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  1. I THINK it would have been smarter to add the Video Version instead cause this mix is a bit messy but oh well.
  2. BItch I'm Madonna

    I think for once I almost fully agree with this. I'd add Nothing Really Matters somewhere in there though. Oh Father, however is the only correct choice. Her most underrated single EVER!
  3. BItch I'm Madonna

    Such an odd list. Some really really good and important tracks were left out in favor of some of her all-time worst songs like "Don't Stop", "Love Song", "Give Me All Your Luvin'", "Superstar" or fillers like "Survival". Into the Groove also shouldn't be the #1. I don't understand the US' obsession with the Like a Virgin album. It's probably her worst 80s album and does not deserve the praise it gets.
  4. Hahaha don't worry! I'm not mad or anything... I also checked the files and it seems that most of these aren't even officially released versions but rather private mixes or from mastering sessions (well the Scream Mixes least). They are also not in 320k or higher. I'm very happy you shared the Uno Clio 12" Unreleased Mix of This Time Around, though! I was missing that one. I'm currently waiting for some lossless rips of some of the rare tracks from the HIStory singles and two more CDs which should be delivered soon. Then, I'll have the entire HIStory/BOTDF era complete and can share it with all of you!
  5. Oh man.... You could have been a little more patient cause my HIStory masterpost is coming some time this month.
  6. Me whenever a certain someone posts a "stripped down" mix from stems.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Andymad


      It... really... upsets... me.

    3. DickTracy


      Is that Gitte? Loves her. 

    4. Dunk96


      I don't understand why it's such an issue to leak them all. Why just post the "stripped" stems? Leak the full things lmfao.

  7. BItch I'm Madonna

    I hate this version of the video so much lmao. To think MJ himself preferred this over the gorgeous original one.
  8. Alright, so this is mainly a gift for I've been desperately hoping for someone to answer his request thread. Unfortunately, only very few people seem to be in possession of these mixes. As part of my hunting for HIStory era remixes (which are A BITCH to find) I decided to spend a fortune on this damn promo CD: You Are Not Alone (R. Kelly Remix Edit) You Are Not Alone (Jon B. Remix Edit) You Are Not Alone (Classic Club Edit) You Are Not Alone (R. Kelly Remix - with Live Concert Outro) I don't think you can find this in lossless, not even 320kbps, anywhere on the internet. This is an exclusive...a gift from me to this great community who has been giving me so much love for my masterposts! Love ya! [Hidden Content]
  9. BItch I'm Madonna

    Hey, what's the quality/bitrate of these?
  10. Thank you for this post. I would love to download and keep my first era as updated as I can with this organized post. A link would be much appreciated :-)

