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  1. That Tag Police guy from Instagram got the b-rolls too, he share a couple of frames years ago too
  2. Can you give more details about the b-roll please? Duration? Scenes in others locations?
  3. I'm confuse, the credits from the vocals goes to Regan MacNeil or Pazuzu?
  4. But M loves Britney, and that's enough for both colab again
  5. I prefer The Nikki Finn Return Tour
  6. if the name of the tour is Celebration Tour we can expect a reissue of the Celebration vinyls
  7. Here in Brazil people and the media frequently talk nice things about her Maybe it's a North American thing drag her
  8. Madame X is my worst nightmare, she is the Freddy Krueguer that only kills gays When a through she was dead, this happen.... PLEASE DIE MADAME X!!!!!!!!!
  9. We now can stop pretend that we liked Medellin? Cool
  10. Can't wait for La Isla Bonita
  11. I'm sad, please post the Like a Prayer multitracks and B-roll 🥺😭
  12. why would Madonna travel to Peru with 5 fans? seems like the scripts of my meaningless dreams
  13. She should get a social media and let him take care of her Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. And please, Ricardo really needs to go She looks beautiful without the craps filters, even her ass looks more natural now, i think part of the fat she puts there was absorved by her body. Her image is so damaged now, she needs to find a way to reverter it
  14. Star Wars fans organize crowndfundings to scan lots of 35mm reels of the original trilogy in 4K and Warner can't pay to scan reels from shorts music vídeos of The Madonna? I bet they own scanners to this job for archive preservations and they don't bother to preserve Madonna's iconic work.
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