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  1. It's from this store https://www.instagram.com/lixcriandorj?igsh=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ== They will ship to Brazil, you'll have to ask if they ship for other countries
  2. https://twitter.com/dalagoaazul/status/1785818829236420795?t=APJdqKlVoIZjig4CLw9GkQ&s=19
  3. Are you marrying with Rodrigo????? Rodrigue can't stand Madonna!!!! You should propose for her/him on the Mara Maravilha's concert!!!!!!
  4. The famous Bruno Fischetti, the number 1 enemy of Rodrigo Apresentador (The most loved Brasil's Doll)????? OMG!!!!!!!!
  5. Worst first single ever Worst era ever Worst boyfriend ever
  6. Imagine if she sings Spanish Eyes?! Ok here in Brazil we speak portuguese but the song was a radio hit here
  7. Because here in Brasil we speak portuguese we don't care for latin music in spanish. We only care for Shakira
  8. Why Maluma? We don't care for him here in Brazil They'll perform Medelín? Really? They warned her that she's coming to Rio de Janeiro/Brasil not Colombia? About Tokischa I'll say nothing...
  9. As an brazilian myself, I would love if she sings Like a Virgin
  10. And drag queens are very popular in Brasil right now, Pabllo Vitar and Gloria Groove are always on tv shows
  11. The show haven't been in preparation for 3 years, the negotiations are. If she have made the show in 2021 it probally would be The Madame X Tour with some modifications, now we probally will get Celebration Tour with some modifications here and there too
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