemadonna


      I don't know her

    3. heartcore


      3 hours ago, Dunk96 said:

      Straight facts. The obsession is real. :Madonna056:

      It's just silly at this point. They're both in VERY separate lanes, and both masters at their craft. So why compare?

    4. wtg1987


      i love them both - although gaga's music has waned in the last few years - i just think her performance was really overrated in this film - im not bashing her as i think she works very hard - it just baffles me the praise she is getting for basically playing herself thats all - should M have got an oscar nod for desperately seeking susan then ?

  11. heartcore

    Agreed. I think it was a 'torch song' back then, so very different style
  12. heartcore

    Devil Won't Recognise You. Such a gorgeous track, the production and vocals are so beautiful. Let me just say as well that this album is MASSIVELY underrated by fans. Not a single dud track, every single one is great.
  13. heartcore

    Been dying to hear The Look of Love live.
  14. heartcore

    Vogue Now I'm Following You (Part 2) Hanky Panky Now I'm Following You (Part 1) More Back in Business I'm Going Bananas Sooner or Later Cry Baby He's a Man Something to Remember What Can You Lose?
  15. One of the reasons Remixed & Revisited was released instead is because Warner thought Madonna's ideas of a re-release would be too expensive. Her entire discography, including unreleased songs, was digitised but Warner figured it would be too costly to re-release everything, so cancelled it. I don't see why they can't put her 7" mixes etc onto iTunes & streaming, however. My belief is that it's a money dispute between Warner and Madonna. She is also likely to have very specific ideas about what she wants released, and how, which Warner probably disagree with. I do hope they come to some agreement soon.