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  1. Google+ was shut down, why is FB still up tho?? 

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    2. poserdemadonna


      Because FB still makes a lot of money out of their ads. No one wanted to advertise on G+ due to lack of public.

    3. Bel


      4 hours ago, blondebombshell said:

      Have you noticed everything is different on google. when you find a photo you like of a celeb. It won't let you save it. Or i'm doing something wrong. hope it starts working for ya. :hug:

      Some time ago they changed due to copyrigth ( I still can download the picture clicking right, save as) if you can't, you just need to open the image on another tab (window), then you will be able to download the picture.

    4. BringUrLUV


      I've never even heard of Telegram