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  1. Maybe she doesn't need a rest? After 80 shows, it's work .. just a regular cycle of work. She could be fully hydrated and relaxed and in her fittest shape in years .. she could be ready to go and not need a nap or rest
  2. I always wondered if doing minimal songs from the LAV album on the Celebration Tour was intentional (career retrospective and neither Material Girl or Like a Virgin were performed live?). What if she plans to do a small round of shows, where she performs The First Album and Like a Virgin, start to finish? Sarah McLachlan is going a Fumbling Towards Ecstasy tour this summer where she performs the album beginning to end. Could be an interesting way to promote the deluxe box sets?
  3. Fair point. I agree, they deserve their own unique single releases.
  4. Abba Gold. More Abba Gold. Immaculate Collection, expanded Immaculate Collection. Just take it and add a disc.
  5. Wouldn't it be amazing if she started performing I'll Remember in lieu of Rain/Frozen/Take a Bow around the time of the release? Fun!
  6. There's something special about when he declares, "it's show time!" .. his entry contrasted with hers .. is magic.
  7. It was absolutely not shaken or off in person. It was beautiful and perfect.
  8. I didn't see Rain, but Frozen felt natural and the version she did was great and the audience ate it up. Was wonderful.
  9. Yeah, also .. I was just curious if you or someone knew. I'm not standing outside a hotel for anyone.
  10. Also intersted. I have tickets for 11th, but I'd like to go to the show next Friday as well .. last minute ..
  11. I guess, but if it's made-to-order pre-sale-style, then it'd work. Online-only -- we'd all get what we want. Metallica does this all the time. They produce their own limited edition web-fan-club only releases .. it's easy. Also, if there's concern for the last decade to sell, then you balance that box out with some super special "singles" like Santa Baby, Impressive Instant, Buenos Aires, Nobody Knows Me .. God Control .. with a few bonus remixes not found anywhere.
  12. The Dreamlover (Def Club Mix) included is one of my favourite cardio songs and I'm not a Mariah fan - but it's solid.
  13. Thanks for sharing this. Just ordered from the publisher's website.
  14. I agree. Combining George Michael's 'Older' with MTV Unplugged seemed like a misstep. Both should stand separately. M could benefit from this approach, even as mini releases to bridge gaps between larger ones.
  15. I pre-ordered direct through WBR Canada, hope this helps someone: Picture disc: https://store.warnermusic.ca/collections/home/products/madame-x-music-from-the-theater-xperience-3lp-picture-disc Black vinyl: https://store.warnermusic.ca/collections/home/products/madame-x-music-from-the-theater-xperience-3lp
  16. I love Octavia's poem: I'll reach for you with all my arms. You'll fall for me and all my charms. I'll hug you with delight, And squeeze with all my might.
  17. That's great, two of my favourites + it was done by Matt Moss, a lovely guy I knew a long time ago (90's, I think) as he was a webmaster of a great site. Super cool guy.
  18. Roisin Machine or the new album? the new album .. mmm the artwork is not for me.
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