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  1. Dazedmadonna

    Obviously when stems of the whole record start making the rounds, "demos" seem to start making their way up too. Don't be fooled
  2. Hello!! Please Re-Up


  3. Dazedmadonna

    I'll send real italian pizza to whoever shares the rip and trust me.. you can't compete with that
  4. Dazedmadonna

    I like the message she tried to comunicate with this.
  5. Dazedmadonna

    She's there to promote Madame X. Of what else should she talk about? Breathless Mahoney? C'mon.
  6. Dazedmadonna

    UK store is a mess, I ordered everything with tracked delivery and they sent me it untracked (fortunately everything arrived safe), when I sent them an email asking why that happened they replied they were 'sorry' and refunded me the difference. Unprofessional and embarassing.
  7. Dazedmadonna

    I just watched it trying to understand what she says under the Portuguese dub voice and she seems to say "If I can find the financing, then yes"
  8. Dazedmadonna

    Maybe it's meant to say they didn't shoot a video yet but I doubt she is not going to use this song; As of now it's the most streamed track of the album so they should act fast and start promoting it..
  9. Dazedmadonna

    Fan since 1852.. Rate: 0.000/10!!!!!!!!!!! Horrid, terrible. Bring back Jellybean and Stephen Sondheim and Otto Von Wernherr!!! Time To dance is the SHIT!!!!!!! Not this Midollin, Medallen.. I remember when I was waiting for Madonna to be born #goodtimes
  10. Dazedmadonna

    Orbit again? Do y'all really want me to unstan?!
  11. Wonderful record, from start to finish. It's slowly becoming one of my favorites of her career (although too early to say that) 9/10
  12. Dazedmadonna

    People should enjoy their digital format however they like then, without 'trying to understand' why others buy various physical formats.
  13. Dazedmadonna