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  1. Just a bit of mixed emotions knowing now that she referenced the Weimar era so much, being the Weimar era the most modern example of social decay (excluding current times).
  2. This is an amazing video, very well made and documented, everyone can learn a bit from this, thanks.
  3. I wish she'd just stay away from the fillers, her COADF face was perfection, yes it was a thinner, more mature face, perhaps not as youthful and plump as she likes; but she looked like a stunning 40 year old. Having wrinkles is OK, the key to looking hot at any age is to avoid sagging: keep the wrinkles but do anything in your power to avoid saggy skin. That's it! No fillers needed. As long as she can keep her skin tight to her face with lasers or other procedures she could look 10x more stunning. She had a stunning natural jawline on COADF and stunning natural lips that were actually proportional to the rest of her features. I can't even see her real jawline anymore with all those fillers. Also her cute tight little butt was stunning and hot as hell. Massive fake butts look awful on females and even worse on males; I know its her choice and whatever makes her happy, but I will never understand her cosmetic decisions , especially when she has the best of the best at her disposal.
  4. "Accuses"????? That sounds like there is reasonable doubt she could be wrong; she isn't. He's basically howling auto-tuned nonsense over the Into the Groove Instrumental. This thread title is inflammatory.
  5. Definitely one of the Top 5 Best Madonna Albums. The Andre Betts tracks are the best for me, being my favorites: Waiting; Where Life Begins & Secret Garden; Bad Girl & Rain are also amazing. Fever is the worst track and I agree that it feels out of place.
  6. Sickick cant release the full version, he has tons of full versions of other well known songs on youtube but not on spotify. I think he cant release it on spotify due to rights/legal reasons,.
  7. She's in the studio with fucking sawg lee of all people instead of being there with Patrick Leonard, Stuart Price or William Orbit. My excitement is at -200%, not here for an auto-tuned, grills-vocaled rap track.
  8. Exactly, this is the route she'd be in if she was the old creative Madonna that delved into the underground for fresh and unique sounds.
  9. Actually pretty cool, she should do stuff and collabs like this
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