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  1. I have an extra VIP Gold Circle Early Entry Ticket Package for tonight’s show (2nd of December) in Amsterdam. Selling under face value 400€ instead of 450€. Ticketmaster Transfer
  2. He played most if not all of his COADF remixes, his remix of Avalon by Juliet, his remix of Mr. Brightside by The Killers and many more
  3. What a moment it was to see Stuart mixing Future Lovers with elements of the Confessions Tour version and the his Let It Will Be Paper faces Mix 😍 https://youtu.be/e6KDLaTSxro?si=KDaHKHcMunBnfW7z https://youtu.be/fBdk28B1yRY?si=p5Yk4OXIwVEt2i9o
  4. There are still plenty available on Ticketmaster France. Even some VIP packages
  5. Hey guys, as I have now bought VIP tickets, I have 2 regular “fosse” for tonight’s show in Paris (12/11). Giving the tickets for free to the first member reaching out.
  6. Hey @acostagliolia! Is the 12/11 ticket still available?
  7. Hey guys, looking for 2 fosse or 2 VIP EE for 12/11 in Paris!
  8. This was last night: Sunday night, London 2.
  9. I did not. But going back tomorrow in a one of the pit so I’ll film some more songs.
  10. Some videos I took. They’re all rendering in 4K HDR as we speak: https://youtu.be/JhIw-27tNqY?si=m08zZbjz21ynKVIk https://youtu.be/K-PSpFBsiX0?si=gOSsVTq-lIwLfKYG https://youtu.be/nO4w3wRVPts?si=gtBXrZbjSnwzmRZc
  11. Hey Blue Jean, are those 2 tickets still available?
  12. Dragging kids down to make any point at all is vile and absolutely unnecessary.
  13. Guy Oseary was in the audience: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGJ9cX1cL/
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