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  1. Has anyone else noticed that in the past couple of years, she lost her neck also?
  2. Hi. I love and appreciate your work - especially the Photoshoot videos - the one with the Debut LP cover shoot set to "Promises Promises" - I did not want it to end. Such great work.

  3. This is the description from the Reelz website: "We reveal the three tracks that launched Madonna into the pop stratosphere and the producers, songwriters, photographers, journalists and industry experts who witnessed it happening. From her arrival in New York as a dance school dropout with ruthless ambition, to her breakthrough as a dance chart star, before the hit that would bring her mainstream success. Released in 1983 ‘Holiday’ was an upbeat and irresistible song and we hear from the songwriter and guitarist, Curtis Hudson, on how he created the track and worked closely with Madonna in the studio. ‘Holiday’ saw the aspiring superstar debut on the Billboard chart and make her name as both a pop act and fashion icon with her edgy street style. Next she would shock the world with her provocative single ‘Like a Virgin’ and we interview its legendary songwriter, Billy Steinberg, whose catchy hook and outrageous lyrics, together with the sexually charged video helped Madonna change the face of pop forever. Then the now pop icon channelled Marilyn Monroe in an unforgettable video for her hit ‘Material Girl’ and we speak to renowned backing singer Frank Simms whole helped bring the playful and electronic track to life, as well as having to guide the young and unpolished Madonna through her vocals. This track came to define the excess of the eighties and cemented her as a global star. By reliving the creation of these sensational songs we can map Madonna’s rapid rise to become the undisputed Queen of Pop." If you watched the Youtube video, it's the same show.
  4. I have no idea, folks. Sorry some of you missed it.
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_Fo5uUGUDEhmI6ewbWIgIMlep1pzxRir/view
  6. Mr. Peanutbutter Horseman, access to Google drive is denied. :( May I please have access? Thank you.
  7. I caught the tail end. I was bawling. Hopefully it will be released on DVD or VOD soon.
  8. Does anyone have the documentary "The Way I See It" that aired on MSNBC last night?

  9. I know this is a long shot, but did anyone happen to record the documentary, "The Way I See It," that aired in the US on MSNBC last night? It about the White House photographer, Pete Souza's work during the Obama administration. Thank you. Here's the trailer:
  10. Strange that she's talking up her sister, Paula, so much. I've been a fan since the beginning of her career and Paula was hardly ever mentioned by M or seen around her. I only remember Paula being on the Oprah Show and some short interviews on ET (or some similar shows) talking about her "modeling career." I don't think Christopher will play a big part in this movie. I hope she includes Debi Mazar and Erica Belle. I agree that this should be a prestige mini-series rather than a movie. Hey, Netflix or HBOMax, ya listening?
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