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  1. Humanfly

    Looks pretty organized to me
  2. Humanfly

    The original Madonna store pre authorizes but the new Shopify madame x store most definitely took the money out of the account immediately
  3. Haha I am embarrassed to say that I did overdraft... I misjudged the price on something I ordered from UK and it bounced
  4. Humanfly

    They charged immediatwely
  5. Picture disc is “I rise”
  6. Humanfly

    You make something up and you get to go! Good luck and have fun! Wish I was over there in London for this ;p
  7. Humanfly

    I am in the us so I just got the poster and vinyl. However it looks like you can visit the uk version of the store and pre order the box set as well as the cassette.
  8. Humanfly

    With the pre order link! Haha!
  9. Humanfly

    YoU should get a life, get a grip, try that. Lol
  10. Humanfly

    Lmao wow you all suck
  11. Humanfly

    I know it’s not a hoax. I literally did it and that’s how I have the album in my iTunes. No songs are available to listen to. Just the tracklisting. And the photo.
  12. Humanfly

    What do I have the #magic window to iTunes y’all don’t have or what? Damn!!!!!!
  13. Humanfly

    It’s fucking real I screen shot it
  14. Humanfly

    Ok start melting then haha