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  1. V cute. i like the "go to jail" square best. and the fact the cards are labeled truth or dare instead of chance and whatever the other one is. is a nice touch!
  2. hey i just saw this! i have been taking a "social media break" haha. that is super cool! awesome pics. good for them! iwonder if they are goingto use the money from the auction for malawi or use it to make profit. haha. oh well. i didn't click the auction i just viewed the pics and it looks like that may have been the 800$ bottle. i can't remember because to be honest when i saw the pics i got jealous cause i wanted that stuff lmao. and it's so far out of my budget 👀 i think they should do another round of t shirts or something we can afford to donate a smaller amount and get something cool , even if it is not a madonna autograph
  3. people change hun not to mention that none of us really know her for you to say that she is "fake" now ... can you elaborate?
  4. omg they did one for 800$ and one for 200$ if the 200$ included the signed photo i would have done it haha. it includes an unsigned photo of madonna holding the bottle. but for 800$ you could have had the madonna autograph and the repressed bottle! fun stuff
  5. i remember listening to music the summer before it came out on my diamond rio mp3 player that only held 7 -8 songs lmao .... didn't even hold t whole album
  6. ok not like i ever had a chance of buying this anyway (my guess is it will be one thousand dollars, like the mdna skin autographed tote bag) but i am officially out of the running because i just spent 150$ on concert tickets. tears for fears and garbage. it's not an autograph and a bottle of wine but it will drain my entertainment budget for the week just the same lol
  7. did NRM tank? i have 2 different friends (female mid 30's) who are not even madonna fans, who refer to either NRM or take a bow as their favorite madonna music video, respectively
  8. i just slid into his direct messages about it and he said "no bitchiness was intended and I apologize... I pulled the entire Q&A review because management told me after the fact that it was for a TV special..." see i told you all he was cool 😎 haha. omggggggg when is it on? tomorow right??. i'll watch cause i am bored AF at work
  9. that's why i can't be bothered with this program. i will watch it anyway but it's like, worse than tears of a cloud because at least in that she sang some hidden treasures and cracked some jokes. not the "hey i am famous and rich and i have a connection to madonna yay" crap i am about to sit thru
  10. there will always be jealousy among fans i am sure... haha. i know i am as guilty as the next when it comes to contests etc. but people edit their writing to make it better, maybe he changed his mind. i am a fan of matthew ever since i got the encyclopedia book in the 90s and i enjoyed his write up. what exactly did the edited baduketeria comment include? just curious. it won't change my opinion on the blogger lol as i am a huge fan of his work. also i have zero sympathy for any cattiness of 2 people who are literally In attendance of madonnas world premiere. i mean come on how lucky, do you have to be!?!?!?! you know what i mean?! just thinking out loud lol
  11. i would have been 17 when the wine it was released. i took a sip and had a dream and went back to my 17 year. haha. they only want you when you're 17 - when you're 21 you're no fun
  12. i will buy it for you and ship it to you for the price of one sylvio ciccone autograph and one bottle of Champagne 🌹 rose ;) haha jk i'm just clowning dawg
  13. ok i emailed the winery and raising malawi and neither one got back to me yet with pricing lmao.... i want that photo of sylvio and madonna to hang near the front door to remind me to "keep it together" at work every day lmao. plus i would like the bottle of wine to have a sip on new year's eve. haha jk. i don't drink sediment
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