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  1. stfan97

    All I'll say is Madonna's life choices have led to interesting art and music for her fans, but I don't get the impression she's actually happy as a human being or in her private life since 2000. It's sad.
  2. She didn't delete it. It was removed, twice, by Instagram along with all other posts referencing that video. She still believes it since she's now followed another doctor on Instagram spouting the same hydroxychloroquine messaging.
  3. If you don't think his tone-deaf timing of posting "this show is the greatest!" every single cancellation exactly when fans were crying outside the venue over her last-minute deciding not to even show up and sing has damaged her reputation more than helped it...
  4. I honestly wonder even now if Madonna realizes how much her team's posting sabotaged her during the tour. She probably doesn't care but still.
  5. Isn't he the one who CONSTANTLY posted how great the show was the minute she posted her last-minute cancellation? A tone deaf team.
  6. Madonna needs to get rid of Ricardo.
  7. I don't really "look up to" anyone. Everyone is human. It's perfectly fine to admire positive qualities about anyone while acknowledging they have flaws. She's obviously done a lot of good while also behaving in some thoughtless and ridiculous ways at times.
  8. In this particular case, it's widely reported that Instagram, Twitter and Facebook removed posts on their sites of the video on their own from anyone that had it posted. Hence the response: "Dr Immanuel warned Facebook that it is 'not bigger than God' and that Jesus will crash its servers after it deleted a video of her"
  9. ... it got removed by Instagram, a second time, for being fake news.
  10. She didn't remove the post. Instagram censored her content, twice. She reposted it after the first removal already, doubling down on her beliefs.
  11. You question an unproven vaccine but trust this cure will work? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And in the case of this pandemic, the risk management doesn't only impact yourself. It's because of this kind of myopic and narcissistic attitude that people can't all band together to take precautions to prevent being asymptomatic carriers killing the vulnerable. But you do you.
  12. COVID has been proven to have terrible effects on people, even those who are asymptomatic. You might appear outwardly fine, but there are actually likely all sorts of changes and things wrong with you. Is taking that risk justifiable cause to believe in the possibility that some unproven treatment is effective? It reflects a massive lack of critical thinking and judgment IMO. And that's without even discussing recklessly endangering others with her behavior by going around without a mask, etc. I prefer to trust what is proven instead of placing my life and those I care about in the hands of blind hope when it comes to medical science.
  13. Treatment is not a vaccine. And COVID is horrible. It causes long-term lung damage, heart problems, blood clotting issues, chronic illness and organ damage that go far beyond just respiratory issues. Is behaving recklessly, not wearing masks, and telling people things will be fine because there's a treatment, a responsible take? She's 100% out of touch with reality.
  14. Dua's a problematic idiot herself and so is her team. This is going to easily be a skip.
  15. Dua's team believes the same garbage according to a team member working on Levitating, which is just another indication of Dua's uneducated views. Zero interest in this now.