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  1. @DanK A.I. stuff in general is very interesting but at the same time, it scares me, LOL. I hope we don't end up in a future where A.I. and real stuff sound/look the same. @maddy1111 Fake is something put out as real, with the intention of deceiving people. IMO it's offensive to call fan made stuff fake.
  2. This mix is very good and interesting but it's not something that amazes me. I guess maybe it's because I'm not much into his sound which I recognize it's great. His Get Together mix is weird, but it's not bad. Now I absolutely love the Let It Will Be one. I think if they ever work again, it will be something very different from what they've done. The Diplo Mix in Rio was incredible, he really did his homework... It's more my thing.
  3. I wouldn't recommend these downloaders for the stream. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a great option for recording live.
  4. @Scottyx @RUADJAI They have "levels" of subscription. The more you pay, the more you get.
  5. GLOBOPLAY "VIDEO DOWNLOADER " I'm not sure if GLOBO will leave the live stream available on GloboPlay, but if they do, it'll probably be for a limited time. If that happens, you can download the video with this amazing Chrome extension I've been using for some time. You just have to open the window of the video, start playing then click on the extension link (usually above the bookmarks tab) and download the video. Video usually comes in good 720p quality with the average of 3500 kbps. https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/video-downloader-cococut/ekhbcipncbkfpkaianbjbcbmfehjflpf
  6. OMG I had no idea, what a relief! Thank you for letting me know! BTW I just checked on YouTube, not as like I expected but I love it.
  7. I HOPE she performs ICONIC hits like DRESS YOU UP, EXPRESS YOURSELF and MUSIC. Unfortunately with lack of promotion, FAZ GOSTOSO didn't was a hit as (I) expected.
  8. IT'S MADONNA. I have a feeling even thugs will respect and wanna have fun. Aside that, crime happens every day, everywhere in the world. The Queen's concert will not make it worse. Some people are being so negative about this, while it will be the safest place to be that night. Finally the poor (who live close) will have a chance to see her. The Brazilian way reached it's highest level with this free Madonna concert, in Copacabana beach, broadcasted live.
  9. I think everytime two huge stars get together for a collab, expectations also get huge, especially when you are a fan of both artists. THE PROBLEM of "Me Against The Music" is that the overall product let's say didn't meet those expectations. It could've been muuuch bigger. It didn't overcome the VMA performance. THE SONG is great and was a sensation, but I confess I don't like the main mix's "acoustic" vibes. Thank god we have 18 official mixes + variations! The Gabriel & Dresden Mix is the best dance mix in my opinion. THE VIDEO. OMG. What a disappointment. The almost no interaction of both annoys me, but the kiss reference in the end kinda made it okay, I guess. I love the colored underground scenario and Britney looks amazing but I hated Madonna's outfit which in my opinion didn't make her look good plus she looked like she was Britney's grandma. Maybe if she had the Erotica hair she'd look better? NOT TO MENTION her silly and bat tasted playing with leaves scenes and her disagreements with Paul Hunter. Madonna threatened to take herself out of that video at one point! She did NOT get along with the director on that video, PAUL HUNTER, either. She had already worked with him on the GAP spot and had not had a good experience. I remember she called Paul to give him some specific notes on the video and I guess, from what Madonna told me right after, she asked him if he was writing down her comments and he said, “No, I’m DRIVING.” Madonna said, “FUCK YOU”, hung up and called me right away. That was the last video I ever cut with Paul Hunter as I sided with Madge instead of him on creative issues and the direction of Madonna’s performance in the clip. I WAS TRYING TO HELP, I SWEAR. I got it to a place where Madonna was happy. I think the art direction is horrible and the wardrobe is stupid… it should have been way more modern, hipper and edgier for both Britney and Madge. It was one of the weakest videos ever, that NEEDED to be strong but just wasn’t. - Dustin Robinson, the video editor
  10. Did you know that "Don't Stop" was played a lot in Brazil? At least by the station I used to listen to. Fun fact is they also used to play it after the breaks (maybe to kill time?) outside the programs.
  11. I think we have to be impartial when choosing a track that could've been a hit. Just because you love a song, doesn't mean that the song would do good commercially. Songs like "Physical Attraction" - I absolutely love this one - in my opinion, are not strong enough to be a hit. Here are my picks, including singles that didn't get the deserved attention. DRESS YOU UP My favorite - and strongest - "Like A Virgin" single is a very underestimated song that could've had a proper video. Also, I can't deal with the fact that huge hits like "Crazy For You" and "Into The Groove" also ended up without a proper video. SPANISH EYES One of the most beautiful Madonna ballads! This one actually was played in Brazilian stations, but like "The Look of Love", wasn't included on "Something To Remember". Quite unfair! RAIN I'll never understand why "Fever" got 'hundreds' of (weird) mixes but "Rain", another beautiful ballad that could have great dance mixes, only got a radio mix similiar to the original version. Not to mention "Bad Girl"... I LOVE NEW YORK My favorite Confessions track. It could've been a strong fourh single, instead of "Jump". BEAT GOES ON Not because I'm a fan of Pharrell's music since Britney's "I'm a Slave 4 U" (2001), but this is another super overlooked song! The best song of "Hard Candy" could've been a strong lead single. I can't believe she picked "4 minutes" (I was already tired of listening to Timbaland stuff). I like "Give It 2 Me" but it doesn't even get close to this one. By the way I'd like to add I love "Heartbeat" and thankgod she didn't release "Candy Shop". IDK why she likes this one. Maybe if the album version was the promo tour version. ICONIC The title says it all. I think "Rebel Heart" is the album with more songs that could be hits but if I had to choose one, I'd choose "Iconic" as the second single and leave "Ghosttown" as a the fourth. By the way I'm #TeamBitchI'mMadonna and I loved that she released this one. FAZ GOSTOSO Everytime two huge stars collaborate, we expect something huge. Unfortunately, the same thing that happened to "Me Against The Music" happened to "Faz Gostoso": a lost opportunity to make something incredible. In this case it was worst because the song wasn't even released, like the queen just did if just for fun. It could definitely be #1 in Brazil if they wanted. For those who don't know, Anitta is like the Brazilian Madonna. What do you think?
  12. I hope not - at least with these versions - because theses mixes are horrible. Like Adele, I don't like TikTok music. The "Frozen" mix did not became a favorite but it's a good one. "Material Gworl" sounds like way too much hype and the "Hung Up" remix I'll probably never listen to it again because I don't like slowed down songs, not to mention the bass is so annoying. I think since it's a greatest hits tour, she could perform classic mixes or versions close to the originals, like the YCD mixes. For example, I like the "Like A Virgin" mix from the Rebel Heart Tour but I wouldn't like this version on The Celebration Tour. My wish: Do with all songs what was done with "Like A Prayer" in The Immaculate Collection.
  13. Thank you so much for also doing a dark version! My eyes are too sensitive for light themes. Where do I change it tho? I coudn't find the setting anywhere.
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