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  1. IamZod

    Social media just brings out the worst in people. If I was that famous I wouldn’t have any social media. I’d always be asking people to come say the things they do to my face and receive a free gift of a broken jaw.
  2. IamZod

    Maleficent becomes the first Disney witch to self isolate, but she’s still working from home....
  3. IamZod

    Its to do with their contract with Madonna. They can only reissue releases in their original structure unless they have her permission to alter.
  4. IamZod

    I think this is showing Boris to have only one sentence in his vocabulary “Get Brexit done”. Now he just looks like a rabbit in headlights. i expect a huge backtrack in 48 hours or less.
  5. IamZod

    In the UK our government have decided it’s better for the bulk of the population to get it so aside from asking to you quarantine yourself if you have symptoms they’ve opted to do very little. My mum has stage 4 COPD, and took very badly yesterday. Had to be blue lighted to hospital unconscious. I did expect that because she was ‘old and had an underlying medical condition’ she’d probably been left in the corridor to die, given the general attitude of many that these people are expendable and fodder for the virus, but the staff took great care of her. She is bed bound so not likely to have the virus, but they have her quarantined at the moment so we can’t see her until her test results are back. But I wasn’t called last night, so she must be stable for now.
  6. Give Me was great. So colourful, with plenty going on. I really loved that recordand had the video on repeat. Still one of my favourites.
  7. IamZod

    I’d expect Muswell Hill to ride it out in style!
  8. IamZod

    Those considerate folk who shop at my local Tesco in Leeds kindly ate all the cheap pasta. Apparently £2-a-bag pasta is a bit of a reach ever for panic buyers.
  9. IamZod

    Confessions. AL is a more immersive listen due to the depth of the songs, but it can be a slog to get through at the end. Confessions is easy to listen to and much poppier.
  10. IamZod

    The only good thing about the VIP book being sold on her store is it will at least stop the greedy twats who are selling it at inflated prices from being able to get away with it.
  11. IamZod

    I paid more for that on eBay. I should have trusted my gut. I was 90% certain it was going to end up in the Madonna shop.
  12. IamZod

    I'm not going to one of the last shows if they go ahead but I am having a fish salad tonight for tea whilst waiting for the news. Just in case anyone was interested.
  13. IamZod

    I’m watching Two Evil Eyes at the moment.
  14. IamZod

    I’d forgotten all about this. I remember watching it at the time!!
  15. IamZod

    I’m surprised winter is so popular. Normally when people ask me this and I say ‘winter’, I get strange looks.