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  1. libraguy_1020

    Exciting! :-)
  2. @PlasticLimbo: Thank you :-)
  3. @PlasticLimbo: Would you please be able to post the file? :-)
  4. Does anyone have this original file to share?
  5. libraguy_1020

  6. libraguy_1020

    Yes, please share for download if possible :-)
  7. libraguy_1020

    I would be in if it's around 20-40 per person. I should have the funds to contribute in March. Can I hear the new snippets as well. I can also do PayPal.
  8. Hello,

    Would you please be able to post all of the Sophie Ellis Bextor remixes you have in WAV format? :-)


  9. Would you be able to post your Sophie Ellis Bextor Promo CD?