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  1. When its broadcasted professionally she looks like hell with no rehearsals, when its not broadcasted she goes out like this looking stunning and gives out a proper show
  2. Mod here says they dont want rightwing nor leftists yet they dont attack all the extreme leftist talking points spewed all over this thread. Hopefully we can have real mods that allow real discussions, that is after all the point of a discussion forum.
  3. Agreed, she need to work with real musicians, but she cares more about her "message" than the quality of her music nowadays. Ever since the "Secret Project" everything went downhill. Her message never even goes through anyone so its all just a big waste of time...
  4. So why have a forum if people that don't agree with you will get warned? Isn't this a place of discussion? You cant and wont be able to make everyone think like you. This is not a dictatorship.
  5. Lol Donatella I cant believe that wedding dress is Versace, Gianni wouldn't be happy.
  6. Please report this instagram post for Bullying and Harassment https://www.instagram.com/p/CeXq7rOtC4t/
  7. I think her 3 beauty peaks are: 1.- 1990/1991 2.- 1995 (STR) and 3.-2005 (COADF) She could have a 4th one but she would have to do the COMPLETE opposite of what she is doing now: Starting by getting rid of the implants, fillers, huge lips, and getting a proper stylist. It's extremely improbable that this will happen, but she has surprised us before so I cant completely count her out.
  8. Oh God let it go, stop derailing the topic. Take it to private messages or something.
  9. I'm sorry but she looked perfect during Confessions. Much better than during Reinvention and AL.
  10. Can someone pinpoint to the page where the meltdowns start? I cant go through 80 pages
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