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  1. Great News!! Let's hope next one doesn't take that much time.
  2. A reliable source told me she will throw empty holographic sleeves, then the vinyls will be thrown on a second suprise show with Nicky and Donna in Jesus Luz Backyard in São Paulo. In order to participate for tickets to this second show you need to record on reverse Birthday Song and send it to Guy O via tiktok.
  3. hello there

    I really do like your beard - in the picture you had before this it was even more enjoyable.


    tenga un buendía


  4. As a psychologist myself I say thank you! Really nice to know there's empathy and hope for a more inclusive environment. Glad you both enjoyed the show
  5. I would love a zoetrope vinyl with the ass shaking scene from Fever for 32 anniversary in 2025
  6. The remaining of 2024 she will have some rest and fun. 2025 looking for inspiration and maybe work on other projects. 2026 Continues with other projects and starts gathering with producers. 2027 recording, 2028 New album Madonna 70
  7. Something to Remember I Don't Search I Find or Nobody's Perfect?
  8. Rescue Me I'll Remember or This Used To Be My Playground?
  9. Vogue video Frozen (William Orbit Drumapella) or Music (Groove Armada Club Mix)?
  10. Emily is here reading the forum and channeling Laura Palmer: “I feel like I know her but sometimes my arms bend back. I'll see you again in 25 years.”: Maybe they're working on I´ll Remember for 65 anniversary in 2049
  11. Give Me All Your Luvin' Dance 2night or Best Friend?
  12. We're just joking. Emily is here taking notes for an expanded 35 anniversary LAP release on march. #soon
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