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  1. amscity

    Don’t know if it’s real, but here is the Dark Ballet set
  2. amscity

    How is the entrance? The outfits?
  3. amscity

    I think this tour will change a lot of things about Madonna. We are used to big productions and it seems like she’s doing something really different, simple, musical.
  4. amscity

    Here is the correct setlist!
  5. amscity

    The setlist is different!
  6. amscity

    People are saying the show sounds AMAZING!
  7. amscity

    The show runs close to 2 hours and 20 minutes
  8. amscity

    No air conditioner working! She didn’t allow
  9. amscity

    First report: there’s no LED screen, no elevators, it’s a simple set with projections The focus is on the music.
  10. amscity

    God Control was or not performed? Some on Twitter said it wasn’t after PDP
  11. amscity

    Someone recorded Medellín from outside
  12. amscity

  13. amscity

    I can’t sleep! So anxious! I’ll wait until the show is over to get everything!
  14. amscity

    Some are saying this setlist is not correct. Let's wait for real info. People inside are not with their cellphones.
  15. amscity

    Dark Ballet Human Nature Vogue