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  1. Full Star Academy show posted on their official channel (720p) :


    1. Alex JLR

      Alex JLR

      I love how embarassed she looks when she watches the student perfomances :Madonna034:

    2. madenis


      The students' performance was so bad lol

    3. RUADJAI


      whoa I didn't realize Alanis and Stevie Wonder were there>!

  2. Cherish. Everobody or Physical Attraction ?
  3. X-Static Process. Oh Father or Promise to try ?
  4. Let down your guard. Forbidden love BS or Forbidden love COADF ?
  5. Nothing really matters. Pretender or Stay ?
  6. MDNA would be my least favorite : most of it sounds unfinished, it feels like some of the songs want to explode but it's getting nowhere. In most cases, the live versions are far superior. And even though I really like most of the songs on it, True Blue is not a record I go back to very often as an album, I'm not sure how to explain my thoughts on it...
  7. Producer Reggie Lucas passed away today at age 65. His daughter Lisa Lucas announced it on Twitter earlier today. He produced Borderline, Lucky Star, I know it, Burning Up, Physical attraction and Think of me.
  8. 1. Erotica 2. American Life 3. Madonna 4. Bedtime Stories 5. Like A Prayer
  9. This can vary, but today's picks : Madonna: Borderline Like a Virgin: Dress You Up True Blue: Live To Tell Who's That Girl OST: Causing A Commotion Like a Prayer: Like A Prayer I'm Breathless: More Erotica: Waiting Bedtime Stories: Love Tried To Welcome Me Something to Remember: I Want You Evita: Lament Ray Of Light: Skin Music: Impressive Instant American Life: X-Static Process Confessions On A Dance Floor: Jump Hard Candy: Heartbeat MDNA: I Fucked Up Rebel Heart: HeartBreakCity
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