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  1. Humanfly

    So I put in a request yesterday then today I decided to add more dates and seating choices so I put in a new request for the same city just with more options. Is it necessary to cancel the original request or is it confirmed that the new request replaces the original. The reason I am concerned is my debit card will have like 500 dollars on it Friday and my maximum total is 408 so if they billed me twice I would be screwed..
  2. So you are telling me that Im not allowed to Post a complaint about every song, performance, vocal treatment, collaboratior, Instagram post, album and single cover the moment I first witness it? And then I can’t come back days later and talk about how much I am obsessed and love with it??? Cause that’s what I’m doing
  3. Sorry I am just joining anyone have a live stream available for usa
  4. Humanfly

    Yes, robot filter 1, robot filter 2, robot filter 3, robot filter 4
  5. Humanfly

    When are the other cities going on request???? Any theories?
  6. Humanfly

    I was worried about that too because I had a place at 8:05 am local time haha. However every thing I have read stated that it is a total random generation
  7. Humanfly

    Thank you for posting it op so we had a chance to reconsider
  8. Humanfly

    I went ahead and changed mine but it’s really lame and unfair. Now I’m going to be scraping by all week
  9. Humanfly

    This was the first time I saw it. Went and changed my request. Deadline is tomorow. So say I got my orifinal request I thought I was paying for loge and they moved my level to the very back
  10. Humanfly

    Bait and switch. I just had to change my 100 request to 400 $$$ they shouldnt be able to change it like that without telling everyone. Wrong!!
  11. Humanfly

    When will they bill us? After May 10?
  12. Humanfly

    I don’t get why anyone would think that these were rumors at this point??? Been scrambling since Friday to raise money and it’s looking a bit meagre.
  13. Humanfly

    I think they are announcing at 8 and on sale at noon
  14. Humanfly

    Haha so a lot of shows lately have been going on sale the same day they are announced. Either way looks like it I get a ticket I will be upstairs haha
  15. Humanfly

    it will be #magic if I can make this tour haha