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  1. We won't know until the tour starts but keeping an eye out on reports from the first shows will give some indication of how it's going to go. And no, it's not a crazy question as every tour there are inevitably a bunch of casuals around me who are actually shocked at how late it ends up being and ask for and do get refunds, so for the actual general public, she does need to get her act together. The GP isn't "overlooking and accepting" her lateness so much as they probably just have no clue if they don't read Ticketmaster reviews and haven't been to her shows in years. It's good to be prepared.
  2. Talk about dramatic. You way underestimate the number of fans she burned last tour alone before all her antics since.
  3. Empty tours don't sell and get canceled. It's a totally different touring and cost/profit discussion in 2022 than it was pre-pandemic and before all the promoters lost billions. If you haven't noticed, inflation and transportation costs are also sky high.
  4. I'd love to be wrong, but I feel like more people will be doing this than you think and that's the problem.
  5. Her problem is overteasing everything for a year such that it kills all the hype (not just with shows but everything now). And I meant I have zero confidence she can pull this off at this point unless the first show turns out to be decent and not starting at midnight. Frankly, after her behavior last tour in much smaller venues, I'm surprised she's even insurable for more than a few shows, and this is just facing reality, when the tour promoter had to refund a lot of the revenue from all the canceled and extremely late shows.
  6. I won't believe this until I see it and then not even until the first show. She's in no shape to tour at this point.
  7. So she only sang for barely over 1 min and it was mumbled with grillz? Great.
  8. She's totally unattractive, but to each their own.
  9. It's about time! But we also need the Madame X blu-ray...
  10. @Frank Can you rip this for us please?? Thank you!!
  11. Thank you @Fighter for all you've done for us for so many years and to @Jackie for stepping up to keep things going. The community here is more important than any account info, so I'm more than happy to have it continue on! @Fighter Also wishing you all the best for your health recovery, studies, and future endeavors. I'm glad that we'll be able to have this place so maybe you can still check in once in a while and let us know how you are doing also.
  12. M has never shown ANY interest whatsoever in releasing any unreleased songs, so to hope for those is just setting oneself up for disappointment.
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