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  1. "Extreme occident" has influences from Indian music. Madonna said that this was another reference to Portugal, as some parts of India were also part of the Portuguese empire.
  2. https://gshow.globo.com/tudo-mais/tv-e-famosos/noticia/madonna-da-fora-em-fas-brasileiros-durante-show-nos-eua-parem-de-falar-portugues.ghtml https://odia.ig.com.br/colunas/daniel-nascimento/2024/04/6828034-madonna-reconhece-fas-brasileiros-em-show-e-recusa-presente-inusitado.html
  3. I'm talking about cutting the performances of "like a prayer", "the beast within" etc. It won't look good for ITAU and the mayor of Rio to be associated with this. It's an election year for mayor, and the opposition is already prepared to use this against him.
  4. Lately, Madonna has demonstrated that she is dissatisfied with the Brazilian public. I think the sponsors want some adjustments that she is not willing to make.
  5. besides, BOB is not known around here. RuPaul's Drag Race is only known in the LGBT community (and even then, it's a bit of an indie thing). But PAbllo Vittar is known by everyone.
  6. Because of the huge audience. In other countries, it was a paid show in an arena, so it already filtered the audience (they would be Madonna fans who probably know English) in addition to the fact that they were shows in Europe and North America, where a lot of people know English. In Brazil, few people know English beyond the basics. BOB won't be able to warm up the audience by speaking in English. Pabllo could do it, maybe he'll even replace BOB most of the time (with the exception of Bitch I'm madonna/ Celebration)
  7. I think pabllo vittar will be a kind of translator for Bob the drag
  8. Madonna followed Pablo after seeing this
  9. I hope they remove "The ritual", "like a prayer", "The beast within" and "don't cry for me argentina" and include "4 minuts", "hold tight" and "Faz gostoso"
  10. they will announce soon (soon in madonna time)
  11. The people who are reporting that Madonna will come to Brazil did nothing wrong. If she is going to do a show in a public space, then she needs permissions/planning from Rio's city hall. So the information has foundations. The news that Madonna was upset by the leaks is a questionable rumor. She must be happy because with this she got more money, since with this publicity (not official, but it is still publicity) it is bad for the sponsors to back out.
  12. Maybe she's working with Pedrinha Moraes. Now seriously, I believe that Madonna still has a lot of music with Mirwais. I believe that Mirwais' album Retrofuture was canceled because Madonna took several songs that went there
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