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  1. Shanti / Ashtangi I Don't Search I Find or Thief Of Hearts?
  2. This Used To Be My Playground Burning Up or Who's That Girl?
  3. True Blue Open Your Heart or Future Lovers?
  4. Deeper And Deeper Who's That Girl or Sky Fits Heaven?
  5. Revolver Crazy For You or Oh Father?
  6. Hahaha I can picture the complete "World of Madame X" coming out of the blue in the middle of Frozen
  7. Impressive Instant I'm a Sinner or I'm Addicted?
  8. And I remember we were all waiting for the surprise song segment
  9. Secret Nothing Really Matters or Beautiful Stranger?
  10. Jump Causing A Commotion or Nobody's Perfect?
  11. Killers Who Are Partying Gambler or God Control?
  12. Die Another Day Supernatural or Your Honesty?
  13. Human Nature Ain't No Big Deal or Funana?
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