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  1. Crave, Like A Prayer and La Isla Bonita are tracks that I hear a lot when I go in super markets
  2. I really want the Bedtime Story remixes like the one that played at the Brit Awards.
  3. As a black person, I really appreciate everything she has done for minorities like me. Her work is inclusive and it never feels forced. Thank you Madonna for standing for up equality
  4. I don't blame her. Madge waited for Anitta and she didn't even show up. I would've unfollowed her the same night
  5. Like A Prayer Music Rebel Heart- This album basically sums up who she is in this era and boy does she express it.
  6. I wouldn't mind something down tempo. Like trip hop or some cute pop ballads. You might dislike her recent albums, but her ballads from each one are so good.
  7. Erotica is mostly a dance album though with the exception of like 3 songs. I mean they're not all club bangers but you can dance to majority of the album
  8. Hi Shoful! It's me, Hexxx from GGD. Hope you are well

    1. Shoful


      Hey! I’m doing well! How are you!? 

    2. Hexxx


      I'm doing well! :hug:Trying to adjust to this new site. 

    3. Shoful


      Glad to hear! This site is great! Mostly everyone is very nice and most threads are constructive conversations instead of bickering

  9. I thought so. She teased "Mixtape" several times not to long ago so there's definitely new music coming.
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