  11. BItch I'm Madonna

    Well the mess that was RHT was certainly unpredictable.
  12. BItch I'm Madonna

    audio request

    Ugh how the fuck did you get them? :(
  13. BItch I'm Madonna

    Outtakes/Rare Tracks: Ain't No Big Deal ("Madonna" Outtake) Crazy for You (from "Vision Quest" OST) Gambler (from "Vision Quest" OST) Into the Groove (from "Desperately Seeking Susan") Who's That Girl (from "Who's That Girl" OST) Causing a Commotion (from "Who's That Girl" OST) The Look of Love (from "Who's That Girl" OST) Can't Stop (from "Who's That Girl" OST) Spotlight [Single Edit] ("True Blue" Outtake, appeared on the "You Can Dance" Remix Compilation) Supernatural ("Like a Prayer" Outtake) This Used to be My Playground (from "A League of Their Own" OST) Shame ("Erotica" Outtake) Goodbye to Innocence ("Erotica" Outtake) You Are the One ("Erotica" Outtake) I'll Remember (from "With Honors" OST) Your Honesty ("Bedtime Stories" Outtake) Freedom ("Bedtime Stories" Outtake) Love Won't Wait ("Bedtime Stories" Outtake) I Can't Forget ("Something to Remember" Outtake) Has to Be ("Ray of Light" Outtake) Like a Flower ("Ray of Light" Outtake) Revenge ("Ray of Light" Outtake) Gone, Gone, Gone ("Ray of Light" Outtake) Time Stood Still (From "The Next Best Thing") Cyber-raga ("Music" Outtake) / Mysore Style ("Music" Outtake) Run ("Music" Outtake) Like an Angel Passing Through My Rom ("Music" Outtake) Liquid Love ("Music" Outtake) La Petite Jeune Fille ("Music" Outtake) / Little Girl ("Music" Outtake) Arioso ("Music" Outtake) Set the Right ("American Life" Outtake) The Game ("American Life" Outtake) Cool Song ("American Life" Outtake) I'm in Love with Love (written during the Re-Invention Tour) Miss You (from "Hello Suckers!" Musical - cancelled) Is This Love (Bon D'Accord) (from "Hello Suckers!" Musical - cancelled) If You Go Away (from "Hello Suckers!" Musical - cancelled) Boum (from "Hello Suckers!" Musical - cancelled) Fighting Spirit ("Confessions on a Dance Floor" Outtake) History (Remix) / History (Original) ("Confessions on a Dance Floor" Outtake) Triggering ("Confessions on a Dance Floor" Outtake) Superpop ("Confessions on a Dance Floor" Outtake) Keep the Trance ("Confessions on a Dance Floor" Outtake) / Hey You (from "Live Earth") Animal ("Hard Candy" Outtake) Pala Tute ("Hard Candy" Outtake) Across the Sky ("Hard Candy" Outtake) The Beat Is So Crazy ("Hard Candy" Outtake) Beat Goes On (First Leaked Demo) ("Hard Candy" Outtake) Broken ("Celebration" Outtake) It's So Cool ("Celebration" Outtake, Remix of "Cool Song" from American Life) Bang Bang Boom ("MDNA" Outtake, early version of Gang Bang) Auto-Tune Baby ("Rebel Heart" German Exclusive Bonus Track) Addicted ("Rebel Heart" Super Deluxe Edition Bonus Track) Graffiti Heart ("Rebel Heart" Super Deluxe Edition Bonus Track) Beautiful Scars ("Rebel Heart" Super Deluxe Edition Bonus Track) Borrowed Time ("Rebel Heart" Super Deluxe Edition Bonus Track) Queen ("Rebel Heart" Outtake) Never Let You Go ("Rebel Heart" Outtake) Nothing Lasts Forever ("Rebel Heart" Outtake) Two Steps Behind Me ("Rebel Heart" Outtake) Freedom ("Rebel Heart" Outtake) God Is Love ("Rebel Heart" Outtake) Back That Up (Do It) ("Rebel Heart" Outtake) Take a Day ("Rebel Heart" Outtake) Take It Back ("Rebel Heart" Outtake) Heaven ("Rebel Heart" Outtake) Score ("Rebel Heart" Outtake) Trust No Bitch ("Rebel Heart" Outtake) Alone with You ("Rebel Heart" Outtake) The bold ones are the ones I think are worth a listen!
  14. BItch I'm Madonna

    @migsou@scottyj @alfi1973@MiB@tomasjohn@malleoni@Loni1082@frozen78@Dazedmadonna@judas2015@Icarus@poserdemadonna@Dunk96 @manhunter@mtf9972 @boriah@master468@infinity_ceberiano @mickeyderon@kesiak@Celebration@Foreigner@Unruhe@Drum Dub @Angelman60@mrmadonna @kenko1008@Kamyczek @luchoypx@tomasjohn@valinecode@fmportela@mach747@maxijazz@Matty@manu@OceanBlue@bluejean@Jorick@ghosttown2015@subversive@jonski43 Hey guys! I've upload all the other singles today! Have fun downloading/listening! ❤️