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  1. Since I didn`t receive the mail from UK store about the delay of Rio litho, I asked them and I got this reply: We are writing today with an update about your order of merchandise from the Rio de Janiero event range. Unfortunately, we have been notified that the items in your order are subject to a delay, and as such will not be available for shipping until mid to late June 2024.
  2. Nope, ordered only this one.
  3. Despite the announced shipping date for the Rio T-shirt being mid-June, yesterday I received confirmation from the UK store that the T-shirt had been dispatched.
  4. I asked the store about delivery date for Rio shirt and litho and got this: Pre-order item will be dispatched from June 17, 2024.
  5. News update from UK store about Madonna litho ... they wrote back: " ... pre-order item which will be dispatched from May 21, 2024."
  6. I shazamed some from fans` pre show clips: Crysalis: I Never Dance Charade: I`m the One PR Funk: Montagem Jessica Williams: They Call Me the Queen of Fools
  7. It doesn`t let me buy from UK store saying not delivering to my address. Is it UK store only?
  8. 15 minutes after I got the mail about the update I got another message saying: The item has been successfully shipped.
  9. Yes ... Thank you for your recent order with the Official Madonna Store! Due to the current and global raw materials shortage, we have encountered a slight production delay of the MDNA Holographic Album Sleeve. It is now scheduled to ship on May 20. We will send you an email with tracking information as soon as your order ships. We sincerely apologize for the delay and would like to thank you for your patience and continued support by giving you a 10% discount on your next shopping experience with us!
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