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  1. IamZod

    I was really hoping all the 2016 tracks he did with Marilyn would get a release, as I believe he owns them, but they didn’t. It can be quite painful being a Maz fan.
  2. IamZod

    I finally completed the full set yesterday, with Vogue.
  3. I can imagine Madonna taking a chainsaw to that ladder she uses at the end of the run!!!
  4. IamZod

    I thought the second Amityville was very underrated. I don’t bother with the first one so much as i have seen it too many times but always watch the prequel when it’s on TV.
  5. IamZod

    I saw this recently and thought it was pretty good.
  6. IamZod

    I think her body is saying “Cancel the tour”.
  7. IamZod

    I think she might struggle through Lisbon and then cancel. It will be expensive to can that many dates (probably for an insurer which will send her premium skyrocketing for her next tour) but better that, for her sake, and for her fans who can then try and cancel/obtain refunds in travel and accommodation. It’s this cancelling on the night that is doing damage to her reputation. A pragmatic decision needs making. Personally I wouldn’t even reschedule them later in the year. I’d just draw a line under Madame X, recover, and then move on to something else. At least it was filmed.
  8. IamZod

    The Innocents and Candyman - good choices. Halloween too.
  9. IamZod

    Sorry for everyone waiting to see her tonight. Especially those who have had to make a big journey.
  10. Confessions one definitely. Worthy of a single.
  11. IamZod

    Will you please look and see if the key ring and badges are in stock on the merchandise stand?
  12. IamZod

    This is much more difficult! Aliens The Holiday Overboard Evil Dead Alien Resurrection The Thing Vamp Zombie Flesh Eaters Everest Sinister
  13. IamZod

    Not been here that long but I liked him. He came across as one of the nice people on here.
  14. IamZod

    I agree. I prefer the mixes when they bore some resemblance to the original. Vogue had great mixes, as did Causing A Commotion. The problem is, many remixers now are DJs who think they know what they’re doing. They often don’t. Just because you can play someones records doesn’t mean you can produce them. i would say the UK mix of Everybody is underrated. It lifted a rather flat Mark Kamins production I thought. But because it’s never been released digitally or beyond the UK, virtually no one has heard it.
  15. IamZod

    Individual tour promoters makes sense. But I absolutely believe that another tour should be in support of new material and the embracing of her back catalogue with decent reissues. A good angle would be to do a new album with collaborations with previous writers and producers - Jellybean/Bray/Leonard/Pettibone/Orbit/Mirawis/Price. Even Nile Rodgers. That would generate a lot of publicity. Just because they are from her past doesn’t mean they stopped evolving as people, songwriters and producers and could actually all bring great ideas to the table.