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  1. Hi everryone!

    I created "Broken" remaster and edit for 2022 release now, and you want to hear that?


  2. Hi guys!

    I'll throw it on you Ghosttown in 4K Master soon!

    Wait, it's worth it! ♥

  3. This is time to my rebel heart... What is your favourite song from this MASTERPIECE?



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    2. Artur1bt
    3. Andymad


      While it’s not my top favourite on the album, it’s definitely one that I frequent. Really do enjoy it.

    4. PlayPause


      Many well written songs. Too bad the leaks had her rush-remix a lot of them. LFL and Ghosttown had so much potential.

  4. thank uuu! if u wanna, you can download this in wav (cd quality) on my profile
  5. That's the truth! I love this song, I wish they changed it so much that I can't listen to it period. That's why I created this remaster!
  6. Hi everyone!!! I have one question... what is the best Madge's album? :)

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    2. aleex123


      It's called "Madonna's Discography (except MDNA and Hard Candy)" you should listen to it.

    3. Andymad
    4. Shoful


      If you’re just getting into her and are more of a commercial listener:

      1. Ray of Light

      2. Confessions on a Dance Floor

      3. True Blue


      If you like more experimental sounds:

      1. Madame X

      2. Erotica

      3. American Life


      But whatever you do save MDNA for the last album. That’s such trash :Madonna003:

  7. Hi!
    I invite you to listen and evaluate my remastered demo version of "Make The Devil Pray". The version has been remastered from the official stems, mixed to meet today's standards. Thanks in advance and have a nice day!



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