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  1. Is the DWT available in 720p anywhere? I remember seeing it as a backup copy on eBay.

  2. maxijazz

    This show was so fantastic. Still remember hearing the bass line of that Let It Will Be remix for the first time... Goosebump!
  3. maxijazz

    I’ve sent you a PM
  4. maxijazz

    Would love that to happen!
  5. Love that he included some samples from Where’s the party in his Music CT remix as well ❤️
  6. I would have loved Celebration (the best of, not the track) to be fully mixed by Stuart Price. As in a new fresh take on the classics. As what was done for The Immaculate Collection mixed by Shep back in the days.
  7. maxijazz

    Getting concerned by those added dates here in there. She'll often have to perform 3 nights in a row for multiple cities. Although travel from one city to an other will be reduced to the minimum, she'll probably be tired AF.
  8. maxijazz

    The sale is unfortunately over so the code is useless :(
  9. maxijazz

    Are you still looking for a code for Lisbon?
  10. maxijazz

    How does that work?
  11. maxijazz

    Madame X says sharing is caring
  12. maxijazz

    At the end of the day, It's always down to the generosity of fellow forum members or iconers to share the code to unlock the sale.
  13. maxijazz

    Based on similar experiences buying U2 tickets last year, the code just unlock the sale and allows you to buy up to x tickets. 4 in our case. You can also buy VIP packages on top of the regular tickets.
  14. maxijazz

    It's the official partner of the tour for travel packages. The link is available through Ticketmaster France for the French market travel packages. Since they have packages for Portugal and they have a pre-sale accessible for everybody at the moment, I thought I'd share.
  15. maxijazz

    Travel packages are now available to everybody for Lisbon: