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  1. I was watching yesterday one of the interviews she gave for Filth & Wisdom in 2008 where she announced that she is planning to direct a movie about a famous historic couple. 3 years later we got W.E. WHO said that Covid might be over in 2022 so there is still enough time to film it and release it in 2023 Miss, please, release Madame X Tour dvd first.
  2. Great tour and absolutely 100% fun that visited so many new countries around the globe. 2 years of happiness for many international fans. Love the joy she brought with S&S.
  3. Is this a movie with social distance? Or will she make a cartoon?
  4. Can we expect a greatest hits album from her Interscope era?
  5. Did we forget Superbowl? Out of my 5 RHT shows I didn`t hear LaP. But I heard Ghosttown and WTG 3 times. I am more than happy with it. So, no LaP, please.
  6. I say it once again, yes, Like a Prayer is a song where everyone sings along but WTG is a song that has this special vibe, it was so emotional and thank you, M, for bringing it back again after almost 30 years.
  7. Ray of Light was the song with the message: let`s jump and sing together. The same works for Like a Prayer. But totally understand the decision for both bonus songs.
  8. I am happy to got a chance to finally hear Who`s That Girl for the 1st time after 1987, it was so magical. But yes, Like a Prayer is a crowd magnet.
  9. Like a Prayer becomes slowly the new Ray of Light. Tired of this song. Who`s That Girl, Crazy For You and Ghosttown are my favs but hey, it`s not my dvd.
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