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  1. It’s gone in Brazil… 😢 not available anymore on any platform…
  2. Looks like it will be removed from Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+ channel, in Brazil at 11pm (local time)
  3. Ok, just watched it too! Looks STUNNING! But some parts annoyed me... You can clearly see that different shows were used: on the second act there's shots of her with the blond wig and without, on human nature there's shots of her with and without the eyepatch, on come alive scenes of her with shoes and barefoot... Thats what I can remember now. Other thing that's not good is the sound in some talking parts. Its sounds like bootleg sound, nothing recorded directly from her mic. But, well, nothing s perfect! And I loved it anyway! :D
  4. She released a professional recording of Crave with Swae Lee while still on tour..
  5. I think she is not thinking about it because she is not going to have open parties here. She´ll be here, with her crew and family, celebrating her birthday in private, like she would in any other place in the world.
  6. Don’t forget that Tears of a Clown in Miami streaming on Facebook was a surprise and not promoted anywhere before actually happening, if I’m not wrong…
  7. I have an extra copy that I might sell... anyone interested?
  8. Have you guys seen her Instagram stories????? :O
  9. Are the songs on the deluxe out already?
  10. Guys, Ariana Grande's Sweetener Tour ended last december and still isn't released too. It's being negotiated to stream and, rumors are that YouTube and Netflix are in the fight for the streaming rights. That's even worse than Madame X tour (tho Ariana released the tour audio several months ago)...
  11. Has anyone here seen this recent interview? https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/9388115/madonna-batuka-sisterhood Looks like the beginning of the DVD promotion to me... What do you guys think??
  12. luis-rj

    Lady Gaga

    So these demos are not real? They sound like real to me... https://hitsebeats.eu/97644/lady-gaga-chromatica-demo-album-itunes-rip
  13. luis-rj

    Lady Gaga

    Its still available in her UK store!
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