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  1. I mean I wouldn't be opposed to it I guess, but Katy's creatively bankrupt and lost her artistic direction like a decade ago. I'm not sure that a collaboration between her and Madonna would be anything noteworthy.
  2. Didn't Ariana cheat on her husband with that SpongeBob-looking guy? Why the hell would I be happy if she sampled Vogue? It's a classic, but the thought of Ariana relying on a pop masterpiece for a hook is actually quite infuriating.
  3. I do appreciate the irony that this song was predicted to be a huge hit because of Sam Smith, yet it flopped. Meanwhile by comparison Popular which I didn't think would even chart in the US became a moderate hit. Funny how things turn out.
  4. Why are they calling Popular a "Billboard Hot 100 hit" when it's only peaked at #43 and will inevitably drop a ton next week? Do they call any song that charts on the Hot 100 for at least one week a "hit" by default? Is NRM a Hot 100 "hit" too?
  5. I don't think I've ever met anyone who dislikes the song tbh. If I ever did, I'd have a few words to say to them. Oh and I agree that Mer Girl is boring. I like the lyrics, but the song doesn't build up to anything, sonically speaking. For the final song on the standard version of ROL, it's sort of a letdown.
  6. I avoid this problem simply by not using Apple Music or any streaming services in general.
  7. I'd put I Rise dead last because its intro causes me to cringe and skip the track altogether whenever I listen to Madame X. One More Chance is another dud because it just sounds boring and the lyrics are trite. And Love Don't Live Here Anymore is redundant because it's a cover. All her other ballads are fantastic though.
  8. Well at least she's working with a well-known and consistent hitmaker. I'd love to believe that she's going for a more generic and radio-friendly sound after dealing with two albums that were rather experimental, but I won't hold my breath.
  9. Was hoping for a reissue instead with unreleased songs, not another remix album. This feels reductive. I'll stick with the original copy of the album, thanks.
  10. This would be kinda pointless imo, especially right after the remix compilation album. We're in the streaming era now so it would make more sense to just release a greatest hits playlist on Spotify rather than an actual album imo.
  11. I'm honestly really glad about this. The whole project sounded terrible to me tbh. There wasn't a single thing that I liked from what we'd learned about it, and the first sign of disaster happened when Diablo Cody left the project. Hopefully with this project shelved Madonna will extend the tour.
  12. "Rumor"? I could've sworn this was confirmed 2 decades ago because I remember browsing some 2003 archives on Mad-Eyes and reading about this a few years ago. I've always felt that Xtina being there was almost as needless as Missy's involvement, and I wonder if JLo being there instead would've actually changed much.
  13. Right? iTunes hasn't been relevant since the late 2010s. Nowadays topping iTunes is the equivalent of receiving a participation award for coming in last place in a race lol. This trend of pop stars releasing old songs as singles just because said songs went viral on TikTok for a few days is so weird to me. Not only is TikTok extremely fickle and therefore not a good way to judge the longevity of a single, but I also imagine that it must take a lot of time, effort and money to promote a single like this, which doesn't seem worth it if it'll only chart in a very European countries and the US Dance chart at most.
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