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  1. Social media just brings out the worst in people. If I was that famous I wouldn’t have any social media. I’d always be asking people to come say the things they do to my face and receive a free gift of a broken jaw.
  2. Give Me was great. So colourful, with plenty going on. I really loved that recordand had the video on repeat. Still one of my favourites.
  3. Confessions. AL is a more immersive listen due to the depth of the songs, but it can be a slog to get through at the end. Confessions is easy to listen to and much poppier.
  4. The only good thing about the VIP book being sold on her store is it will at least stop the greedy twats who are selling it at inflated prices from being able to get away with it.
  5. I paid more for that on eBay. I should have trusted my gut. I was 90% certain it was going to end up in the Madonna shop.
  6. I'm not going to one of the last shows if they go ahead but I am having a fish salad tonight for tea whilst waiting for the news. Just in case anyone was interested.
  7. I’d forgotten all about this. I remember watching it at the time!!
  8. The Hard Candy Tooth Chipper - a rollercoaster with no safety bar.
  9. 1. Hard Candy Fave - Candy Shop Least - Incredible 2. Madame X Fave - Medellin Least - Killers Who Are Partying 3. Madonna Fave - Holiday Least - I Know It 4. True Blue Fave - Open Your Heart Least - Papa Don’t Preach 5. Like A Prayer Fave - Keep It Together Least - Act Of Contrition 6. Erotica Fave - Thief Of Hearts Least - Did You Do It? 7. Confessions On A Dance Floor Fave - Jump Least - Isaac 8. Like A Virgin Fave - Material Girl Least - Love Don’t Live Here Anymore 9. MDNA Fave - Give Me All Your Luvin’ Least - Birthday Song 10. Music Fave - Music Least - What It Feels Like For A Girl 11. American Life Fave - Hollywood Least - Easy Ride 12. I’m Breathless Fave - Vogue Least - I’m Going Bananas 13. Ray Of Light Fave - Frozen Least - Shanti/Ashanti 14. Rebel Heart Fave - Ghost Town Least - Body Shop 15. Bedtime Stories Fave - Take A Bow Least - Sanctuary
  10. Vogue Hung Up Ghost Town Like A Prayer (I know it’s probably her best known song but I have heard it to the point I can’t really listen to it anymore)
  11. At least we’re spared 6 AM queueing this year !
  12. There's nothing on the RSD list for me this year, which is probably a first. Very slim pickings for pop fans unless you're a massive collector of Kylie or Shakespears Sister. Bowie gets a few.
  13. It is. Feel free to put me on ignore if it’s caused you terrible pain. Stay strong. Never ceases to amaze me how people feel the need to point out its your opinion just because they don’t agree with it.
  14. Hard Candy. I love every track and the production. I can’t listen to individual tracks, I always want to play it through. Great memories of the time and it was about the only album I played for six months. Just wish the artwork was better.
  15. True Blue/WTG era. She was everywhere and making great record after great record.
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