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  1. saw this on twitter.... “last night Madonna went to the Paris opera to record a video. Ricardo Gomes posted a photo of the dressing room in The Phantom of the Opera on his social media” could we be getting that max martin single soon?!?
  2. OMFG STUART SPUN CONFESSIONS MIXES LAST NIGHT!!!!! Pretty sure that Future Lovers mix is unreleased or new.... this twitter user posted FL, GT, & ILNY. https://x.com/Zickmafr/status/1723772922903372267?s=20

    1. DickTracy


      Love it!!! What if she got some of her iconic remixers for NYC - Junior, Hex, Victor, even whatsherface Stacy Young

    2. Piksel8


      OMG is there a video of his whole set!!! This is such a treat! i hope a studio version of it is released

  3. Bob The Drag Queen remixed Bitch I'm Madonna


    1. wonderboy


      *remix, not remixed. She didnt make it lol

    2. RUADJAI


      Das cute

    3. steveclemo


      Thats funny. Is it available for download anywhere?

  4. I love bootleg records! So far I only have virgin tour chicago and virgin tour los angeles, both sound amazing. Been wanting to buy the blond ambition tour, but I want the cover with the ponytail when she's humping slam, but its always so expensive on ebay.
  5. TCT Video Director Sasha Kasiuha is posting HD clips on instagram https://fb.watch/odQh3U-xsM/:fire:

  6. I saw a small clip on twitter, she did Sodade. Does anyone have the soundcheck from her insta live stream earlier today? dying to see it
  7. well in that case, I'm looking for a pair of tix for los angeles if anyone can assist thanks!
  8. can we use this space to buy/sell swap tickets with other forum members, or no? I'm lookin for los angeles tix if any are out there.....

    1. RUADJAI


      You can, just be vigilant. 


  9. I'm confused, can we use this space to buy/sell swap tickets with other forum members, or no?
  10. A few people asked me for my review of the show, but instead of repeating what you can read literally anywhere online I will share a spoiler free realization that I had after watching the show. If you’re in a forum or a group like this you’re probably like me, a lifelong fan. And throughout my entire life I can always relate what was going on in my life to whatever Madonna song came out at that time and usually the song was relevant to what I was going through. She was literally writing the soundtrack to my life and I’m sure a lot of other fans feel the same way. Not just about the lyrics themselves but usually the message behind the song or what she was doing socially always resonated and what I never realized until seeing this show was that those songs are not just the soundtrack to our lives but also to hers. And I never realized that until I saw this show and saw her songs presented in a way that forms a timeline of everything she went through the same time we were going through our own things. I guess I had blinders on and only saw how it related to me and never realized that it was coming from her because she was going through it too She writes about life events, loss, love, sex, relationships, family, partying and everything in between in a way that related to minorities, gay people, women, not necessarily the norm. it’s been said that she writes songs that are nursery rhymes for adults but it’s so much more than that. And my main take away from this show was that She was going through all those things too, I just never realized it bcz I always associated things with my own life so to see it unfold like this for the first time seeing it through her eyes and what she went through was really spectacular
  11. Does anyone have a transcript of Bob's vogue ball calling?

  12. yeah TBW was weird live too. I think its odd she had a huge spinning wheel of blocks with hot dancers in the squares AND DIDNT use that set for Human Nature. woulda worked perfectly. maybe she'll add it later in the tour
  13. WHERE ARE THE VIDEO EDITING WIZARDS?!? I just got back to the states & I have nearly the full show recorded, AMAZING quality. but IDK what to do with the files to make it into a cohesive watchable video. Uploading the raw files to mega rn

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. wonderboy


      upload complete, Here ya go XOXO


    3. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      shagging all the bored studio engineers 

    4. EgoRod


      I was about to say : Call @Frank but he already hear about your raw files :D cat GIF

  14. totally thought this insta post was her filming a tour backdrop video, was thinking express yourself bcz the pin stripes suit & power boots, but now maybe i'm thinkin it couldve been the popular video shoot.....maybe both? hmmmmm life is a mystery.....
  15. Hhmmm, I can see it.... Eden XO claims on her tiktok that the demo 'I came to dance' she wrote for Britney was recorded by madonna.... feels correct tbh.


  16. I cant get the download link on soundcloud to open right, can someone post a DL link? please
  17. okay... we have popular & vulgar...wheres the C&TQ tracks? FEED ME MADONNAAAAAA

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    2. Steffmad


      no one knows what the Songs about on Christine and the Queens that Madonna Feature. Maybe you will be surprised ;-)

    3. Enrico


       @Steffmad we heard the one that was previewed by BBC, and she only speaks. And @Sprk heard the full album and confirmed that she doesn't sing:


    4. wonderboy


      well shit.


  18. do you think this will lessen the collector value of the original pressing? I left mine sealed bcz I thought it would be valuable down the road, but now mabye it seems I should pop the seal & play it.... or buy the new pressing & open that one would make more sense I suppose.... IDK
  19. Anyone in here good at making Mash ups? I have a great idea for a song/video using RuPaul's 'Shady Shade' with Kah-Lo's 'Fund$'. Think they would be amazing together!

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