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  1. That book from the last link looks very interesting, will check that book out as well as the Thierry Mugler books. You know what's a bit creepy? That new prints of old historic figures, like for example some of Milton H. Greene's of Marilyn from this link seem extremely retouched; looks like they might have used new digital retouching technology on them. And when you add regular people taking these and running them through filters or editing them even further, it creates a sort of history revisionism where new generations get exposed to these extremely retouched photos of old celebs and end up thinking that they looked that way.
  2. I love your colorized avi, Is it available somewhere in higher quality?
  3. I liked it when she used to wear defend paris.
  4. Why does she not look at the interviewer, love her but lately she looks, dare I say, a bit insecure?
  5. Yes thats what AI filters do. I wonder if they are getting paid to literally run her photos through Faceapp?
  6. You already know she didn't. It's ok, we are safe to be honest here.
  7. Only know Drew, who are these progressive sounding "stars"? More importantly, where is Luis? Did he manage to get inside?
  8. Yeah Im getting a nose job if I don't get killed in these trying times. Hopefully it doesn't end up botched up. On the look, well I am not sure what to say. Its an interesting combination, channeling a Miami retiree with those sunglasses while wearing NYE's hat. What did she mean by this?
  9. Well at least the nose from the guy on the left is amazing, I wonder if it's natural or done?
  10. To whom does it belong? To Diana? To a 90's Supermodel? Is there a way to measure it? I would honestly think a 90s supermodel has been more photographed than Lady Di since they basically worked 24/7 doing editorials and advertisements while also getting photographed relentlessly on runways. If this were the case it would still be difficult to pinpoint which supermodel has been most photographed. In my experience collecting fashion photography I have been surprised at how many editorials and runways Kate Moss has done. And when you take into account that basically only her and Naomi continued a successful modeling career into the 00s & 10s, I would bet the record is between them.
  11. I mean I still like Marco's over-sexualized and unattainable perfection photos, but I tend to give more value to photographs that seem as the photographers did most of the work in the real word rather than in the post-production editing process. I also enjoy Thierry Mugler's photos very much, not sure if there is coffee book of his work but I will look into it.
  12. Yes, maybe you don't recognize her since she is wearing a feathers headdress in honor of Grammy Nominee and Golden Globe Recipient Pia Zadora, who will be playing her in the biopic.
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