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  1. For the people who received the Rio lithograph: could you please tell me the exact dimensions of the lithograph in centimeters, please?? Thanks!!
  2. Don't you guys think it's weird that we still did not see a single picture of one of the 40 real signed lithos?
  3. More pictures of the litho from twitter, hand numbered with a total of 2000 prints:
  4. My guess is that all orders that contain the Rio litho are being held... Maybe they are waiting for her to sign them ALL? (c'mon... a boy can dream)
  5. My Rio yellow shirt shipped today from the UK store! I did not buy the litho, so no updates about this from my side : /
  6. Did you get the other shirts too??
  7. I really want a rosary from Las Vegas... any variation... but they re soooo expensive on eBay :(
  8. I remember when I was a child that there was a rumor about a porn movie she had made before she was famous, where she had sex with a whole soccer team
  9. Did anyone buy the Girlie Show jacket and can show pictures of it in real life??
  10. I really need the Celebration Tour Red Shirt size S but can't find it anywhere anymore! Does anyone have a spare one to sell? :D
  11. I just ordered the yellow jersey shirt....
  12. Just received this from the UK store: Thank you for shopping with the Madonna Official Store. We are writing today with an update about your order of merchandise from the Rio de Janiero event range. Unfortunately, we have been notified that the items in your order are subject to a delay, and as such will not be available for shipping until mid to late June 2024. We are aware that you have already been waiting sometime for this item and apologise for any inconvenience and undue stress caused. We are doing all we can to get your order to you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your continued patience. Kind regards, The Madonna Official Store
  13. Does anyone know anything about the shipping date for Rio shirts on the UK store??
  14. Well, I'm not from UK but Im a big fan from Rio... if he wants that profile, I'm up for that interview! And I'm also with a friend who's coming from US arriving tonight!
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