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  1. Ok Im sorry but this has GOT to be from a true high quality source, I'd never seen the video in such a remarkable quality. There is just so much more detail that was never there on any of the zillion sources we've seen this through the decades. This is her best official remaster yet.
  2. I never knew Jump was remastered. Why even make the effort to remaster that video?
  3. Love this one, was this around the 1995 Mario Testino Versace shoot?
  4. Searching for the remixes I found this video, is this photo real? I dont remember seeing it before...
  5. Erotic Candy Shop and Celebration are literally some of my highlights of the show.
  6. I love the MDNA Tour, I think its actually her largest in terms of cutting edge production and costs and her most ambitious since Blond Ambition. It is also one of her most physical-demanding shows of the 00s & 10s. I agree with the poster above, we just need someone to re-edit the DVD with pro and fan live footage to eliminate the over-editing and give it a 'live' feel.
  7. Its Rhino, there's a Rhino playlist popping up when the video ends.
  8. Billboard is always rigged for Lady GaGa, so she will probably win. Even where they placed her option is calculated to catch people's attention. Voted for Madonna though.
  9. Why did Madonna accept this on his behalf? Anyone has the backstory?
  10. OK I will do a Tony thread on the music downloads section since I don't know where else to do it and will also do a Herb Ritts thread to post other HQ and UHQ Herb Ritts photos of 90s supermodels and other subjects
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