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  1. Bitch I’m Madonna

    So Dark Ballet is most likely the second OFFICIAL single since it's the one released shortly before the album comes out with a big gap between it and the previous release.
  2. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Unfortunately it seems a lot of them have deluded themselves into actually thinking it's a good song. I mean...not everyone can handle the disappointment of waiting 4 years for this and being teased with such great visuals only to find out that it wasn't worth the wait.
  3. Bitch I’m Madonna

    The song already is worse. Bitch I'm Madonna at least wasn't trend-hopping as cringy as it is. This song is pure garbage and I will preach that gospel until all of you take off your stan goggles and agree (which you will once a few months have passed).
  4. Bitch I’m Madonna

    I can't see how any one would think this is anything less than absolute fucking garbage. All of you were complaining about juvenile songs with trashy lyrics like B-Day Song or the alleged heavy auto-tune on RH songs. This song combines but of these major points of critique and suddenly all of you force yourselves to like this song because you waited 4 long years for it? Embarrassing, sorry.
  5. Bitch I’m Madonna

    My problem is not that it's a collab. The song is just absolutely terrible. She's better off having people help her write beautiful melodies and lyrics. This song is just...TRAGIC.
  6. Bitch I’m Madonna

    I really hope this flops hardcore so she won't ever even attempt to do a song in the vein of this again.
  7. Bitch I’m Madonna

    It's sad that such a terrible song will have such a great video.
  8. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Feel free to PM me if you wanna talk about it without having these delulus dragging you through the mud. I'm with you!
  9. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Get your ears, checked. That's all I'm gonna say.
  10. Bitch I’m Madonna

    Same, honestly. I can't believe it. Everything on Hard Candy will age better than this and it's tragic.
  11. Bitch I’m Madonna

    How the hell does it sound fresh??? It doesn't. It sounds like the same shit that's been popular in Latin American countries. Except, it was produced by someone who is completely inexperienced with this genre and it shows. It sounds amateurish, terribly mixed, auto-tuned to death...the lyrics and melody are not catchy but almost as embarrassingly cheesy as Turn Off the Radio.
  12. Bitch I’m Madonna

    ACTUALLY, This is far more trend-chasing than ANYTHING from her last album was, except she's even more late than she was the last time. Do you wanna know what a good reaggaton duet sounds like? THIS is the kind of song we deserved.
  13. Bitch I’m Madonna

    I'm 100% with you on this. What a clown she is thinking THIS is better than the stuff she recorded with her "songwriting camps".
  14. Bitch I’m Madonna

    This is a fucking lie and you know it. This song has got NOTHING on any of her singles to be fair. Absolute fucking garbage. Once the next era (if there even is one) is on the dawn y'all will trash this song anyway. Just like you do with every of the previous lead singles.
  15. Madonna literally could have surprised us all but instead she released such an predictable and tasteless song. To think this was produced by a genius like Mirwais. EMBARRASSING.