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  1. The Kylie gays all of sudden love their wine lol!
  2. No idea, but I agree. I have this truly toll on ignore. Spoiling a forum Give it a rest, change the channel! Stop spoiling the forum with your repetitive rubbish.
  3. This is the episode https://www.melody.tv/replay/varietes/8933-passeport-pour-la-forme/
  4. She is puffy though. She looks bloated. It's clear she is wearing a very tight corset. She just looks restricted.
  5. Braids, no brows, grills. A combination of all that is not a good look. She looked great when she did her 50 questions video. What happened ??? She always goes out of her way to spoil herself.
  6. Seller copying tapes, and selling them
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