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  1. Fat Witcher

    I'm afraid a complete failure of imagination has befallen me.
  2. Fat Witcher

    Nope, era is over. Twisted Dee and Diego Fernandez posted their remix a while back, probably when they found out there will be no release.
  3. Fat Witcher

    I've heard rumors that Lady Gaga killed Lina Morgana, but gossiping about something like that is totally uncool. Saying that Lady Gaga killed Lina Morgana without knowing all the facts is wrong. So if you have evidence that Lady Gaga killed Lina Morgana, go straight to the police with it!
  4. The Chris Brown song also has a killer Benny Benassi version.
  5. Pink - Feel Good Time Katie Melua - A Happy Place Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up Britney Spears - Alien More here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Orbit#Production_and_songwriting_credits
  6. Fat Witcher

    Movies to direct + kids to raise.
  7. The shade is real Great work!
  8. Fat Witcher

    Thank you. I'm fine, she's fine. Death is the conclusion of all life. It'll probably hit me harder after she's gone. Meanwhile, people with depressed immune systems should wear masks and be extra safe to avoid the coronavirus.
  9. Fat Witcher

    My mom has stage 4 cancer, so she'll die with or without it. Her white blood cells are 1/3 of normal values. People with immunity issues are most at risk.
  10. Fat Witcher

    I have seen every one of her live releases. I liked them, the montages are fabulous, but she just stands there and barely moves her hips. Also, the costumes can get a bit... #extra
  11. Fat Witcher

    Madonna would never want to look like Cher, standing on a stage and barely swinging her hips. She's like a cat, she can't stand to show weakness, that's why she keeps pushing herself into lasting damage. I think we're done with music and tours for a long time, if not forever.
  12. Fat Witcher

    As long as well agree the above post is the best, it's all cool, man.
  13. Fat Witcher

    How many kids did he rape there? P.S. I'm not jumping into MJ threads to post that, it just comes up organically when he's mentioned in Madonna topics.
  14. Fat Witcher

    I don't think they really do (or the ones that do are quiet about in most of the internet). To be fair, her ticket buyers are mostly old bitchy queens and breeders who want to see her as a status symbol and nostalgia act. Of course they'll be angry when she cancels.
  15. Fat Witcher

    Snappier editing. As much as the MDNA tour and RHT are over produced, TGS is under produced. It's a fucking slog to get through.