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  1. I was watching yesterday one of the interviews she gave for Filth & Wisdom in 2008 where she announced that she is planning to direct a movie about a famous historic couple. 3 years later we got W.E. WHO said that Covid might be over in 2022 so there is still enough time to film it and release it in 2023 Miss, please, release Madame X Tour dvd first.
  2. Great tour and absolutely 100% fun that visited so many new countries around the globe. 2 years of happiness for many international fans. Love the joy she brought with S&S.
  3. Is this a movie with social distance? Or will she make a cartoon?
  4. Can we expect a greatest hits album from her Interscope era?
  5. They were not. Some returned later afternoon. Hope there is a show today.
  6. Part of her crew is still in London so ... A friend of mine was at Rex and they were told that no one from production was there.
  7. The same ... it was a blur that night already 😂 so many spontanous moments that night and although it was a shorter show than the night before, I enjoyed it much more. She was really happy.
  8. I was there on Sun front row right in front of the champagne bitch fan. We knew in advance that she will sit behind us cause the security guy asked a fan if he can speak English before the show started. The invitation to come closer was very unexpected and the moment David appeared on stage and escorted M off the stage the chaos began. People who were front row lost their seats, some girl sat on my chair too but sorry, I am not sorry 😊 so I told her: this is my seat ... M was already in her chair and heard what I was saying so she said everyone should take his own seat. The girl in my seat asked: But where should I sit? M said: sit on the floor! She stood up and I got my place 😂 So ..basically I was saved by M and after that she began with the chat. ... and yes, she was great! Amazing, beautiful ❤
  9. Enjoy every show ... for sure I did.
  10. During Medellin David appeared on the stage and he escorted M to the beer chat seat - only this time it was a champagne seat. All those fans in front of the stage were a nightmare for security. It was so spontaneous that actually she invited fans to come closer to the stage. It was like a general admission show for a while and she broke the rules of security guys. I had a seat front row but some girl decided to occupy my seat - since M was in the row behind me she heard while I said to the girl: sorry, but this is my seat and the girl replied: but where should I sit? She said to this girl: sit on the floor! 😊 I got my seat again and it was incredible to be there so close to M. She is so beautiful. And M❌ was sooo charming yesterday.
  11. She let people in front of the stage and security tried to return people to their seats - she said she will have a talk with security and people were again in front of the stage.
  12. Right now you can not buy tickets for Paris on ticketmaster.fr
  13. Someone posted on Twitter ... instructions for London are out.
  14. 😂 giggling .. of course she will go on. She is Madonna.
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