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  1. At first I thought the same, but in terms of marketing studies I think they know people who buys physical we'll buy it anyways, same for people who buys digital.
  2. Maybe some alcohol and pot under the stage before the show?
  3. Yeap it cuts the flow. The other "Set Me Free" remix would have been a better choice.
  4. AI interpretation of gay Pride 😂
  5. My source told me they made some last minute changes. Now Human Nature and Imagine are replaced by Tragic Girl and Jitterbug.
  6. I think most of us wish for a proper reissue of Erotica. They better not cause a massive meltdown only releasing an Erotica coulour filtered video as a "big surprise" for the anniversary.
  7. Definitely more interesting that Aldo Diaz! 👍
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