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  1. Fan recording of the full show for those who want live vocals: @Frank @Enrico
  2. Do you have a link? Thanks!
  3. Here's the full show with no translator at least for the audio until we get something better (the video is the mirrored Twitch feed):
  4. Yes, I watched the feed without the translator. I was hoping an actual Brazilian with satellite TV got that HD feed too, not just the compressed stream version.
  5. I hope someone managed to record the Multi-show (and not Global) feed without the translator talking over everything!!
  6. Will she bring back Rain for the tour film??
  7. Literally no other artist ever publicly requests no AC though. It's so weird to me how only Madonna can't handle AC for her voice when every other artist who trains their voice is fine delivering night after night. It's 80F+ inside the arena at these southern shows in early April now. We're in an era of global warming. I noticed a lot of people having to leave their seats during the show to buy water.
  8. Thank you! I did see that but I wondered if there was something else.
  9. So now... can someone explain to me what the cowboy hat trick was supposed to be? She didn't do it on night 1 because she was tired and said we'd have to come back on night 2 to see it, but then she didn't do it then either.
  10. She was tired and her voice was hoarse during night 1, but she wasn't in a bad mood at all. She was still funny and playful. She was clearly annoyed that the Burning Up moment didn't go as planned, but it was more of a perfectionist, "stop, we're not going to just play through the song when my mic's not on at all" kind of thing rather than actually being fed up. I've been to shows before where Madonna was in a bad mood and this was not it lol. There's a level of humility and gratitude that she's still around to do this that is evident that wasn't always present on past tours.
  11. I had the best night!! Night and day from last night. Her voice was much better tonight, and she was in an incredibly good mood. Lots of jokes and she did this funny dog whistle thing throughout the show (also how you know those vocals were live lol). There is still something incredibly wrong with the sound this tour though because I feel like the bass was even louder tonight if possible where I sat. However, the vocal mix was also MUCH more prominent and audible through the whole show. I had to wear acoustic earplugs to make it tolerable. Not really sure how anyone without them survived... and even with them on, there was still audibly loud crunchy bass distortion and reverb going on that wasn't present on past tours. Anyway, the visuals were even more incredible taking in the full show. I'm very grateful to have gone and ended this tour on a high note.
  12. I think she just needs a better sound engineer because I've sat all over on every tour since Confessions and the live sound mix had never been this bad. I've seen various complaints throughout the whole tour and it's amazing they haven't bothered to fix it after so many shows. Sitting in a different place tonight and hoping for a better audio experience. The videos don't do the live visuals justice though. The backdrops are stunning, as is the light show, and the little details like the hand choreography. Grateful I got to see this live!
  13. Great show but the sound mix where I was sitting left a LOT to be desired... all I could hear was extremely loud pounding bass the entire night and the vocal mix was pretty much all but buried except on the songs without heavy bass.
  14. lol, tbh I was trying to avoid that conversation, but the experience for me is different for different artists. I don't mind hanging out in the venue and enjoying the full experience if I know that the artist is definitely performing on the dot at a specific time. I also haven't found talking to random people to be that friendly at M concerts (many seem just as judgmental as online), which isn't the case for some other unmentioned artist. I'm willing to wait for Madonna, but I don't want to wait for like 4 hours either, because by that time I'll be tired, hungry, annoyed, and having to wait in lines to go to the restroom again, etc., so I prefer to do all those things outside of the venue to maximize my enjoyment of the actual concert experience. M concerts are few and far between over the years so I don't like to be drunk and not be present in the moment or remember things afterwards, but as I said, everyone enjoys things in different ways. Just because someone isn't doing all the things listed doesn't make them any less of a fan. I did buy tour programs in the past, like for Madame X, but having to hold onto the item/bag or try to put it in an out of the way place on the floor where it won't get stepped on, a drink poured on it, or otherwise harmed is more stressful than just trying to acquire things elsewhere now. And this tour doesn't have a program, so...
  15. Cause the great thing is you can enjoy the concert experience your way and I'll do what's fun for me. I don't care about merch (for anyone) and I don't buy it. Have no desire to down a ton of overpriced drinks when I'm going to be driving home in the middle of the night (ridiculously) anyway, so to each their own!
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