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  1. She didn't put much effort? Seriously? She spent almost a year working on Rebel Heart recording new music, changing lyrics, melodies, production. That alone should prove you she was very into the music and the project as a whole, and so she was into Madame X as well, experimenting with Portuguese music, Fado and keeping the era alive (her own way) as she left the 'Madame X' Persona go on for almost three years. Just because you're not into something, doesn't mean she is not into it as well.
  2. Says the one who is prob paid to f* with Klein, okay Did Steven forget to hand him his paycheck this month?
  3. Why so bitter? No one on Drownedmadonna used the words 'insider' or 'exclusive' giving this news. Don't know what's wrong with those fans always making assumptions about insiders and shit when the website is just reporting what's happening, and everything posted there is open to discussion. Also... We don't know what's on the plans for Madonna, you don't know her, I don't know her so let's not pretend we know exactly what she is working on, whether it's music or movies.
  4. The italian MTV site says to stay tuned cause it's gonna be shown on both MTV and MTV Music channels on Sky. "Segna in rosso il mese di ottobre e stay tuned su mtv.it e su MTV (Sky canale 131 e in streaming su NOW) e su MTV Music (132 e 704 di Sky) per i prossimi aggiornamenti sulla messa in onda di Madame X di Madonna!" http://news.mtv.it/tv-cinema/madame-x-il-concerto-documentario-di-madonna-arriva-su-mtv/
  5. Yes, she's performing her new single with Lady Gaga and Doja Cat 'Boom Boom! Passion'
  6. The vocals of the 1984 and 1995 versions are the same, the STR Remix (and its other mixes from '96) were mixed in off the original multitrack sessions, starting from its Dry lead vocal. The 'difference' you hear could be the lack of delay and reverb in comparison to its original 'Like a Virgin' version, but vocally they are the same take.
  7. Bop Da Bop

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      Tf I never said its Madonna ☠️

    3. Fighter


      is this trade baiting or what? some people aren't liking these statuses

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      Not really, this is not even Madonna related as explained above and I'm not looking to trade anything with anybody lol People are just reading too much into it.

  8. Hello!! Please Re-Up


  9. Orbit again? Do y'all really want me to unstan?!
  10. Over my shoulder,

    You never fall behind,

    So baby come closer,


  11. For me Give Me All Your Luvin', Celebration and Living For Love are her worst lead singles EVER. Also, can't consider 'Live To Tell' the lead single to True Blue as for me the real lead is 'Papa Don't Preach'
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