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  1. I'm glad they didn't include WTG though. I have nothing against the song, it's just kind of generic and not particularly memorable other than because of its Spanish lyrics, but La Isla Bonita already covers that territory much better. Btw I won't tolerate any disrespect towards Cherish. It's a cute bop.
  2. Nahual

    Tbh I don't want her to work with previous collaborators. I want something new and fresh, not a nostalgic collaboration with Pat or Stuart or anyone else who might be creatively bankrupt.
  3. Look I love Kylie, but she's like a broken record with these collaboration wishes. Like, I can't even count how many times she's said that she'd like to collaborate with Madonna or Gaga or whoever, but then nothing happens. At first I thought that maybe she just kept getting rejected by other pop divas or that there were scheduling conflicts, but now I think that it's probably a case of Kylie being more enthralled about the idea of collaborating, but that she doesn't actually want to take the time to come up with material with other female pop stars for whatever reason.
  4. Nahual

    1990 was like slayage after slayage. I wish I'd been alive to witness it firsthand.
  5. Nahual

    Unlike most other Madonna fans, I actually disliked the kiss. For starters, it seemed contrived and done for the sake of controversy rather than it being innocent and spontaneous. I don't like controversy that only gets people talking; if there's no deeper symbolism or meaning behind an action, then it just comes across as trite to me. Maybe Madonna had her own idea of what the performance was supposed to be about, but any underlying concept that she wanted to express was overshadowed the moment she kissed Britney/Xtina. Second of all, I thought the kiss distracted from the performance itself: Hollywood desperately needed a sales and radio airplay boost in the US at the time, but the kiss made the GP forget about the song itself. Thirdly, I just hated how overrated the whole thing became since it was all over the news for weeks. There was a war happening at the time, yet a girl-on-girl kiss was getting most of the headlines? Talk about priorities.
  6. Rescue Me music video please.
  7. Nahual

    Interesting read, although this part made me laugh because my reaction would be the exact opposite; I would most likely tell the Queen to **** off, or if I were feeling less confrontational, I'd simply slam the door in her face. I'm not impressed by royalty.
  8. I think it's amusing that you say "across party lines" as if to portray your opinion as neutral and unbiased, but then immediately switch to saying that Democrats are supposedly sending death threats more often than Republicans are. Talk about a 180 degree turn. I suppose next you'll tell us outright that Trump isn't as bad as Biden.
  9. Nahual

    I had no idea that backing vocals were such a big issue? Lots of artists who record songs that were originally written by other artists keep the backing vocals from the demo version; Rihanna is probably the best example since you can hear Chris Brown's backing vocals during the chorus of Disturbia, and Sia's partial backing vocals during the chorus of Sledgehammer. The list goes on and on when you dig through her discography, so I dunno why JLo gets dragged for doing it while other artists get away with it?
  10. Nahual

    JLo should play Madonna in the documentary.
  11. Nahual

    I would've made it a standard 12 song album and gotten rid of all the songs that feel superfluous (to me at least): Living for Love Ghosttown Illuminati Unapologetic Bitch Hold Tight Rebel Heart Iconic Best Night Messiah Beautiful Scars Borrowed Time Addicted
  12. Am I bad fan for not knowing who Ahlamalik was until today? I don't really keep up with Madonna's personal life ever since the divorce.
  13. That Dietrich look made her look like Beetlejuice, so I'm glad it was changed.