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  1. stfan97

    I'm glad it worked out for you after traveling all that way!
  2. stfan97

    Thank you so so much!! Do you have the rest of the show or Hallelujah?!
  3. stfan97

    I hope someone recorded it!
  4. stfan97

    Better than carrots and chips.
  5. stfan97

    I hope @madgefanand everyone else attending made it to London safely!
  6. stfan97

    Too bad she didn't decide to post DCFMA instead.
  7. stfan97

    Too bad he sang so loudly over the whole thing...
  8. stfan97

    I mean is that wise for that guy to just be holding up his ticket and seat #.... @Frankcan you rip this??!
  9. stfan97

    She made it to your show!! I'm so happy for you Did you have a good time for the rest of it?
  10. stfan97

    So someone recorded this, right?
  11. stfan97

    From Tribe: She ditched the beer bitch and sang DCFMA to Andrew Lloyd Webber instead. Full show. But she went over curfew and the lights went up. Neil will have the full story!
  12. stfan97

    Did she really sing DCFMA??
  13. stfan97

    Take a picture of your order page and # also and bring your ID to the box office, ask again if they can help you get a paper ticket for access. Good luck!! While you're at it, may as well remind them you've purchased tickets to every show this week and they should help you sort things out.
  14. stfan97

    You need the TM UK app for the London shows.
  15. stfan97

    You should be able to download the Ticketmaster app and save the ticket with the code to your wallet.