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  1. I'm sorry but she looked perfect during Confessions. Much better than during Reinvention and AL.
  2. Can someone pinpoint to the page where the meltdowns start? I cant go through 80 pages
  3. I swear I need to get my ass to Colombia and visit some plastic surgeons
  4. Also, Maluma gave her the best spot of HIS own anniversary concert, quite the opposite of being an asshole.
  5. How is Maluma an asshole, that assessment is so off, he actually spent 70% of both performances trying to take care of her. Imagine if this would have been Drake, he would have pushed her off or something.
  6. He started the cheeks that she didnt need, and then other doctors took it from there to "complete his vision".
  7. At least this was funny and entertaining, also a bit cute
  8. I think this performance was just an excuse to get some Maluma dick rubbing, like she literally hopped on a plane and "rehearsed" just to get the feels
  9. Madonna was rubbing her ass on his dick for more parts of the show than I previously thought
  10. In horrible quality, worse quality than the live stream
  11. Wait, if this shit is getting streamed on amazon prime I will probably get this taken down from youtube, Im not getting a strike for this performance
  12. 1st Worst decision were the Hard Candy/Sticky and Sweet cheeks. She didnt need them.
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