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  1. This would be kinda pointless imo, especially right after the remix compilation album. We're in the streaming era now so it would make more sense to just release a greatest hits playlist on Spotify rather than an actual album imo.
  2. I'm honestly really glad about this. The whole project sounded terrible to me tbh. There wasn't a single thing that I liked from what we'd learned about it, and the first sign of disaster happened when Diablo Cody left the project. Hopefully with this project shelved Madonna will extend the tour.
  3. "Rumor"? I could've sworn this was confirmed 2 decades ago because I remember browsing some 2003 archives on Mad-Eyes and reading about this a few years ago. I've always felt that Xtina being there was almost as needless as Missy's involvement, and I wonder if JLo being there instead would've actually changed much.
  4. Right? iTunes hasn't been relevant since the late 2010s. Nowadays topping iTunes is the equivalent of receiving a participation award for coming in last place in a race lol. This trend of pop stars releasing old songs as singles just because said songs went viral on TikTok for a few days is so weird to me. Not only is TikTok extremely fickle and therefore not a good way to judge the longevity of a single, but I also imagine that it must take a lot of time, effort and money to promote a single like this, which doesn't seem worth it if it'll only chart in a very European countries and the US Dance chart at most.
  5. I don't think it was MJ. MJ didn't like Prince either yet Prince was still invited to appear on the song but didn't out of his own volition. So if MJ didn't veto Prince's participation, I doubt he would've vetoed Madonna's inclusion on the song either.
  6. If it does happen, they'd better replace Did You Do It? with something of actual substance.
  7. Why does she look like a purple Marilyn Manson all of a sudden?
  8. I suppose all her post-divorce boy toys have been attractive, but I dunno, none of them seem like interesting people to me. I might not have liked Guy much, but he seemed like a pretty charismatic person, so I at least understood what Madonna saw in him even if he wasn't exactly my cup of tea.
  9. I've said it from the start, but I sincerely hope that this project gets scrapped so that she can focus on things that I actually care about, like music.
  10. Oh is that how it works? I love reverse psychology. Honestly grillz are so ugly and I've always been surprised by how accepting of them some of y'all are. Given how critical us gays tend to me when it comes to physical appearances, I expected much harsher criticisms of her grillz.
  11. You're moving the goalposts; you previously said "this is Beyonce's 6th number 1 and her first in 14 years". Which is factually incorrect since she had two other #1s between Single Ladies and Break My Soul. You only mentioned the "solo" qualification in this post. Not that I see why it matters whether her last hit was a solo #1 or a featured credit #1. A #1 single is a #1 single no matter how some people try to spin it. I do find it a little amusing that some people were previously saying that this remix would help boost the song to #1 and implying that Madonna was being generous to help out Beyonce... even though the song just went #1 on its own. Nevermind that Madonna's streaming numbers are diminutive when it comes to new songs because some of y'all still refuse to stream her new songs en masse, so the song almost certainly wouldn't receive much of a boost from this remix anyways. This is just a cute little side project meant to show mutual respect between two artists.
  12. ...again? They already did MATM during what was arguably Britney's career peak and yet look how that song turned out. I'm just not eager for more collaborations; I'm not even keen on Madonna's increasing habit of adding other artists to her remixes or songs in general, because I personally haven't enjoyed any of them and I doubt another Britney duet would change my opinion.
  13. Are you being facetious? Many of Beyonce's biggest hits fall under the Pop category. Hell, Break My Soul is clearly a dance/house POP song ffs. I'm not usually one of those SJW/triggered types, but I've noticed similar microaggressions on social media where some folks will say that certain artists like Rihanna or Beyonce don't count as Pop artists, with the subtle implication being that because they're Black women, their songs must go into the Hip Hop or R&B category instead of being labeled as Pop. It's annoying and just plain wrong. I did not want to wake up this morning and have to defend Beyonce of all people, whom I find very overrated, but I felt like I had to give y'all a piece of my mind.
  14. She didn't save my life, though. Not that I download her music illegally, in any case. Unlike most people here, I don't have a collection of over 15,000 Madonna demos, remixes or unreleased songs.
  15. Oh God please no. Fallon is the fakest, most insufferable talk show host I've ever seen. He's so boring too. I actually feel bad for Madonna and everyone else who has to sit there and listen to Jimmy's feeble attempts at comedy.
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