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  1. I wish she would have recorded more torch songs ala 'Sooner or Later'. Im Breathless is deeply underrated. Madonna and Sondheim were a match made in heaven, I wish she would have involved him in Something to Remember instead of David Foster.
  2. Waht you saw was probably a SNL skit where she is dressed like La Isla Bonita, Youtube blocks it if you upload it in HQ, hence only crappy quality
  3. Emily good job! But if you have the WAV you know you can still add the HQ Audio to your video project and do an auto synch by wave lenght and reupload.
  4. Get Together seriously? Can they release the unused Confessions backdrop in HD and surprise us for once in our life? The official video is trash.
  5. Cmon Vote, let your finger click through the website, he he hey!
  6. Maybe a visual reference in the video: Susie Smoking, Susie Bick for Yohji Yamamoto, 1988 - Ph. Nick Knight Herb Ritts photo on set: Cameron Alborzian, Los Angeles, 1989 Ph. Herb Ritts
  7. It has a very Herb Ritts aesthetic I wonder if it is because he was on the set that day.
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