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  1. I have a ticket to sell for the first Las Vegas concert, 214 | Row Q | Seat 19, (March 1st). $200 Just send me a message
  2. Does anyone know or can explain the reason why the Erotica performances have a connection with boxing? We see that in both performances: The Girlie Show and The Celebration Tour.... Any light on this?
  3. Did anyone from the US got their orders shipped out already from her US store or Rhino store?
  4. Mar 1 – Las Vegas, NV – T-Mobile Arena Mar 2 - Las Vegas, NV – T-Mobile Arena
  5. What about madonnasashram?? I remember seeing scenes from The Next Best Thing first there! Just for the nostalgia (any crime to quote MC here? lol)!
  6. Sticky & Sweet Rio de Janeiro (2 nights) MDNA Rio de Janeiro Rebel Heart NY (2 nights) Madame X Las Vegas (2 nights) Madame X Los Angeles Madame X Miami (4 nights) Madame X London (3 nights) Was going to see the last Madame X show in Paris, but it got canceled :(
  7. Did anyone order from Rhino store?? Was it already mailed out? Mine says its posted, but tracking says "UPS is ready for the package"...
  8. It’s gone in Brazil… ? not available anymore on any platform…
  9. Looks like it will be removed from Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+ channel, in Brazil at 11pm (local time)
  10. Ok, just watched it too! Looks STUNNING! But some parts annoyed me... You can clearly see that different shows were used: on the second act there's shots of her with the blond wig and without, on human nature there's shots of her with and without the eyepatch, on come alive scenes of her with shoes and barefoot... Thats what I can remember now. Other thing that's not good is the sound in some talking parts. Its sounds like bootleg sound, nothing recorded directly from her mic. But, well, nothing s perfect! And I loved it anyway! :D
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