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  1. maxijazz

    The sale is unfortunately over so the code is useless :(
  2. maxijazz

    Are you still looking for a code for Lisbon?
  3. maxijazz

    Madame X says sharing is caring
  4. maxijazz

    At the end of the day, It's always down to the generosity of fellow forum members or iconers to share the code to unlock the sale.
  5. maxijazz

    Based on similar experiences buying U2 tickets last year, the code just unlock the sale and allows you to buy up to x tickets. 4 in our case. You can also buy VIP packages on top of the regular tickets.
  6. maxijazz

    It's the official partner of the tour for travel packages. The link is available through Ticketmaster France for the French market travel packages. Since they have packages for Portugal and they have a pre-sale accessible for everybody at the moment, I thought I'd share.
  7. maxijazz

    Travel packages are now available to everybody for Lisbon:
  8. maxijazz

  9. Hi all, Truth to be told I went to the shows in Antwerp, Paris 1 and 2. The 3 of them with early entries. Spock's essay is an exact recollection of how things happened in the 3 shows I attended myself. That being said, although, some fans are definitively borderline bossy, I thought the system was pretty handy when we were entering the arena as it was helping security a lot. But yeah, sometimes some of us were really pushy and really not in the positive spirit M tries to spread during the show...