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  1. I just wanted to log in and say that when he typed "tomorow" yesterday we ALL assumed it meant today was the day we would get some news. So yeah anything other than that is revision Lol
  2. i agree but honestly she is such a huge star that any time any fans give up on her there is another fan to fill in their space haha... so as long as she has admirers who have the money she will be able to keep raking it in. consider today, sure we were upset when we couldn't buy the new item but at least 200 people did..... she will have no problem selling the other 600. or if they sold 600 today and 200 allotted for the event. i don't remember haha.... all i know is that madame x is an icon
  3. I really don’t understand the moaning You people make me sick JK, Lol
  4. can i just say one thing and this is not a joke..... Madonna has reached the point where her stuff is way too expensive. I get it, but this is just a slap in the face. and if you think that the good concert tickets will be under a thousand dollars you are in for a rude awakending . i would not be surprised to see them over the 2000$ mark if and when she tours again. now i know i am being a little rude when i say this but 500 is how much it should have cost unaigned, 2000$ signed, and the shirt with bag and poster 150 MAX and even that is high. I'm just saying.... It's unattainable and kind of disgusting.... IMHO. it's like how i looked past the polaroid segment of madame x so i could enjoy the show and my time with my idol and my vacation and all my money going away and watching her up there. it just is kind of tacky to me.... and i work 60+ hours a week. like honestly it's a turn off. Thank god the exhibit is free and awesome looking. This item just wasn't mean for me no big deal. but it makes me feel like a big doo doo head that i even care enough to post about this Lol can we go back to 2001 where i was bitching because i couldn't afford the 100$ rotating "Music" Lamps
  5. Moderators are you going to allow this?????? On Her birthday??
  6. *were fan art Now they are Official Madonna art just like Christopher Ciccone made on the LAP single
  7. why not just save the effort and she can give us her routing number and we can just direct deposit a few thousand
  8. well i am sober now so i can say with perfect clarity Vasilli You Suck. Tolerate it
  9. omg i love how one second i am sad and the next minute 2 other people have said what i wanted to but better! we need to start a discord or something. oh wait. Lmao anyway i love this website. sorry for existing . i half ass read this website now too. Okay ✅ i'm drunk tonite
  10. i'm kind of sad and depressed, i am telling people to log off but i don't even know why. Lmao. at least i opened my slipmat and am listening to prince "sexy MF" 12" vinyl just trying to relax. OMG wait a minute this isn't my personal diary . Lmao. i am sorry i forgot to take my MDNA skin today
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