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  1. Is it any different from the first show? If not, I don't see the necessity but it would be cool to have recordings of any setlist changes (in case there will be any).
  2. @Fighterdoes this not count as insult? Quite flame-baiting if you ask me and the funny part is that they DIRECTLY addressed me as an individual unlike what I did.
  3. and here come the conspiracy theories. I don't need a dupe to support me on what I say, honey. Aside from that, I've contributed a very large part to this forum's audio section. I've spent months setting up a masterpost for every era of hers and I've spent a shit ton of money collecting all her stuff. I don't have anything to prove to you. Aside from that, you don't even fucking know who I am on other forums cause I don't use the same username anywhere else. I mean I don't think this person is getting banned cause they are kissing Madonna's ass and are insulting the people with "unpopular opinions". Speaking of double standards... They never lived in that area. Madonna has been subject to criticism her entire career. A lot of nasty people have tried very hard to tear her down including her peers and it's quite obvious that M fans are naturally defensive. Some of them are a little over-defensive I'd say. What? @digitalfreaknycwhat is this person talking about? Anyway... @IconicQueenyou really need to calm down. People have different opinions. Some people have opinions you won't agree with and I suppose the best would be if you just ignored us. You can actually add members to your ignore list so that you won't see their posts anymore. I think that would give you a bit more peace.
  4. I don't know how many more times I have to make this clear: NO ONE INCLUDING ME IS ASKING FOR A GREATEST HITS TOUR! I personally am simply asking for her to stop doing the same 7 or 8 old songs every time she goes on tour. I'm asking her to change it up and give us a nice 50-50% balance on her concerts. Madame X is a very polarizing album. There are a lot of people who like it and a lot of people who strongly dislike it. This wasn't the album to deliver a 90% new album 10% old songs (most of which she has done numerous times in the past) setlist. She has a HUGE catalogue of singles and album tracks, many of which are well known but she always picks songs out of the same 15 songs pool and rarely ever does anything outside of those. She's 60 years old and people are still waiting for her to do certain songs live on tour but she keeps doing the same ones over and over again. It's a shame because she won't be alive or active long enough to actually ever perform some of those other songs live with a new arrangement.
  5. "Ass-licking" means that you like everything a certain person does regardless of it being good or not. It's an expression, not an insult. Aside from that, I have not insulted anyone personally or directly. I will calm down a bit but I am not going to let you claim I insulted anyone when that is simply the case. All I'm asking you is to stop taking criticism towards Madonna so personally. Nit everyone has to like everything she does and she has quite frankly been disappointing me ever since the Rebel Heart Tour and it has become very hard for me to look forward to things she has planned. I invest a lot of time and money into collecting her. It's very disappointing to see her ignore her fans and be this self-serving and arrogant especially towards her catalogue. Do you catch my drift?
  6. Insulting? Please show me examples. I don't throw out personal insults, especially not on forums. Saying that someone is easily pleased is not an insult, dear. But like I said, on a forum you will have to deal with differing opinions.
  7. PREACH!!! These ass-licking kind of fans are pissing me the fuck off! Imagine paying so much fucking money on a show that is just her 5 usual oldies plus Madame X. No surprises, nothing she's actually been teasing. She honestly sucks for giving that much of a false expectation. I didn't think I could be even more disappointed than I was after the last tour.
  8. Most of the Madame X album is pretty much bottom-tier in her discography. It's a shame she's doing so much from it on tour.
  9. Omg can you stop? You're the admin of a god damn Madonna forum!!! Stop being so sensitive towards people criticizing the show. People have a right to be disappointed and express that opinion. This ain't Nazi Germany. You gotta be able to handle it.
  10. Well...some people are easy to please. I hope she changes everything because this tour remains a shit fest.
  11. Couldn't have said it better! That has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the setlist sucks. The setlist is not dependent on the venue.
  12. Rebel Heart didn't have a fan favourites setlist. It basically had the 80s hits the GP demanded. If she were to do a fan favourites tour, she'd pull out songs from Like a Prayer to Confessions and ignore the rest. RHT was in a similar vein of RIT but not in a good way. It ignored the decade she had already been ignoring for a long time.
  13. MDNA: Like a Virgin Open Your Heart Papa Don't Preach Like a Prayer Express Yourself Vogue Justify My Love Human Nature Nobody Knows Me Hung Up = 10 oldies Girl Gone Wild Gang Bang Revolver Celebration I'm Addicted I'm a Sinner I Don't Give A Turn Up the Radio Masterpiece Give Me All Your Luvin' Love Spent Best Friend = 12 new songs Sticky & Sweet: Borderline (2008) Holiday (2009) Into the Groove Dress You Up (2009) La Isla Bonita Like a Prayer Vogue Rain ...well Human Nature Ray of Light Frozen (2009) Music Die Another Day Hung Up (2008) = 14 oldies Candy Shop Beat Goes On Heartbeat (2008) She's Not Me Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Spanish Lesson Miles Away 4 Minutes Give It 2 Me = 9 songs I mean... she has always done approx. 50-50! People who are saying the opposite are fucking lying.
  14. BULLSHIT! Holiday Burning Up Like a Virgin Material Girl Dress You Up La Isla Bonita True Blue Who's That Girl Deeper and Deeper Music Candy Shop = 11 oldies Iconic Bitch I'm Madonna Holy Water Devil Pray Illuminati Body Shop Rebel Heart Living for Love Unapologetic Bitch HeartBreakCity S.E.X. = 11 new album songs
  15. Of course not! and I'm not asking for her greatest hits. I'm asking for a balance of old songs and new material along with some fan favourites and diversity from the previous three tours. It's not much to ask for her to fucking change it up a bit, okay?
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