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  1. stfan97

    Actually, it's @Fighter's forum, so he actually has the right to dictate how you should behave on the forum. There are other forums, but we want to make all the mods' and admin's lives easier so we don't face another shutdown like last summer. Every site and place has rules. It's really not difficult to follow them and be courteous. Or if you don't agree... find another home.
  2. stfan97

    This has already been done from the start in every other country including Italy. There's no help from the lockdown if everyone is still crowded into stores to shop. There was zero social distancing enforcement taking place prior to this. And it's mostly to protect the workers. If all the healthcare and grocery workers, etc. get sick it won't matter because everyone else will die and starve because there will be no one to take care of you. It's only right to take care of the front line first.
  3. stfan97

    Users who paste links from here in public on other sites should be banned. It's not hard to know who they are, it isn't a secret. It just gets the original link taken down very quickly and the sharer's accounts in trouble.
  4. stfan97

    It's delusional to think she'll sell out a stadium tour again after her behavior this tour and the way she flat out wasted fans' money instead of just sitting and singing time after time. There was nothing wrong with her voice. Anyway, she was never going to do another stadium tour ever again after MDNA and she got sick performing outdoors in all the rain and other inclement weather.
  5. stfan97

  6. stfan97

    Glastonbury is cancelled too.
  7. stfan97

    I would listen to actual frontline hospital accounts than the CDC at this point (who has to also try to manage panic and supply shortages). This is in line with the situation I'm hearing from actual friends in the field:
  8. stfan97

    I'm sure you mean the autotuned studio version.
  9. stfan97

    It won't look 4k anyway after she's done with the airbrushing and filters so she'll feel comfortable with her appearance.
  10. stfan97

    Normally, I'd say that, but this time she doesn't really seem to have much she could be doing but working on existing projects?? So we'll see...
  11. stfan97

    Honestly, it's not my duty to research for people. Also there are people on here who work in healthcare, and I don't find the need to dissect everything to scare them unnecessarily further. But I have a lot of friends who are doctors all over the world, and I trust them. Spare a thought for erring on the side of caution if nothing else. There is no hysteria needed.
  12. stfan97

    I'll believe this when I see it.
  13. stfan97

    Complacency is just as unspeakably irresponsible. The infection rate is already known, it's VERY infectious (1000x more so than SARS) due to a very long incubation period and asymptomatic carriers. It's not like many other diseases where most people who fall ill have visible symptoms right away and can quarantine themselves before they infect others. It's just the opposite. The western countries openly reporting so far have seen the same trajectories of exponential rates of infection due to this. Mortality rate doesn't really matter (though WHO says it's 2.4%, which is 24x as deadly as the flu). It's the burden on the healthcare system. Hospitalization rate and critical/ICU cases across all western countries that have openly reported to date have been about the same. 20% of tested cases with symptoms require hospitalization. 5-10% of cases require ICU/critical care. It's when the healthcare system has no more ICU capacity (and capacity also means doctors/nurses, not just medical equipment), that the hospitalization/critical care rate gets added almost directly to the mortality rate. Let's not forget China directed the entire country's medical and economic resources to address the outbreak affecting 1% of its population to get our known mortality rate to date as low as it was reported. That's why you see Italy now at 7.7% and they are the western model for best case control, having taken the most aggressive measures right off the bat when everyone was busy laughing at them for their hysteria.
  14. stfan97

    Well, Lucian Grainge had his 60th birthday party 2 weeks ago with industry players like Apple's Tim Cook and probably a host of other celebrities.
  15. stfan97

    I don't want to be right, but math doesn't lie. It's just reality. I don't want to panic people so feel free to PM me if you'd like to discuss more. Best you can do is prepare if you can and do your part to stay away from people if you can. You can be charged with homicide now if you're caught violating quarantine in Italy. Things are happening the last 2 weeks (and 24 hrs) that I never thought I'd actually see outside a movie or book. Crazy times.