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  1. luis-rj

    Has anyone here seen this recent interview? Looks like the beginning of the DVD promotion to me... What do you guys think??
  2. luis-rj

    Did anyone see the full stream? Did he play any Madonna related song??
  3. luis-rj

    Yes!!!! I always think the same thing! To me, ROL is much closer to where she is now, when, in reality, it's been twice the time since WTG Tour!
  4. luis-rj

    Thanks @Enrico! Imagine Madonna as Velma Kelly??? I looove Chicago!!!
  5. luis-rj

    I was watching some old interviews and found this one: On 12:50 she mentions that she's going to do 2 more movies that year (I believe it's 1998, right?). Does anyone know which movies is she referencing about? She even mentions about making a new record to be the soundtrack of one of them... Is it Hello Suckers? Does anyone know?
  6. luis-rj

  7. luis-rj

    This was made with my videos that were taken down of Youtube... :(
  8. luis-rj

    Justify my love
  9. luis-rj

    Rebel Heart
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  11. luis-rj

    Patrick Leonard
  12. luis-rj

    Hello everyone! Does anyone here have a spare copy of the Madame X Cassete in Glitter version??? PM!
  13. luis-rj

    Is anyone able to get me a copy??
  14. luis-rj

    Anyone looking for a ticket for tonight? A friend of mine has a spare ticket (bacon - row N - seat 42). Face value: 150. Just DM if interested