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  1. heartcore

    I agree with you there. I'll always see janet. as her greatest masterpiece, whilst Rhythm Nation 1814 and The Velvet Rope are secondary to that, but the other albums tend to shuffle round in preference depending on my mood. I am never in the mood to listen to Discipline though! Also, Roll Witchu is from 20 Y.O., not Discipline.
  2. heartcore

    Is there a site like Madonna Remixology or mixkylie that lists all the alternative versions/single edits/remixes etc of Janet tracks?
  3. heartcore

    True! Although, I feel that with 20 Y.O., she was doing everything to not be controversial, which is understandable. All For You and Damita Jo had elements of explicit sexuality on them, whereas it was very much 'nothing to see here' on 20 Y.O. I can understand the criticisms, but the album is a complete guilty pleasure of mine. Discipline on the other hand...terrible album. It constantly feels like she's going to go somewhere, but then never does. Rock With U is a great example of this, despite being a fan favourite. The production feels like its missing a drop of some sort.
  4. heartcore

    I know that a lot of people hate 20 Y.O., but I love it for what it is; a fun, carefree album. It's not meant to be serious and I think a lot of Janet fans get turned off by that.
  5. Finally, the full version of Someone New in HQ! :D Thank you!
  6. heartcore

    Kylie Minogue

    Remixes of the song.
  7. heartcore

    Kylie Minogue

    Has been confirmed! Golden remixes to be coming 'very soon', and there's going to be another single after Lifetime as well.
  8. Thank you! It would be super great if you wouldn't mind uploading the Girl, Neon Nights, and Club Disco singles collection too
  9. heartcore

    Pretty much spot on.
  10. heartcore

    They didn't hate Britney's voice - they just couldn't get it to work. As the album was so rushed, they were keen to meet deadlines as soon as possible. Britney didn't want to record at points, so they just brought Myah in instead.
  11. I'm not sure if she recorded an entire Christmas album, but it's likely she did a few tracks, Silent Night probably being one of them. I still hope she records a full one, or at least releases the songs that she did do!
  12. heartcore

    I don't understand the issue?
  13. heartcore

    Kylie Minogue

    Golden unfortunately wasn't as huge as a success in Europe as it was in the UK. Plus, the Kiss Me Once tour didn't do amazingly either, so I reckon they're trying to keep it small scale.
  14. heartcore

    Are there a lot of Body Language demos floating around?