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  1. I love it! Can anyone please post an HD MP4 Rip of this video? :-)
  2. This would be great, one or the other or why not both! Can you please get an official release for God Control (Offer Nissim Remix)?! :-)
  3. Check out some of her older solo albums, Stars, Cherished, Dark Lady, Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves, All I Want to Do, Backstage, so good! :-)
  4. I love this song and Bright Light Bright Light! He has also worked with Elton John, Ana Matronic, and Jake Shears, among others! :-)
  5. Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot Adam Lambert - VELVET Marc Almond - Chaos and a Dancing Star
  6. Chicago and the state of Illinois are closing all bars and restaurants at the end of business today for a minimum of 2 weeks. :-(
  7. Yes would love to have this from iTunes but it's not available in the US iTunes Store either. :-(
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